Manipulating & Medicating Masculinity

Most things in America today happen and then cause two different reactions like a split drop of water down an arm. Same drop, same molecule of H2O, and same arm yet different paths. It is not chaos theory. This is due to the political mindset of the individual. There is reality, and then there is the progressive view. The progressive view has a monopoly on all of our institutions.

This happens with the most basic of observations and human nature. A mother posts on Facebook how she will not raise her son to embrace toxic masculinity. Another mom you know in the same neighborhood posts what the hell are they trying to do to boys now. Reality backs up the second mom. The system releases signals that the first mom has her antenna set for and has released other signals for her to repeat to display loyalty. This is the best third party analysis to these Janus like situations. What seems like a reaction to reality and what seems like a religious signal? Seek reality.

The progressives want to mold men and boys to a standard of their choosing. The latest salvo in this war on nature is the new APA release of guidelines for work with men and boys. The APA is proud to release these findings and adds in the effort taken as if to legitimize their spitting into nature’s face. They declare, “Thirteen years in the making, they draw on more than 40 years of research showing that traditional masculinity is psychologically harmful and that socializing boys to suppress their emotions causes damage that echoes both inwardly and outwardly“. Being a man is harmful!

The language is not of attack but of care for men because “traditional masculinity—marked by stoicism, competitiveness, dominance and aggression—is, on the whole, harmful“. Men being men in historical ways is harmful. Most men reading this will laugh at it. Many men will not even know this announcement went out. A sliver of left wing men will embrace it and possibly cry while reading it. One aware of male suicide stats by races will be surprised the focus on non-whites in the APA blurb. I read that and learned what John Henryism is, which runs counter to current black achievement in America.

This is a push to make the progressive view of modern masculinity as the preferred expression of masculinity. This is a declaration of their cultural victory. One can pick apart their points as men express emotions often, they just do not weep and show vulnerability like the system wants… or that men of left wing politics might do with greater frequency.

This is the key as the left enjoyed discussing former President Obama’s spin on masculinity, which to everyone else was decidedly feminine. This played to the left’s coalition. The progressives are a feminine organization of consensus and cooperating to win in November. Their men are a barbell of sorts with the underclass machismo types who are over-represented in our prison system yet cannot take care of basic needs for their families. The top portion of the barbell are affluent and intelligent but perhaps shirk from traditional masculine duties. These are the men that in surveys show how political liberal beliefs also mean less upper body strength.

Those upper barbell men are part of the ruling class. Their version of masculinity is what they want to have perceived as superior. They also want everyone to have to adhere to that norm. This could change guidelines for medication. Imagine a slightly more butch man receiving dosages of sedatives and antidepressants or anti-anxiety pills just because of these guidelines. It might not sound like much, but the number of men in court appointed therapy is sizable. Court appointed anger management is a preferred avenue for men to avoid jail time or receive reduced sentences. The number of boys recommended therapy due to divorce is very large.

This is where these guidelines will come into play. The bottom of society will not be affected. It might even be easier now for them to get SSI and some scrips. This will be more for patrolling the ruling class entrants, creating barriers to entry. To be a part of polite society, one may have to be aware of this traditional masculinity problem. To be a part of the game, one has to be invited. To be invited, one will have to conform to norms.

It is not enough for the media, entertainment and schools to push a new norm. It is not enough that plastics reduce sperm counts and there is birth control pill residue in our drinking water. The progressives in America, worried that the liberal messaging has stumbled and possibly failed, are now reaching Soviet levels of control. In their mind, there is no aggressive population that court ordered, doctor prescribed lithium cannot pacify in order to build the shining city on a hill.

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