All About AOC

She is the flavor of the month. She is an Instagram sensation. She is a wide eyed, starstruck newb in the halls of power. She is the face of an ascending generation. You already know who I am typing about and have her face forming in your brain. She has hucksters like Cernovich calling her the ‘gweatest perthuader in the hithtory of perthuading, buy my book and watch my film‘. I am writing about Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (AOC). Today we will cover the multiple factors to the chattering class’ current obsession with her.

Why is she causing such a sensation? Primarily, her rise was upsetting a long time incumbent Rep. Joe Crowley in the Democratic primary, guaranteeing her election to the House just after turning 29. She pulled off this election season’s version of the Brat-Cantor upset where an ideological fighter of the new wave (anti-immigration/socialist) churns out the corrupt long time establishment figure despite the giant financial disadvantage (Cantor/Crowley). Money matters less in deeply partisan districts and even less so as parties change in style or color. She did enjoy mega-fundraising from out of state to unseat Crowley though, which should clue you into who wants to replace the left’s establishment.

Why is she causing such a sensation? Being a rookie, she makes an awful lot of gaffes. She barely has a grasp on anything but is a pretty saleswoman. She also can change her tune on topics very quickly to fall into line with the establishment’s wishes. She is emblematic of the DSA, educated but dumb voter bloc, that contradicts itself non-stop. She also is the product of the left that has enough financially motivated underclass voters that they care not what is stated by their representative, just that it’s their tribe in position to grant benefits. The fact that a political body can elect someone like her is a bit troubling to some pundits. This will continue for the next few election cycles for the Democrats.

Why is she causing such a sensation? She is a pretty saleswoman. This gives the left finally a woman they can use to sell their stuff. This is the mirror image of the Sarah Palin phenomenon. Sarah Palin did what HIV could not and broke Andrew Sullivan. It might be that even as late as ’15 well past her prime time in the spotlight, Palin was the top figure in people’s sexual fantasies that involved politicians. Right leaning pundits might be looking at pictures of her in tight tops and pencil skirts, finding excuses to write about her. They have to cover this sexual attraction with knocking her views, like your best friend in junior high telling you the negatives about the first girl to fill out her sweater. What woman in the below video exudes a vivacious sensuality to you? From 00:11-00:18 seals it for me. Look at the playful kitten face she gives at 00:52.

Why is she causing such a sensation? Because look at the comments on that YouTube video. They are disabled. I had to hunt for this as other YouTube uploads of this video have already been taken down. The whitewashing has begun and check out her Wikipedia page linked at the top. She is just a girl from the Bronx. Pay no attention to anything you find on the Internet. Just take a look at her Instagram videos where she says ‘golly gee how does any of this work, I am so new to DC‘ as she makes mac’n’cheese just like the other Millenials on IG. Did you ever wonder why Bing and Google show …boyfriend/husband as a common search for AOC, yet virtually no media outlet showed the tall, white redheaded boyfriend that she lived with? Some websites report her being single lest her sleeping with a white guy ruin her woke WoC cred.

Why is she causing such a sensation? Look at the policies she pushes. It is the newest wave in centralization, stepping deeper into the communism. Green New Deal is recycled garbage that she somehow says will solve racism. Single Payer Medicare For All is a joke, and a policy that nations with similar government programs are trying to reform and alter. It is the sales pitch for more rule by bureaucrats with academic backing. There is no reform or revolution. These policies are just the latest academic vomit to cement the regime’s hold.

Why is she causing such a sensation? Because of all of the above, America has seen this act before and knows where this leads. AOC reps hard on the Bronx for her street cred while her real past is her architect father moving his family to Yorktown with it’s 95% white and Asian population and median income of $108,000. Her father the partner in his firm who was shaking down opponents in court for racial discrimination, proving this racket is multi-generational. Rookie in DC? She was an intern for Sen. Kennedy and internships are incredibly hard to slide into for the top Senators that move things in DC. She also had speaking engagements at progressive political flash-points like Flint and the Dakota Pipeline protests. She was a bartender and waitress! Latinx! Bronx! She is to urban Latina as Beto “Billionaire in-laws” O’Rourke is to slacker Millenial (actually a near 50 Xer). She is as much of the Bronx as Barack Obama was a black American. To her credit, she lived in the Bronx and is Latina while Obama was raised by whites and Asians in foreign countries or Hawaii, not really the typical black American childhood. We also know more about AOC as a person, her background and defining traits than former President Obama even after two terms as president. Obama really was a CIA meme president.

Why is she causing such a sensation? Because this is such a scam yet the game is rigged for this to work. Because it does not have to be her, but you know the formula. If they slip up with her now, they will use the same playbook for someone else. Like knowing that pedophilia is gearing up to run the Civil Rights playbook, people can see this completely phony caricature of a candidate work on the masses and in narratives for future wins as Governor Ocasio-Cortez, Senator Ocasio-Cortez… President Ocasio-Cortez?

AOC’s rise is a new road marker in the devolution of the American electorate. It signals a new wrinkle in the system itself as the puppets become even more obvious and grotesque in how the regime plays Just Like Me! games to get their way in economic policy. The elite, big business and our failed foreign policy institutions played their cards right with President Obama as they escaped any prosecution and in fact, garnered more wealth, power and privilege during his tenure. It was easy. Obama was picking March Madness brackets, just like me! Obama was a cool brutha wasn’t an old white guy, just like me! Obama cared about little people like me (the 2012 POTUS exit poll deciding factor).

As long as democracy stays in place and we all consent to the rigged game the left has devised, there will be more puppets like AOC that rise to flash a toothy grin or ample bosom on television and convince just enough of the governed that their rulers will listen to their needs.

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