Five Friday Reads – 10/25/18

America took another turn for the weird with the bomb scare delivery spree that made the Reichstag fire look completely legit. If we review this October, the Seretary of Defense and President received ricin, leftist agitators assaulted random Republican candidates, GOP office were firebombed, bird dogging was directed at Republican Senators over a judge, and now after the effective #JobsNotMobs meme, some bombs were delivered to CNN, Soros, Clinton, Obama and some others. Is it real? Who knows? Is it heavy handed and transparent? Yes. Even the normies are catching on. Literally, it happened on the same day the NY Times published wine aunt fanfic about a President Trump assassination. I cannot wait for 2020.

SQLite has fun with codes of conduct – The SQLite folks were being pressured to adopt codes of conduct, which meant SJW language of inclusivity. They trolled with a CoC that was a 1500 monastic code. Beautiful. It set the nerds on fire. Sadly, I heard they had to cave and install a new CoC. Why? Because no CoC and no business. Being a prog is part of earning business. Some of you may not know but there are indexes for how inclusive you are. If you are a good prog, you get a good score. If not, you get shamed and may not get business. This copies the old Jesse Jackson shakedown system. If Tony Soprano did this, it would be racketeering and extortion. That is our system. The left’s coalition has legalized racketeering and extortion.

Tech workers protest the DoD –  Big Tech workers are pushing back and not cooperating with the Pentagon. How much of this is prog signaling and how much is Chinese nationals at Big Tech sabotaging the US? The Pentagon will find new firms to reward and will find politicans willing to punish Big Tech.

Why Khashoggi Matters So Much – Michael Dougherty of Eeyore Conservatism has been on a roll recently taking the Catholic Church’s elite to task and now this piece on Khashoggi and the overreaction from the Western media. Dougherty has been on the Saudis for the Yemeni war so he has some chips here to play against his fellow pundits. He ends it with the right not and he has stated it on Twitter as well, there is some form of KSA between violent ISIS overthrow and the current jihadi and mosque funding regime that America should nudge MbS towards.

The Saudis and Silicon Valley -Saudi Arabia is the largest funder of start ups. Silicon Valley may have a problem with the Pentagon’s requests, but it works with China and KSA. This is the problem of allowing the Saudis to take so much of the oil rent. Somehow the Appalachians were not given such great deals on mineral rights when the coal firms came a calling.

Burying the History of the Iraq War – The US Military started writing the history of the Iraq War in 2013. It was complete in 2016. It still has not been released. The actions written in the post and source article are those of an empire in decline.

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