Hijacked Exploration Instincts

Avoiding the news is a good strategy. The random noise that is recorded and reported often distracts the consumer. The noise generates emotion. One emotion that seems to grow if one were to note the trends in news is confusion or disgust at the degradation of individuals or death of individuals through their need to try something new. It appears the new thing is the preferred thing. It is not as much to buy the new thing, which is the product of marketing departments everywhere, but to seek the new experience regardless of dangers. If Western civilization appears suicidal, it is due to the manipulated and hijacked exploration strategies of the Faustian man.

The mind engages in exploitation and exploration activities for executive functions. This is a strategic balance within the individual and can scale to societies. When geared towards different activities, one can see how an exploitation strategy would differ from an exploration strategy. Exploitation allows people or groups to concentrate on efficiency and maximizing their current situation. Exploitation does come with the risk of missing the big discovery from beyond one’s horizons. Exploration focuses outside normal bounds whether time, attention or physical for new solutions. This approach does allow for upside as well as quickly adapting to changing circumstances. Exploration can make one not develop resources currently under control, and one can be at risk of not finding the new new thing and dying. There is a delicate balance.

One can see how this exploration vs. exploitation trade-off would select for different approaches to a myriad of problems. As an initial approach to foraging when humans were leaving the trees, the explorer versus the exploiter would naturally develop multiple camps. There would be success and failure with evolution playing the final arbiter of who was right. This dichotomy plays into the modern persuasion of groups to support political worldviews or play them out in social and cultural contexts.

One of the best contrasts for this is the issue of security. Contemporary security technologies could allow for a political body to offer amazing security for a location if applied in direct form in the current territory. Consider nationalists who prefer border barriers, e-verify programs and stop-and-frisk as the exploitation leaning security team. No sense in welcoming the unknown if we can secure the current realm for our tribe. In contrast, the open borders crowd sees all of the same technology as a way to apply security after reaching out to new horizons to pull in all new individuals to get the dopamine hit for exploration and experience the new thing. The exploration leaning people will not see the value in assigning resources towards locking down current security versus exploring for new peoples and new technologies. The open air multicultural insane asylum makes more sense when viewed in this framework.

This has a deeper application and starts to fit more circumstances of contemporary life. The local church does not encourage parishioners to have huge families; it institutes an adoption program, and not just a local one for needy local children but to import foreign children. A church sets up a missionary program in Uganda with a school and focuses on saving those souls as their county suffers the ravages of the opioid or meth epidemic. There is a financial element involved, as a dollar in Africa goes further than America. Underneath it all, there is the orientation towards exploration rather than applying the church infrastructure and energy to the current territory.

While the exploration and exploitation drives exist in all people and all groups, it is easy to see how this is hijacked in modern Western society. It is manipulated for the ends of our political ruling class to cajole people to behave, spend and even vote in ways to justify their reign. Exploration becomes a way of life: Refugees Welcome!, inexperienced, fresh candidates, and dating the other not the near. These could be pathetic instances of a decaying society seeking any vitalism in the new thing. They want the experience of new in order to kick-start their life.

This moves beyond a strategy into valuing anything that affirms the exploration mindset. Right wing memesters mock eat-pray-love, reply ‘toll paid’ when news of white women killed by black lovers is posted or mock liberal European backpackers who are murdered at the hands of Third World citizens. Pointing and laughing is a way to feel superior to these, often liberal and female, others who are too dumb to know better like the right wing realists. That is a bit of cope to mitigate the fear induced by the widespread absorption of the memes like Refugees Welcome! and everyone is the same inside.

These victims of multiculturalism are often just people molded into seeking the new and different by our cultural caretakers. Some of these victims are naive and gullible. Some are just people that are raised in a meme environment blaring at them every, single day of their life the same slogans repeatedly. The instinct of self-preservation and ingroup preference gets steamrolled by this never-ending propaganda. This is not going to explain every negative instance of, for example, interracial dating that ends in rape, abuse or murder, but how many victimized women on the margin get nudged into those situations. Extrapolate that further, and how many individuals are victims of crime merely seeking a new experience at a bar or club? A random salesman knocks on one’s door, and golly, one wants to be friendly and open the door to the fellow, especially if he or she looks different. Be open-minded, one wouldn’t want to be considered racist.

Huxley wrote of hypnopedia in Brave New World for mentally molding people. This would be used on children while the mind is young and receptive. It is possible he did not think any society would be so crude as to just blare the slogans in waking hours day after day from every media and education organ possible. Maybe he thought that would be too blatant and rejected by the citizens ruled by any class trying it. This is our schooling system. Watch children’s programming. Our media portrays venomous snakes and spiders as new, interesting animals for kids to touch. Pay no attention to the special gloves zookeepers use to handle them with plexiglass between the kids on the screen and the handler.

This is the impasse that the West finds itself at with solutions clearly available. These solutions are deemed beyond the pale and not who we are, even if we is not we and who we are is a recent invention by the ruling class. These solutions also go against the very programming that they have developed to orient Western nations. In America, the suburban class rejecting Trump and signaling at parties, at work and now at the voting booth that they are not racist and not xenophobic are merely automatons reflexively reacting as their exploration instincts have been juiced and boosted beyond any sense of balance. The blade may be positioned at their necks and beyond fear, all they will feel is confusion as to how this could happen when they did everything they were told was right.

This is the risk with an overloaded focus on exploration. Energy, time and effort can be assigned to pulling in the new, trying something different and failing to focus on the immediate and familiar. Failing to focus on the familiar will also create a political body disconnected from the problems that are critical for its survival no matter what diamond is uncovered in uncharted caves. The problem arises that all of that exploration, no matter how much is is valued by the citizens and ruling class, is going to find nothing of value.

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  1. Anon says:

    This is an interesting way to look at self-defeating white behavior, but I don’t think the exploratory urge is the primary driver. I think much of their behavior is best explained by virtue signalling and having their values overwritten by media. Many shitlib whites live lives that, aside from their political beliefs and voting patterns, would be the ideal white nationalist life. Move to a mostly white suburb with your white spouse and mostly white circle of friends. Maybe have a black friend, but he’s one of those “white” blacks who plays video games, has a masters degree, listens to alt rock, etc. These whites will make gestures to indicate their wokeness, but very few of them will have direct novel experiences involving nonwhites. Because this describes the majority of shitlib whites, and the true adventure seekers are the minority, I think it’s more accurate to explain their behavior with the virtue signalling model, where the dopamine hit comes from feeling morally good or superior, or where it’s mostly a game of social survival / the safety of not disagreeing with the crowd, rather than the pursuit of novelty.

    I think there’s a lot more going on here than a desire for exploration via multiculturalism. I believe that there’s plenty of novelty to be had from a vacation across Europe, but let’s assume that white people treat white countries as boring and that their exploratory thirst can only be quenched by nonwhites. I think it is evident that there is a difference between the kind of whites (and their base motives) who travel to Japan or China versus the kind who travel to Africa and get beheaded. I think they are both seeking novelty, but one of them is either seeking something else (virtue points? worldview validation? death wish?) or has been so misled by media that they think they’re actually going to be safe. Similarly, we see that the number of white women who date blacks is much larger than those who date Asian men. Don’t both of these pairings yield novelty? Although the exploratory drive may be at play here, it is not enough to explain people’s decisions without the context of media brainwashing and social status seeking.


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