Five Friday Reads – 3/8/19

Want a blog to check out that is better than nearly every other blog? Just click here. Read the words of Martin Shkreli. A man sent to prison for nothing compared to Elizabeth Holmes. He was sent to prison for raising drug prices on a protected class (gay AIDS patients) and being a good troll in front of Congress. That was his real crime.

This is the real definition of crime in our time. Do you properly bend the knee and bow to the authorities and their beliefs. Do you wear totems signifying that you are okay with the system? It will spare you when they have to layoff employees because who else will be the LGBT liaison. Shkreli raised prices on a drug because he could. No crime there. Those diamonds people buy are not worth within 25% of their price-tag.

Best part about reading his posts is the feeling of authenticity. It is a man with a countdown before each post blogging from behind bars. The Internet has been normified and so many people carefully craft their digital self that it all feels like a mask. That was the fun of Twitter before the left ruined it. Random thoughts of public figures, celebrities and anyone were interesting touch points. It killed journalism.

Check it out. Now onto the links…

How Ed Schools Poisoned Academic Bureaucracies – The growth in academia has not been in professor gigs or educating but in the growth of administrators. The free money has been paying them lavishly to act as feudal barons. How did they get so awful though? The answer lies in the same source as our judges and lawyers. He who educates and credentials them.

The opioid recovery scam – This is a disturbing report on the recovery recruitment game where rehab centers use addicts as a conduit to collect money from insurers. No one gets better because it is worth more to the professional to keep them sick. This is once again a symptom of the cultural and societal rot that allows heroin to flourish.

Laugh at Brooklyn Socialists – This is a profile of young socialists. How they date, how it became trendy and how in the world a dating platform named Red Yenta came to be are all covered here. When I think of the large metro cities of America, the super cities, all I can envision is the Hunger Games.

Family Dollar Closures – What is going on when a successful chain of budget retail in rural and urban areas closes 400 stores? Are those markets emptying out? Is the heroin killing off their customer base? Are even the dirt poor going to Amazon for everything? This is another bad sign about the breadth and depth of economic health in America.

Maybe the Left is catching on – Via Second City Bureaucrat, this is a book review of a new work that maybe points to the Left figuring out that they have created, in SCB’s words, ethnonarcissists with which the rest of us must endure. There is a trick to every documentary about an era or other country. The academic speakers discussing the entire phenomenon are undoubtedly white men. Then some woman is on to talk about women’s angles, a black academic about the black angle, and so forth. When you check their biographies, that is all they have researched. Thank God for white guys who just investigate things regardless of them reflecting the subject or not.

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    Dollar General is superior anyway.


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