Five Friday Reads – 11/2/18

Trump is still the straw that stirs the drink. We had the Filipino, lifting, stripper bomber nabbed, and then a shooting by a GAB user at a synagogue… but within 48 hours Trump had everyone talking about birthright citizenship. No matter what happens, the fact that the nation has to openly discuss anchor babies (not just Ann Coulter readers) is a huge move. It is a huge move in defining what makes an American and delegitimizing the American left.

Why a cold war must be avoided – This is not merely rah rah America or sucking up to China but another entry in the let’s not have a cold war between China-USA genre. When President Bush renamed China a strategic competitor, the game had changed. The US realized that their dumb ’90s overtures to turn China failed.

The NY Times defends meek billionaire – Soros has wrecked currencies and steered waves of immigration. He has attempted to oust American presidents or get others elected. The NY Times defends him. What once was fringe is now mainstream, boohoo.

New right wing axis in the Americas – It sounds like standard liberal fear but there are kernels of truth. The big fear throughout the entire West, reflected in the Euro-weenie reactions, is that Bolsonaro is further to the right of Trump or the Euro nationalists (maybe not Orban) and yet was elected in America 2050. If Bolsonaro can win there and with that platform, “the plan” will not work here. Bolsonaro is absolutely another avatar of masculinity I once wrote about that was what different voters around the globe are rallying to against the globalist matriarchy.

Whining libs blame the Internet for Bolsonaro – Since Brexit, the pundits have blamed everything they can rather than look inward or even around them for why might populists and pro-sovereignty politicians are winning. This entry focuses on technology being the demonic tool that conjured up Bolsonaro. The bubble they live in grows thicker. The distance between their desired outcomes (utopian prog rule by obese DMV ladies) and reality will grow.

Our Revolution’s Logic – Codevilla pens a tremendous essay. Just read it. I would add that the institutions to be torn down are the other sides’, so the burning will be done by us. The masks have been tossed aside the last two years. Reconciliation? Nah. The crisis period is upon us.

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