Five Friday Reads

It is a Friday so what do you really have to do today at work? We want to help you look like you are concentrating on your screen intently. If you have a jam packed Friday or are on a worksite all day, these are five interesting reads for the weekend.

First Chinese spy extradited to America – Cold War II is on. Our regime press and State Department wanted it to be with Russia, yet Team Trump is turning the ship towards confronting China. With the CIA Chinese-American arrested and Senator Feinstein’s aide unmasked recently, expect the narrative to build on dealing with Chinese espionage.

The Chinese Tiny Hack – This Bloomberg story has already been partially walked back, but followed up by another proof of the hack. The better fit for this story is that it fits the narrative of bringing back some of America’s supply chain to friendlier vassals and onshore.

Fear not, China has social ills – China looks unstoppable, and it is a bad sign that America thinks it has to slow it down to retain preeminence. They have problems, too. China’s loosening of the one child policy failed to provide the desired baby boom (and reorient towards a consumer economy). Xi is likely a year or two away from cutting ribbons at mandatory birthing centers, but read this diary entry for the ground level problems. Hold in laughter as the Chinese woman takes away the wrong lesson and believes what China needs to solve this social pairing problem is female leadership.

The Next American City – Normie podcast with a mayor who managed to guide a city to renewal without the glam of Muh Sexy Coastal City branding. The opportunities for family formation will not be found in coastal metro areas but in Midwest cities.

Spot The Trend – Thirty second read. The nationalist populist trend is anti-immigration! Nope. That does not explain Modi, Duterte or now Bolsonaro. Okay then it is anti-corruption! Yes, yes that definitely is a piece of it. Notice something all of them seem to do? Check the link and repeat “embrace Israel“. This seems to be the game from Trump to Orban to Modi to now Bolsonaro. This must be a nice two way street though, so some day, all of those pro-Israel media puppets are going to have to turn immigration restrictionist in their native lands or else it is just a long con. Churchill was right that the battle for souls would be zionism vs. bolshevism, he just applied it to too narrow of a population.

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