Addiction to a Pretty Face

He not only considered it trivial to commit the sins of Jeroboam son of Nebat, but he also married Jezebel daughter of Ethbaal king of the Sidonians, and began to serve Baal and worship him

— 1 Kings 16:31

The American Left have long annointed the Republicans as the “stupid party.” Traditionally, this conclusion can be blamed on the usual smarm of the overeducated and the typical urbanite attitude towards blue-collar and rural workers. However, there is a very deep-seated stupidity living rent free inside the brains of “normie” cons—the stupidity of annointing beautiful jezebels as their mouthpieces.

Now, there is nothing wrong with beauty. Western men have gone to war over beauty, and the entirety of tradition has beauty next to divinity at its core. However, beauty without substance, or beauty riddled with blasphemy is not beauty at all. The latter conditions are endemic on the center-right in the United States. Only a few names can be excluded: Ann Coulter, who despite her libertine lifestyle, is one the few voices in America who says sensible things about immigration, the American nation and its founding stock, and the goals of the Democrats; Michelle Malkin, a lovely Filipina Christian who is married and has two kids and who stands by her calls for internment camps for Muslims in America; France’s Marion Marechal-Le Pen, a married Catholic woman who managed to woo the cucks by declaring that France has a natural and inseparable connection to Rome. These women are outliers.

Far more common on the American “Right” are vapid Barbie dolls like Tomi Lahren. The blond Fox News commentator, who used to be a blond commentator for Glenn Beck’s The Blaze, has repeatedly taken up the righteous stand for baby murder. This stance has earned her praise from some left-wing outlets, but that is about it.

Lahren has been open about her pro-murder position for quite some time. She lost her job at The Blaze because of it, then she went on The View and sang her song to those anti-Christian, anti-American wretches. Lahren opened up the usual canard about how conservatism is all about choice, and how no government can tell her what to do with her body. It is a libertarian thing, you see.

What else can you expect from a hussy who once bragged on social media about drinking to excess and flaunting her vagina around for strange men to admire?. Lahren is even loose in her politics—back in March 2016, Lahren went on television and voiced her support for the major cuck Marco Rubio. Why? Well, because Rubio’s moderate policies appealed to immigrant cab drivers and young people, and thus only Rubio had the chance to breake the Democratic “blue wall” that enconsces the Midwest in a periphery of degeneracy. How’d that one work out for you, Tomi? Oh that’s right—you’re a Trump fan now, right?

Lahren is not the only guilty party. Before becoming a wet drip who oozed blood from all over her body, Megyn Fox was the premiere blond bombshell over at Fox News. The fiesty Greek Andrea Tantaros was also a Fox News babe, but then she accused the entire company of cuddling sexual predators. Her lawsuit was recently rejected, by the way.

Over among the neocons, there are pletny of not-so-beautiful faces who agitate for perpetual war as if it is the most American thing ever created. Think Jennifer Rubin here.

Finally, although we should all at least give a golf clap or two to Gavin McInnes and his Proudboys for at least taking the violence to the enemy, we should not entirely embrace this lot with open arms. After all, the rot starts at the top with McInnes, a man who claims to be against abortion and a Catholic convert and yet he has publicly kissed a sodomite, shoved a sex toy up his anus, and used to regularly chat with pornstar Mercedes Carrera and treat her almost as if her sinful lifetsyle was somehow “conservative” and “Western”.

We must ask ourselves, is this really the American Right that we want? Is there really anything salvagable from this lot, which pimps out allegiances to the vague god freedom while simultaneously denouncing those authoritarian ideologies that could bring about actual freedom and liberty in the United States? Paeleolibertarians and libertarian monarchists (who are the only people that I call “libertarians”) understand that freedom without sharp, restrictive controls on social behavior is not freedom at all. A society cannot function if moral delinquency is allowed. In modern America, the antics of scrumpets and scumbags are not only allowed, but encouraged. Even worse, in this country, the guiltiest are those closest to the levers of power, and barring a few virtually powerless groups in the American Right, no political alternative currently on offer would break the monopoly on power and finance that is held by our elite class of pederasts, fornicators, and pornographers.

The mainstream Right in the U.S. must drop its addiction to false beauty and false gods. Being a fan of a golden-haired harlot will not make you seem less sexist to a leftie, and it will not cause more and more women to join the Republican Party. Get this through your head: unless the entire framework of modern morals is destroyed, most female voters (and a large share of male voters too) will tend to gravitate towards laws that protect their libertinism. Stop worshipping Baal in the form of made-up jezebels, and stop thinking that democracy is anything other than a mass delusion. Stop watching Tomi Lahren and the rest. The only conservatives you need to hold dear are the principles of tradition, order, and Christ.

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  1. scelder says:

    I’m pretty sure Marion Marechal-Le Pen is divorced, btw


  2. John Q Public says:

    Le Pen is twice divorced and now cohabitating. She is the same as Andrew Cuomo.


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