Five Friday Reads – 1/25/2019

“When we win, do not forget that these people want you broke, dead, your kids raped and brainwashed, and they think it’s funny,” Sam Hyde

When Hyde stated this, it seemed a bit hyperbolic. It is not anymore. One step further, do they even think it is funny? Read their tweets. It is fury and rage that fuels these cretins to go after high school students for smirking. These people become mind-readers of teenagers on short video clips. They project their who-whom and made-for-tv Law & Order casting to see non-white as good and white as evil.

Forget the cucks who fell for another scam, again. They are meaningless. Do not even give them hate clicks. Focus on the fact that these people want you dead and are filled with a hate that no soldier holds. Have you read old war memoirs? Often, you will read how soldiers respected and even admired opponents even though they knew it was their duty to kill them. They were not filled with the rage we see from the Western Left towards their opponents.

There were death threats against these students and their families. In a more twisted effort, random lefties were calling up colleges to tell them to rescind acceptances of these students. They were practicing economic terrorism on these strangers all due to one video and a smirk. I am happy to hear the students have hired a lawyer who is going to sue. These fools must suffer consequences.

Here is an alternative. Maybe not this time but the next. Set up a website. Take every single blue check tweet calling for someone’s death, rape or impoverishment. Link and save a screencap for each blue tick and then create a profile page of their LinkedIn or resume. These academics put their CVs online. Journalists all use LinkedIn and have personal sites. Find a handful of their undoubtedly anti-white or anti-right wing essays and set those links with screencaps of the most deplorable phrases.

Call the site “The Monitor” and have it indexed by journalist/academic. As young journalists rise up the filthy ladder, have it all on hand to put whatever they write into the broader context. Do not list their dox. A handy index in one location will make things easier for sharing and informing the ever curious normie right. On to the links…

Russia Hysteria Hits Home-schooling – I expected the attack against home-schooling to wait a while longer and be focused on religious families. I did not expect the attack to tie into the current Russia hysteria. The left is of course making mountains out of molehills, but the danger they seem to be running into is declaring treason over nothing only to make Americans consider engaging in the formerly unthinkable.

USD reserve currency complaints – The WSJ of all places complains about the Chinese using the USD reserve status against us. This has also been identified as the weak spot by the Russians. The problem is sure we could change this and keep our economy competitive but to do so would end the empire and reduce the preeminence of our current FIRE economy elites.

Think Tank Crisis – Our think tanks are incompetent and thanks to Russia hysteria, foreign influence is now being put under the microscope. They never suffer any consequences and are laundering operations for the interests of powerful actors or institutions. The sooner they are purged or put under greater transparency, the better.

How Will The Dictatorship Arise – This is a fun thought experiment on how will the American dictatorship arise. William Briggs plays around with the possibilities. He stresses the idea of courage not guns being a limiting factor. Regimes fall when they have not the will to enforce compliance via killing their citizens or having their orders to kill fulfilled.

Spandrell on Tucker – Spandrell and I message near daily. We both were at a loss how to criticize Tucker for his monologue, and Spandrell found one bit with Tucker’s idea that the Left is terrified instead of just hysterical in a victory fueled frenzy. Economically and policy wise, Tucker is spot on. Capital might not but the clever silly managerial class that guides it thinks it can manage the Morlocks forever. Ask South African businesses. The future is ending the crony capitalist system we have now that uses a libertarian free market fig leaf ideology for cover. The future is big business under a nationalist populist framework or under a socialist looting regime a la Latin America.

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  1. Ed says:

    Funny that thinkprogress neglected to mention the extensive links between the American left and the Soviet Union throughout most of the 20th century…


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