Five Friday Reads – 11/30/2018

One evening this summer, I drove two hours to have a dinner with friends. One was a friend I had recently seen due to a cross country trek of his. The other was Bronze Age Pervert (BAP). We drank hard spirits and ate a feast of meats. Offal, steak, seafood, and other delicacies were had by all. BAP was not satisfied with the preparation of one dish and gave instructions for them to cook it a bit differently for the next round. It was a great evening even with the table of Bugmen sitting next to us prattling on about AI and self driving cars. I drove two hours home through a rainstorm laughing at some of our conversation.

Is BAP the same in person as he is on Twitter? Yes. Whatever you envision after years of reading tweets, he is that. When I turned at the sound of “Hello frand“, I saw a man in rugby shorts. A man of power who spoke with his hands and was quick with a joke or intelligent reference. My friends and I spoke of not just current problems or stagnation of society (and the right) but the issue of owned space. We also discussed how early in the game it still is for all of us. The left was shocked to find in ’16 that they had a fight on their hands and the right was merely a small guerilla force, maybe just bandits.

That is part of my coming back here. We know the problem, and we need to engage and offer adult solutions. We need concrete policies to push if we network with local or state officials. We need to have building block actions for our communities. We must start small but grow and become the leaders of our towns and cities. If you want dramatic change now, you would have to be an IRA type org or Che type figure. You would get rolled up immediately. I commend the small but growing meta-politics network Pat Casey has with IE. Broader networking must happen. Memetic solidarity, mental schelling points for the right and corresponding alignment of human capital must happen.

As I have discussed with a wide range of people like BAP, PT Carlo or Spandrell, we need to build what resembles a mafia (what I believe fifth political theory was getting at). Asking about BAP book itself becomes an “are you a dissident too” question. What is also needed is will and fortitude because what good is the sword without the flesh to wield it. BAP, my friend and I all agreed on that. When we discussed doxing, my friend’s keen insight was that if you’re worried about some bimbo fugly journalist doxing you instead of the security agencies or mafias, then you are still small time and not a player. Read BAP book, network, recruit allies, infiltrate security services and map the power holders in your area. It is early but every minute wasted is gone forever. On to the links…

Chinese Crispr babies – A Chinese scientist claimed to have done some gene editing on human embryos. The Chinese then came down on him so either this is false and the scientist torched his career on a fraud or it is a true claim to shine light on the loose ethical environment in China. This is not to say America is superior as our DNA, genetic or biological research is already boxed in due to blank slatism. I contacted my friendly Sinologist Spandrell and his initial response was “Holy Sh*t”. We then had a brief exchange about, gulp, are the Chinese working on some Crispr genetic targeted bioweapons? Probably. The response articles from Western experts have been a mix of anger and pearl clutching.

The left will find a way to rationalize crispr babies for me, but not for thee – As genetic research anywhere around the world confirms nature’s defeat of nurture, the left’s ownership class and managerial class will find a way to rationalize it for their benefit. Private enterprise may have a confined space to work in this for a very tailored audience. Reading this and combining it with the Chinese scientist’s announcement, this seems teed up for upcoming bioethics conferences.

The Pentagon’s Missing Trillions – Watch if this story gets traction. Someone wanted this published to pick a fight with a major power center. The Democrats have a laundry list of spending they will want to put through in the next decade, especially Medicare for All, and funding it can be partly solved if the Pentagon beast can be tamed.

The War On Meat – The propaganda to get people to stop eating meat and switch to veganism and bug eating continues. A great thread documenting the web of foundations and advocates is here. The twitter thread is actually the more important thing to read. Rather than do something about a certain population explosion on one continent, the managerial elite is going to use a double pincer movement of meat is unhealthy (fake science) and meat is bad for the environment (fake science). This really is all so tiresome.

Women … Are … Lost – Three links, I know, it is cheating. It is a window in the the mind of liberal women. Due to the unknown voting patterns of the women in the second and third linked stories, we can assume they are just afflicted with the modern feminist virus. The first link details how Trump is ruining marriages. His mere existence and the never-ending media hype of the orange cheeto dictator has broken something inside of them. The second link may or may not be real, as I do not trust those advice columns as real letters. One woman is 35 and in a common spot. Single, drinking heavy, childless, debt laden, no career, etc. and now she regrets it all. The nuggets strewn throughout are gold like how she still tries to walk and feel like a 25 year old sexpot. Just wait for these women to hit 40. The last link is pretty serious. A divorced mom, with the help of a transgender specialist, is pushing the transgender thing on her son and dad says no. The law is already interfering with what dad can do, not mom, and now a custody battle is raging. This is the danger. Worst case: mom forces an irreversible change on her son and in a decade he either commits suicide or grows to hate the entire world and his parents for what one did to him out of temporary insanity. Those three links might have you wondering how feminists pretend a patriarchy exists.

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  1. Spooky N says:

    BAP reminds me too much of Jack Donavan with underlying homoerotic undertones and his ironybro antics aren’t convincing to anyone serious. Also lol about starting some mafia, because the mafia don of the Proud Bois jumped ship and tried o flee to Australia when the FBI stared to eye them.


    1. R. Landry - Editor says:

      Build an actual mafia or build an affinity network for our thede exhibiting more clannish behavior, nepotism and ethnocentrism? You think I used mafia as short hand for a reason?


      1. Spooky N says:

        There are other terms that could apply such as syndicate, brotherhood, clan, ect. Mafia implies some sort of criminality such as a gang unless you plan on it.


    2. John Carter says:

      Mafia is the correct word. Any form of White identitarianism or Western traditionalism is automatically viewed as criminally subversive by the power structure. It therefore is a criminal organization in the de facto sense, even if none of its activities are criminal in the de jure sense.

      The Proud Boys were nothing but a vehicle for Gavin’s ego. An organization founded and formed by a weak and cowardly imposter is doomed from the start. Certainly it was no mafia. Perhaps if it had thought of itself as one, it would have proved more resilient.


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