When Bioleninism Backfires

Summer has come and gone. With more people out in the warm summer weather, one gets to see the state of society and the culture in greater detail. More people are out mingling. Vacations are taken. The beach calls us. Few places reveal so much about people and preferences than beaches. The beach also shows the latest success or failure in progressive social engineering.

One of the best ideas bursting forth from recent right wing websites was biological Leninism (Bioleninism). In one neologism, Spandrell explained the left’s coalition and means of holding power. Bioleninism is the idea that the left assembled a coalition of people who for biological reasons would not be inclined to succeed or reach high status due to their abilities or natural traits. This is strong glue to make them loyal to whatever dumb or insane idea the left spits out, as well as support whatever economic shenanigans benefit the true owners of the party. Bioleninism is beautiful in its simplicity.

We see it all around us, which is another genius to condensing that phenomenon into one word. We see it applied in various realms of media and corporations. It can be frustrating like watching Gerber select a new Gerber baby. When they did this, it was a given by all aware individuals that Gerber would select a nonwhite baby. After all, roughly half of all births are nonwhite in America, and it is the right thing to do. The compliment that you have a “Gerber baby” is often used by others. Gerber selected a cross eyed obviously mestizo baby. Bioleninism.

It can backfire though and spectacularly. America is right now feeling the heat of a gigantic Bioleninism backfire. Maybe not America but the American sexual marketplace. Twenty years ago, America’s sex symbols were pretty uniform in the Playboy glam look: Pam Anderson, Carmen Electra, Jenny McCarthy, Salma Hayek, etc. The look was a busty thin woman. The women of the Andy Sidaris direct to video movies fit the bill. Breast implants were the plastic surgery of choice, and middle and upper-middle white women were open about the pressures of being thin. One can never be too rich or too thin.

This changed with the system’s push of Jennifer Lopez as a new sex symbol, a different kind of sex symbol. Lopez was a pear shaped woman who was marketed as not white. She was flat chested and had a rear end that the media pushed as sexy. Set aside that Lopez was thin, was ghost white early in her career and that she was cast as Italian in most films. Lopez was the media’s selection to push non-white women as desirable beyond the mere exotic token of the past who still conformed to white standards. Lopez’s physical look was also considered a non-white look that could be pushed as sexy to the mainstream (dayum dat booty!).

It is easy to see this early on, where her videos even hide her rear end but after a couple years and more media messaging, the backside becomes the focus. Did this make non-white women winners in the sexual marketplace and snatch males of high socioeconomic status? Not quite. It would be an unequivocal no if not for very recent change in white male dating patterns online that have erased the white female advantage (feminism + white women ate it away). What this did do was signal to white women everywhere that if they did not have the Pam Anderson look or the traditional sexy hourglass, that it was acceptable. Beauty was in the booty. Leg men disappeared, which was positive for an America becoming increasingly obese and shorter.

This is now all over Instagram and other social media sites. Pear shaped white women, flat chested white women, and white women who like to workout, know they can wear a cute bikini bottom and garner attention and mates. Old Row Rad Chicks and Yeti Butts Daily are two, of many,  Instagram accounts that spotlight this. All it takes for some skinny girls is the right amount of squats and lunges. This focus on the booty did not open a door to non-white women to gain an advantage nor move up the status pole due to this non-white sexy feature, but it opened a door for the white girls of cute smiles and wonderful facial bone structure to flaunt the saddlebags and junk in the trunk they used to cry over.

This phenomenon has created backlash and anger on black girl tumblr sites as black women angrily type how ‘Becky dun evolved’ or ‘where all these beckys with bootys come from’. Steve Sailer has long pointed out that black women and Asian men are the losers in multiculturalism dating in America. The incel phenomenon has a distinctly Asian male flavor, but non-white women are writing essays on Jezebel and Buzzfeed about being sick of seeing brown men fall for white women. What bubbles around on Tumblr are the black women who call for segregated dating. The Left pulls knives out at the sound of incel complaints, but it will have to have an entirely different toolkit for placating the non-white female losers in the sexual marketplace.

The Bioleninism tools are everywhere to fix this sexual marketplace problem. Body positivity to accept all sizes is a tool for emotional management. Sexy at any size is, too. They still do not make up for the pear shaped Beckys smiling and having no problem discarding old models of white beauty and enjoying the fact that white men have been memed into preferring a cutie with a booty. These upset women of color are not angry incels looking for a nice girlfriend. These angry, registered Democrat women over thirty are only going to get lonelier and seethe with more resentment that the pleasing traits of the other are still preferred no matter how bizarre the media messaging becomes.

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  1. White guys have been going abroad for centuries trying to get laid. Sounds to me like the blonde bimbos just were the ones rejecting you. And just like Elliot Rodger, you need to badmouth Asian men to feel like a big boy. I wonder how much it makes you rage to know you’ve never had a woman want you and there are ugly Asian guys out there with the blonde bimbos of yesteryear.


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