Five Friday Reads – 2/15/19

If you want to engage in the daily political game and have some fun like meme wars of old, make a fake Democrat socialist account or just environmental democrat and start being pro-Tulsi Gabbard. She will likely not make it to January, but in the meantime she can be a vessel for interesting conversations.

Like Occupy doing nothing compared to the Tea Party’s minor successes, the ground is not fertile for a populist, non-establishment character to win the nomination. The primaries are too dominated by their racial and gender identity niches. Gabbard will go nowhere but how else will you be able to push Pine Tree talking points in perfect cover? Twitter suppresses right wing accounts but not left wing.

Anti-intervention? Anti-endocrine disruptors? Anti-big business and Wall St? Gabbard’s fans offer a pool to swim in easily since their talking points are so similar. The secret sauce to electoral victory for a future lefty is to just adopt half of Bernie’s economic ideas (half in scope and measure) and add a moratorium on all immigration. Once the Dems have the votes it will move to factional battles within the party, and one piece will grab for that gold.

The other far greater deed is to use cover as a Gabbard fan to throw out coalition of the fringes hot potatoes left and right. Kamala’s backers are wasting a lot of ammunition early to clear out all women. Just wait to see the dirty laundry when she sees Booker biting out of her black vote bloc. Lefties are good at knowing when to crime stop their talking points to stay in their lane. You don’t need to stop at all. On to the links…

Bolsonaro’s Brazil – Tremendous profile on the man and the land. This essay does a great job of chronicling events that set the table for Bolsonaro’s victory. Please read the details for the Lava Jato bribery scandal as Brazil found new legal measures to root out a huge network of corruption. Might be a good playbook for the future in the West.

The death of globalization – The Huawei arrest may mark a split in the globalist infrastructure but before anyone pronounces it dead they should stop. If there is a new Cold War, then the US has far more of its manufacturing supply chain behind enemy lines now than it ever did in the Cold War.

Augmented Reality – Augmented reality is a cousin of VR. The references to Borges were enough to sell me on the concept. I am bullish on these technologies because the outside world is going to get worse.

India Following China – India wants to control their web, which is framed as evil because China does it. This is a form of sovereignty so the problem is that someone is rejecting America. Expect more lashing out and whining from the West as other large players stop listening.

Soros Writes to the EU – Soros wants more centralized power to enforce compliance on rebel EU states. Western wide civil war when?


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  1. Alex says:

    There is a paywall on “The death of globalization” link.


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