Five Friday Reads 12/7/18

Has the European Winter arrived? Not Spengler’s winter that we must stoically endure rather than put some zest into our existence, but an actual European pushback on the globalists. In France! After Trump and Brexit, the V4 emergence has been a rising challenge to the globalists. The populist alliance in Italy shocked the system some more. Macron has been chosen as the wunderkind face of globalism by the system. It is undeniable if one looks at magazine covers and how he is framed by the mandarins despite his unpopularity. The presidential system in France keeps Macron secure, but thousands of randoms on the streets using tactics and exhibiting solid coordination should keep the entire EU up at night.

One can tell these protests are different from your average Muslim riot. The snipers on rooftops popping shots off at yellow vests are a new wrinkle in French crowd control. If you want a real laugh, go check French 10 year bond yields. The elite have not been pushing the yields up as opposed to their effort against Italy. It is a criminal syndicate but rests on everyone accepting it as so, which is why destroying the media and education system is so important.

Why France, why now? – This read will tell you. This long read from over a year ago carefully paints the picture of France as it is, not what American liberals wish it still were. It is a similar story to the American experience as this is the progressive playbook for subduing the West.

Gilets Jaunes is but a symptom – The specialist cited in the above link comes back and explains how this should be no surprise. One quibble is that this is not about its poorest citizens, same as Trump’s voter base, it’s about the middle and working class that the ruling class tuned out as they merely imported a new underclass. The ruling class did not want to have to appease those voters, just replace them.

Two Roads For The New French Right – Fantastic read about the opportunity ahead for the French right. You will read things that sound familiar about these hard to define rightist voters and thinkers.

Louisiana’s black pipeline to the Ivies – This story shines the light on America’s devotion to education and the desperation at elite schools for black students. A con man and his wife game the system to charge $600 per month for a private school in Louisiana that will send your kid to the Ivy League. The details feel too awful to be real, but then you can pause and consider the academic fraud in different urban school districts the last twenty five years and believe.

Police Drones Are Coming – The NYPD intends to use drones in the near future for a variety of tasks. Surveillance of course will become part of it. We will have drones watching everything and maybe intervening if we are attacked. I doubt it but personal armed drone security devices should be a booming market if the left can push through all the criminal justice changes they want in the next ten years.

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