Rhetorical Caesarism

By the term “Caesarism” I mean that kind of government which, irrespective of any constitutional formulation that it may have, is in its inward self a return to thorough formlessness.
-Spengler, Decline of the West

What we are experiencing is a sort of Rhetorical Caesarism, in the Spenglerian use of the term, on a civilizational scale. All the terms and notions that explain, give credence to institutions, systems, behaviors that we have inherited over centuries of formation are being liquidated under postmodern deconstruction.

No citation needed, we are all accustomed to the unending broadsides of questions that seem utterly sophomoric at this point:

What is a race?… What is gender?… What is a nation?… What are borders?… What is a “white” person?”

These terms are comprised of words which are comprised of letters, of physical actualities, but the content of them has been rendered meaningless. When we discuss these topics, we often end up talking past each other. We talk about words and not the referents themselves.

It is a case of the Emperor’s New Clothes. Those trained at university or any other institution that center around Maoist struggle sessions have abstracted reality into mental landscapes. The indoctrinated have transformed Object into what is Observed, replaced referent with social construct. The Discussion (whatever it may be) and the lexicon surrounding the Discussion are constantly dressed up to the point where few can interpret. Only intellectuals can discern such fine lines of a debate that employs cutting-edge terms like “genderqueer”, while those uncouth in the proper court decorum scratch their heads and ask, “isn’t that just a faggot?”

Each Western conceptual notion of these terms is brought to the chopping block. They are beheaded in effort bring down ossified, oppressive structures that limit every individuals’ ability to self-actualize, to reach creative peaks. It is an Enlightenment motif that Man is at his best when he is free and with each other drop of the guillotine he becomes freer.

Despite this, the rhetorical liquidation of “Race” hasn’t led to racial utopia and pan-ethnic solidarity. It has led to sociopathic grifters like Rachel Dolezal and Shaun King recognizing how the game is played and ruthlessly seizing upon it for their benefit. On the other side of the aisle, we have people like Candace Owens or Diamond & Silk who channel white normiecon outrage into socially acceptable political speech by having suitable avatars through which they can voice their opinions.

The liquidation of gender hasn’t led to a free love society full of communal sharing of household chores. It has led to male to female trans-female warriors savagely beating cis-female MMA fighters. Subsequently, a horde of “recently-previous” men dominate every female sporting event they enter, including small stakes high school athletics.

Dispensing with Westphalian notions of nationhood hasn’t led to a universal brotherhood of Man that spans across the globe. On live television, one sees post-national armies cracking open countries with precision guided missiles procured from third party interests. Economically, a trans-national industry enables the corporate importation of millions of 3rd world low-wage workers into 1st world industrial economies to break strikes before they even begin.

Throwing away these terms and their underlying ideas does not help the downtrodden. The deconstruction of these terms were done so under the guise of helping the marginalized, but marginalization has simply become a commodity that people trade on. The deconstruction of forms accentuates the contrast between the top and the bottom of our society. Those rich and with agency have both the technological ability to reach higher and are equipped with the rhetorical jargon to not help those below them. They are no longer bound to the rest of us by traditional institutions.

There is no more noblesse oblige. The only obligation that people have are to themselves. All the stores in the hood are owned by Koreans, and they have no racial obligation to poor blacks and their struggles. Enterprising young men have no obligation to women to not enter female sporting events and sweep the standings. Trophies are for the inclusive and whiners are bigots. Borders don’t real? Understandable, enjoy the armored column rolling into your capital city on the behalf of Israeli interests and the seizure of your national water rights.

When all these institutions that prop up our civilization have been obliterated, all that is left in the smoldering ruins are those with a Will to Power. The sky is their limit, or if one is exceptionally enterprising they will take the Stars and perhaps some mineral rights in the asteroid belt as well. Disagree? That’s all well and good. Just as words do not matter, debate matters not as well. George Soros is unconcerned with national border, he funds mass migration. Jeff Bezos is unphazed by zoning laws or permits, he has cities prostrating themselves before him so that he may bless them with jobs.

Ideology, dialogue, nor kind words are not going to change the hearts and minds of these men. They will continue to swagger over centuries of crumbling Forms as they forge their own empires on top of the ruins. What lies ahead of us is a naked power struggle, devoid of ideological window dressing. All that matters are the kinesiology of arms, of body and weapons, as we brace against one another and knife each other in the guts until a combatant finds victory within the entrails that spills first.

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