Five Friday Reads – 2/22/19

“It has a partisan bias and ends up revealing more than what the writer intended,” and “Donald Glover won a Grammy for his mumbling rap song” were random statements from two different friends but connected. The book was Glass House about a small town in Ohio going through decline. Donald Glover’s Grammy was for a song that needed Voxsplainers to coach normies and libs through its release.

In the book, the liberal writer discusses all the reasons for decline in the Ohio town, forgetting what it reveals about the last 40 years of liberalism. Donald Glover’s “This Is America” needed Voxsplaienrs because liberal like Ezra Klein were worried about the interpretation everyone would have of the song and video. The white working class has caught onto the con but the literate white libs have not.

Pax Dickinson and I discussed the release. For me, I heard lyrics stating the dystopia of the urban experience and the crass chase that young urban youths engage in. As Pax pointed out, the imagery of the video would lead people to interpret the media content as subversive of the urban glorification of violence and the detrimental effect black criminals have had on the community. Glover could be seen as critical of the entire Narrative being pushed with recent BLM hysteria.

As Pax pointed out, Glover (young brother) guns down positive groups of blacks. The cops never show up until the end, cleaning up after Glover’s murders. It is a dingy setting and the only thing missing are the morbidly obese and a diabetes clinic. Vox and other media outlets jumped out in front of this to help explain what the proper interpretations should be, preventing anyone from drawing their own conclusions about the message.

The real message Glover conveyed was to never go shirtless in a video unless you are ripped. On to the links (more than five this week)…

Luttwak Speaks About Our New Cold War – Luttwak notes that South Korea is the wobbly member of the Pacific chessboard. South Korea and not Vietnam is the neighbor willing to be a Chinese vassal per Luttwak.

The Russo-Chinese Alliance – Is it going to happen? One could see the bilateral agreements and effort of the last decade as a long term construction of such an alliance of self-preservation versus America’s empire. The lengths to which Russian officials go to use etiquette and small gestures to show care is something lost on the US State Dept.

Towards a Universal Homogeneous Super State – Lecture transcript on what the end game is for the current global order. This does not end with liberated enlightenment but totalitarian enforcement. Decriminalize homosexuality or the droning commences fit perfectly into this..

Autopsy of a Dead Coup – The right wing base was right that this was a Deep State coup attempt. This shows the decay since Watergate. This was far more overt and ham fisted. It was also sloppier than Watergate. It was nearly identical in McCabe the deputy director but acting director running point on leaks and coordination just like deputy director but acting director Mark Felt. If no one goes to jail, then who cares? This will only get worse for every single candidate for the presidency until one comes along that can replace every important node of the intel agencies.

How Do We Find Aliens – The first exoplanet was found in the mid-’90s. Now there are thousands found. This is an interesting read on exactly what do you look for and how do you look for any sign of life.

Bonus reads….

On Cults II – Tremendous piece on the left’s cult. My favorite line for its simplicity and truth was, ” The contemporary Left could conceivably be described as a coalition of ugly women and weak men. The ugly women seek vectors for increasing their status, while the weak men incentivize sociopathic behavior by playing it safe, that is, avoiding or evading the issues to avoid themselves becoming targets.” The left is not radical but filled with cautious cowards, but it was started by radicals, leading to our disjointed environment.

Where Hence, Art? – Interesting read on art and its place in our current situation. Art is key, as are aesthetics. What is cool and enticing seduces people.

How a Generation Lost Its Common Culture – Patrick Deneen covers the empty students of academia. These students were not products of a broken system as their emptiness and ignorance is exactly as the system designed. This is what the regime wants.

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