Five Friday Reads 11/9/18

Midterms came and went. Some are still ongoing. Arizona has not finished counting, and looks like it may flip to Sinema (D). Florida is Florida. Finding bags of votes is one thing but Broward would have to find tens of thousands of more votes. Plus, military votes are to be counted. Recounts after whatever is cleared don’t swing votes by more than a few hundred. The House went Democrat. Thank Paul Ryan and John McCain, but also thank Steve Bannon for not grabbing the office of personell and staffing the admin. Curse the problem that Trump did not have 200 Stephen Millers and Peter Navarros rather than just those two men. The tension rises, the 4th turning crisis rolls on and unlike Scott Adams, we all know it will not cool down. On to the Friday reads…

China’s Military Civil Fusion – Please read how America does not like the Chinese fusion of military-civil in tech and economic matters. I guess DARPA does not exist nor the entire military-industrial complex or military-technology complex in America. The hypocrisy is funny to read if it were not so symptomatic of the entire American ruling class.

China’s “Ender’s Game” – China recruits the best and brightest to help develop AI kill bots. If real, then this is a teenage rough draft of Ender’s Game. What do American high schoolers learn: social justice, the 47 genders and how to put condoms on bananas.

When 4Chan Advanced Mathematics – This is interesting because 4chan helped mathematicians solve something. It’s the idea of distributed intelligence and evolutionary effects of the chans that really appeal to me.

Florida’s Voting Felons – Florida voters passed an amendment to allow felons to vote. Bipartisan support. This has been a long dream of Democrats. This better illustrates the further softening of all society on crime. Long term prison is a relatively recent thing. You simply hanged in days of yore or were deemed an outlaw and not allwoed in the tribe. Outside the law, you could then be hunted down and killed. Banditry (armed robbery) was hangable then, rape was a hanging offense as recent as mid-20th century. In some states now, people can plea that down to 2 years served. We now will see these guys vote. This means those guys rolling out of prison from 25 year sentences for heinous ’90s crimes when crime peaked will be able to vote.

The Arab Winter Is Coming – Regimes are reacting to the Arab Spring fallout and wind down of the Syrian war by cracking down on extremists. This echoes this thread on some Middle East changes where authoritarian regimes are going to turn the Sunni-Shia battle into a conservatives-extremists internal fight.

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