From al-Askari, Samarra, Iraq to al-Noor, Christchurch, New Zealand

Proximity + Diversity = Violence.

In 2006 the al-Askari mosque in Samarra, Iraq was bombed. It is considered one of the holiest sites for Shia muslims. Whilst no one was injured in this attack the reprisal attacks against Sunni’s and Sunni mosques resulted in an estimated 1000 deaths. Shia militia men launched numerous attacks. These included:

  • Targeted assassinations of Sunni clerics
  • Random street shootings of suspected Sunnis
  • Mosque attacks and burning/destruction of Sunni Mosques
  • State police torturing and killing Sunni prioners
  • Mass killings of Sunnis

Your average person on the street in any Western nation will have zero knowledge of this mosque bombing and the extreme retaliatory violence. They will have zero concept of how such an action could have inspired such violence because they are faithless. Invested in a universalist consumerist creed that could never understand how men could take an affront to a holy place so far. How a mere place on a map being attacked could result in real lives being lost.

What your average person will now forever know is of a live-streamed attack on Muslims in New Zealand. It will be forever burned into their minds. The Bataclan killings will fade from memory and thanks to the media machine this atrocity will supersede all atrocities. These attacks speak to a core truth anyone reading this will already know. That dispossessed hopeless men driven to isolation and extremes will lash out, that proximity to diversity will spark violence. The technological improvements in firepower make the lone attacker more formidable than at any point in history. The desire for notoriety and their global reach is unmatched today. Because this was largely the actions of a single man it will resonate more than the revenge attacks in Iraq ever will.

The elites and your average person never cared about the deaths of brown people in Iraq or the Middle East. The violence was incomprehensible to them and the distance made it boring. Any attack in our nations, even if it does not affect our people is seen as a threat because it tears down the facade we have a completely safe society. That is one reason people care. The other is that in our system only the ideology matters when it comes to deaths. Other writers can deal with the meme-referenced, right-wing accelerationism loony nature of the killers manifesto. We don’t need to examine that to know this simple truth.

Islamic or leftist attacks will always, always be protected from an association with ideology. Only good Muslims, like Maajid Nawaz, are allowed to make any comment about the reckless ideology of their peers, and even then the SPLC might attack them for it. Any, any attack that has even the most tangential link to the ‘right’ will forever be held up as worse. The death-count never matters, the deaths themselves never matter. We kill 100s of babies in our society daily, death is meaningless to us when the ideology behind it is officially approved. The ideology of the brown man, of diversity, of anything against the West is ignored in any mass killing perpetrated by our enemies. It is explained away and the deaths do not really matter.

Terrorist actions by any white who has lost hope only serve to feed this dialogue. Cthulu creeps ever more leftward with every Brevik style attack – the media and the liberal elite have fixed the narrative of violence. Ideologically Western people have been indoctrinated over years to find moral revulsion from anything considered ‘racist’. They have been held back from any kind of in-group dynamics. Our faith has been completely hollowed out, we can no more understand the desire of the Crusader than we can understand the Shia militia-man who answered a call to violence in the protection of his faith.

All ordinary people can understand is that a manifestation of violence against outsiders in our own society is the ultimate crime and sin one can commit. Their ideology, your ideology reader, is the sin, the violence they commit is completely ancillary.

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  1. George says:

    I’m not quite sure I can parse that last sentence, and it seems important. Can you explain?


    1. Mr. CantStopTheRobot says:

      There are two premises at play. First: if you are found guilty of wrong-thinking, you are already equivalent to mass-murder anathema. Second: By current convention, real mass-murder is forgiven and actively forgotten if it serves correct-thinking. My addition: this has always been true, but the frame is unique. Perhaps the one historical precedent is Paraguay, where its “consul” made it illegal to not race-mix in the early-to-mid 1800’s.

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    2. Helper says:

      The left has a monopoly on violence pal. He mentioned abortions as state sanctioned violence and that everyday people do not frown at such violent acts, they instead embrace it. If violence erupts from the right, they’ll make sure to remind everyone that it shall not go unpunished.

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