Fix your shit: Vitalist Reaction for Dummies

By Esoterictrad

There is a reason when I randomly encountered Mencius Moldbug the man seemed nervous and awkward. He was overweight and slightly sickly looking. Almost the epitome of a programmer who doesn’t get enough outside exercise.

There is a reason NRx is relegated to endless critique and circular thinking about problems on the back pages of Twitter and the internet.

There is a reason that BAP book was so successful and the Frogs lead the way. You sit at home sifting through critiques of Passivism whilst the Frogs are out there conquering reality. Vitalism is what men need, what they crave. Not Passivism or even “Dollar Store Reaction”.

This recent idea proposed by SuperLutheran struck such a chord of disgust within me it has prompted this article. In it I intend to offer readers of the American Sun a better alternative. A better understanding of the problems they will encounter and most importantly a better mental model to tackle them.

Collapse scenarios are thrown about so readily in our society it is difficult to sift through the noise. Indeed there are Collapse scenarios for every persuasion of political ideology out there. Leftie-Greens have their ecological collapse – Right-Greens have their ecological collapse (by hordes of the brown) and the Reactionary Alt-Right NRx have developed their own version of events.

Any assertion of conflict from the Reactionary (of any streak, WN to NRx) is however deeply flawed. It is the product of a myopia that only consuming Reactionary blogs and terrible news can bring about. Normal people aren’t really that concerned about what some Blue Cheka Journalist says on Twitter – or what some racebaiter says either. Bar a few fringe Anti-Fa groups the Left is overwhelmingly still anti-gun (see current legislative trends around the country) and any notion of marauding gangs is overblown. Blacks in Chicago have enough of each other to shoot on a daily basis over the battle of street turf to worry about. They aren’t getting roped in to become woke allies to go and systematically start killing whitey. In fact, a history of random black violence outbreaks in this country suggests they blow out quickly and usually make things worse for themselves – read about the Baltimore PD slowdown or get on your rooftop.

Similarly, if we take the more rabid leftist, the one willing to harness the power of woke capital – their calls for violence are toothless. The people who believe in some kind of Civil War think we can easily break into two opposing camps. They’ll point to Bosnia/Serbia maybe and be wrong: religion is not that powerful anymore. They’ll point to South Africa and be wrong: blacks are a true minority still and Mexicans hate them more than they dislike the whites they garden for. They’ll point to Brazil and be wrong: population explosion and lack of economic development. The truth is things are incredibly unlikely to accelerate like some believe. Instead they are going to get slowly shittier, faith in institutions will continue to erode, slightly more chaos will come into daily life. Even this is contingent upon largely economic disruption.

The indication is that things will continue to worsen – that leftward creep will grow. Yet the best way to combat that is not to subsume oneself to a Dollar Store mentality – spend some time in the towns where all they have is a Dollar General and you’ll see hopelessness. An acceptance of poverty not brought by some noble position but nothing. These people lack vitalism, they lack the fortitude of will to forge ahead, they are broken. It is no different to visiting an Indian Reservation, they pull each other back down in their mediocrity and decline.

No the better path is that of the Frog. The Frog can workout at home in his basement and be content, he can also crush weights at any gym and impose his will upon others. Importantly, he can glide through these situations. Sure he can focus his rage on the latest injustice and lies but he is content to smirk at the cat lady and walk on by. He is at home on a nice bed or on the hard floor – he does not require the need to force himself into a poverty mindset. These are the greatest men you encounter, those who simply glide through the PissWorld. It is a combination of stoicism and vitality of yearning to expand and feel the sun upon your back as you walk. Truly there is much a Frog can do – he is a master of both worlds, content in wearing charity shop clothing and as confident wearing a $1000 fitted suit. The Frog draws people to him, he brings them into his orbit, he is social to the extent he desires and has an extended gang.

If Collapse does come, it grants you not the position to be a serf (you may well be) but it opens space again. The GloboHomo justice system no longer functions as effectively so you can enforce standards of decency once more.

