Five Friday Reads 12/14/18

Julian Von Abele is a Columbia student who was the latest viral lynch mob victim. One of the coalition of victims Iphone recorded him being happy to be white, loving his white people and Western civilization. The usual suspects lashed out. His school harrumphed. Tim Wise called for “Chip” to be kicked out of school and made unemployable only to recoil at any suggestion he was calling for him to be harassed. Von Abele made a statement where he did not cuck out and defended himself with aplomb. He showed more spine than most of the GOP.

There was something strange that happened or more accurately did not happen. Not a single classical liberal from the Intellectual Dark Web rushed to this young man’s defense. Not the college campuses are out of control advocates. Not Facts not feelings Ben Shapiro. Not the $10 million man Mr. Jordan B Peterson. Not a single one lifted a finger to tweet in defense of this young man who did not say a single thing that was racially charged. He said the equivalent of ‘it’s okay to be white‘. I will give Darren Beattie credit for pointing out this student’s ordeal and noting that the sin he committed was not hating his own kind.

This was their moment to help someone. This was right in their strike zone. This was where their supposed cool kid cred could be used to shelter a besieged young person who may already listen or read them. They did not because they are a sham group. They show up on each other’s shows and say the same five things over and over. I’ll not wait for Peterson to criticize Shapiro for his identitarian advocacy for Israel. The Intellectual Dark Web is the creation of some faction using some slightly naughty or edgy public faces to suck people in and prevent them from taking the next step and realizing the game is rigged.

Here’s a review of Jordan Peterson’s book in one line: self help with Christian examples for people who don’t believe in God because they think they’re better than the rubes. His book was atrocious. I read it in two days and returned it to buy something more fulfilling like Scattegories. Every other page in the book, he warns of another holocaust or commie famine while making certain you never do more than clean your room. Peterson could have been the vanguard of a giant movement. Too high too fast. On to the links…

Jews Find Out They Are White To Non-whites – This is interesting to read how the Jewish community has carefully cultivated a narrative about race and played a certain role only to find they did not have the most discerning recipients for the message. Jews must have memed themselves as fellow white people long enough for the non-whites to agree. Knowing the demographic breakdown of different American cities, this could make for some fun near future friction. Al Sharpton knows this very well.

Globalists Don’t Get It – Good window into the mind of how the ruling class Davos types are viewing this French fracas. The Economist is here to explain that Macron’s problem is he is not selling the globalist agenda well enough. The globalists believe they can sell you on dispossession and consumer slavery. They forget that it works on their imported ringers because they have the peasant mindset and are thankful to be out of Ghana and Honduras. It is a little different for the family who remembers generations on the same soil and what France or America once was.

Uncle Ted’s Children – The anprim or revolutionary anti-tech crowd has been receiving more attention recently. Part of this seems to be how Ted K’s writing is definitely anti-leftist so the media want to make sure people know this is bad. The other part, and this is where it is obvious to not just Ted K readers but others, is how precarious certain bits of infrastructure are. Our overly complex system (read your Tainter) relies on a lot of just in time deliveries and integrated systems. The System has centralized so much and automated so much that it might be easier now compared to twenty years ago to take things out. I would also ask if you read this to spot the Fed.

How Parisian Police Failed – This is a good rundown of the protests in Paris and how the French police failed. Note that they did not anticipate the violence that was in store for them, and that the profile of the protest-rioter was older than they expected. These were rural men. We will see where this goes. Armored vehicles on the streets of Paris to keep a technocrat that sits atop a bureaucracy is more akin to the Soviet sphere imagery of decades long gone.

Houellebecq on Trump and by proxy declining America –  I won’t summarize or comment, just read it.

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  1. George Henty says:

    In re “spot the fed”, Uncle Ted sure seems to think the ITS is a state sponsored org. The “Abe Caberra” character seems pretty dodgy.

    Like with the Klan, I’d be surprised to learn any of these organizations weren’t compromised. The interesting thing would be if they were sophisticated enough (like the Communists in the mid 20th C) to flip the penetration around and have their own agents within the security state.


    1. R. Landry - Editor says:

      Spot the Fed was tongue in cheek as there’s generic fringe character portraits throughout it. Cabrera would be the first Mexican to have a kid and go atheist. The catholic order he belonged to goes unnamed. I started laughing at Sakej Ward. Full blooded member of tribes 3000 miles apart and served in the military. Does a presentation on warrior tribes and does field training to make the riff-raff feel like they’re warrioring up.


      1. George Henty says:

        Gotcha. I couldnt tell what was a literary “composite character” vs a real life bullshit artist. The article also some interesting hints on the stresses involved in the coalition of the fringes even in the eco world. I actually LOLed at the TERFs causing problems within the ranks.

        Uncle Ted’s warning about avoiding Leftists was prescient. He is obviously a brilliant man; if only he were a Christian he would have cause for hope beyond this material world. It would give him a sense of perspective.


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