Declaration of Independence

America is dead. Long live America. After growing up believing the United States stood for freedom, democracy, and all things enlightened – the never ending wars, crumbling infrastructure, social unrest, and a criminal business and ruling class – the authors of this site have concluded America as a project is bankrupt. In the ashes of rebirth, we seek to renew the boundless optimism that once propelled this nation forward, but in a way that recognizes what comes next must not look like what came before.

Like Rome before it, the American empire grew from conquest and superior technology – until the invaded peoples came to colonize the empire from within. These barbarians sought to take the best elements of the empire in terms of wealth and knowledge – and then bring that back to their people. As the costs of maintaining the borders of empire grew and with further territories less lucrative, the government began diluting its currency, taxing its citizens – and eventually – collapsing from within.

What followed was a return to local governments, tribal cultures, and a breakdown in order from the Pax Romana that led to an eventual flourishing of Middle Ages cultures. As local warlords established kingdoms, trade and competition spurred European society to eventually surpass the art, culture, and sophistication of the previous eras. Taking centuries in Europe, an American Renaissance may happen sooner rather than later, as the speed of technology and transportation enables a rapid reorganization of unprecedented scale. What is certain, however, is the globalist, neoliberal, undifferentiated consumer of previous decades is not a people – but merely a number on a balance sheet – and for a true American culture to reassert itself, people must be willing to sacrifice modernity’s temptations.

We seek not to antagonize the system, but to withdraw from it. We have no interest in reforming it, but rather to reform ourselves. As the Mormons say, “in this world, but not of it.” The system has no interest in helping us, nor do we wish to return the favor. We seek the right to build homes for our families, people, and communities, but realize that power is not something anyone gives you. It takes action, from the first home garden to the locally sourced and produced clothing. Working as a people, while others continue as atomized individuals, will be what separates us and makes us stronger.

To begin, we want a place for open discussion that realizes no one authority has all the answers. As such, there will be vigorous and open debate. Too many platforms are falling under the tyranny of censorship – externally and internally imposed – and to forge a stronger folk we realize constructive criticism is vital. As an old German aphorism states – “only weaklings suffer no criticism.” We see no contradiction between being openly pro-American and anti-establishment.

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