DollarStore reaction and SuperLutheran are the path of the individual trying to get by. Of the poor man without a wife in the soup kitchen. You find a wife willing to lie on the floor instead of a couch – that is great. I guarantee learning and building a couch will get you farther. The underlying essence of DollarStore reaction is meekness, there is no space for vitality with artificial restrictions. They must be meaningful – you must choose the cold shower not to save money on hot water or to accustom yourself to not having hot water but because you crave the increased blood rush through your veins and the sheer energy that pulsates through you when the ice water engulfs your CNS.

I could list actionable items but the truth is you must find them yourselves. SuperLutheran is right that we should be comfortable with less, but the mental model you adopt influences everything. There is a plethora of information on how to do these things, how to live cheaply. If you, reader, are not willing to extend your Internet time beyond blogs such as these to find out then you simply are trapped in the wrong mental model and any list posted here can’t free you.

Good luck.

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  1. Alfonz Cavalier says:

    Good article.


  2. John Carter says:

    Thanks for writing this. I too found ‘dollar store reaction’ to be viscerally contemptible … the notion that we should meekly accept our new status as serfs under the rainbow ascendency is the kind of revolting renunciationism that gives contemporary Christians such a bad name.

    SuperLutheran says that we shall not all be lords in the new feudalism. He’s likely correct. In that case, better we become the new barbarians. Decadence and degeneracy are taking their toll on the ruling class, as ever – just witness Bezos’ cringing tweets to his botoxed paramour. They are ripe for conquest, and the barbarians will come. If not from in the gates, then from outside them.


    1. If we are all barbarians, we shall never see the end of war, even among those with whom we ally ourselves. Just food for thought.


      1. John Carter says:

        Why should we wish to see the end of war? Struggle makes us strong, conditions our bodies, minds, and souls. Too much peace and we fall to pieces. Just look around at the West.

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      2. Struggle’s fine. Fighting can be cool I guess (I box and wrestle). But remember that old people, the handicapped, children, etc. exist. Constant war just kills everyone.
        Also are you saying you’re totally cool with wars for ZOG? Because I’m pretty sure we’ve been fighting in the middle east for 18 years and don’t have some Nietzschean uber-society to show for it.


      3. John Carter says:

        You weren’t counseling the old and infirm to keep their heads down and renounce the world. Your advice was directed at the young and energetic – precisely those who should seek struggle and power.

        War, like peace, is neither good nor bad. It depends on the circumstances. I did not mean to imply that all wars are good – the point was that war, like peace, has its virtues, and we should not strive for the latter at any cost.


      4. D. Schmitt says:

        Perhaps ending war is the problem? Perhaps a low level of constant struggle is healthy for a society’s moral structure. Not total war, but some sort of feudalism constrained by the church.


  3. K. I’m glad you came up with a thoughtful response.
    I’d like to think that, while meekness is part of my overall “be poor and like it” plan (as some would characterize it), by no means would I say that you should neglect “vitality.” By the way, it might be helpful to our readers if you went ahead and defined that for us. Agency is good and all, but convenience on the site is good for the reactionary on the go.


    1. Also I’m not going to believe BAP is for real until it comes out that he was writing and tweeting from a prison cell. The whole thing seems like a troll.


      1. Spooky N says:



      2. esoterictrad says:

        The essence of vitality? It is the embracing of the uncertain, of taking risks, of forging your own path. It is the opposite of meekness in that sense – it stands in direct opposition. It is the desire to take chances, to welcome a degree of uncertainty. It manifests itself within all people at times. The young boy grasping the girls hand on their first date is embracing a vitality of life, of risk, of chance and he throws himself into the wind at that moment upon the mercy of the fates. He charges ahead with it though, many young men loose their vitality. It is beaten out of them, or medicated away.

        Important note: It is not like homosexual or degenerate treats risk. These types use risk as a manifestation of their own self hatred and cowardice at an inability to act in a concrete manner to end their suffering (by facing it or by oblivion).

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      3. R. Landry - Editor says:

        I have spent time with him in person and he is real.

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