Five Friday Reads – 3/22/19

What is the latest fear the left wants to push? Eco-terrorism or eco-fascism has been a steady trickle. What is the next step? Worrying that the right (far or not) may start to take environmentalism seriously. This essay reinforces enough lies as standard liberal operating procedure, but does hint at the reality of environmental concerns. To get serious about conservation means to get serious about the third world’s pollution problems. That link is to clearly state how this evil approach cannot happen.

Environmentalism was not a left-right issue when America started to care with the awareness programs and early days of the EPA. It is just that the left decided to use any power of enforcement like it does and continuously tighten standards to push industry away and weaponized agencies and ideas against their patrons’ economic opponents. Climate change and CO2 is the latest example, but this is a long running pattern of behavior. Former President Nixon remarked how caring for the planet was a bipartisan issue as a burning lake or poisoned river did not care what party the locals were.

The problem the left is going to run into, and is increasingly, is that the data shows China, India and the rest of the third world are the big CO2 producers now. The ten worst rivers in the world are all in third world locations. The countries that dump trash and plastics into rivers are all third world nations. Go ahead and use that paper straw Aiden, that will make up for China’s CO2 today. Yes, Madison, that reusable grocery bag will make up for trash dumped into the Congo. Every single time the left’s economic patrons destroyed an American industry that had to comply with American regulations, it was not a win for the environment. It merely exported our pollution to nations with no environmental laws. Glad you ate that soy Connor, they only had to clear out 100 hectares of jungle in Brazil to grow it.

Left and right do not mean much now except to denominate ‘anti-west’ and ‘pro-west’. The anti-west of course wants to punish the western nations and no matter what occurs keep the food flowing to the third world. The pro-west faction can easily turn environmentalism into a conservation and preservation idea, which it once was before the left allowed economic patrons to turn environmentalism into mean MUH CO2. Conservation of non-renewable resources should be a priority. What Chindia and the 2.4 billion people do for pollution does affect the rest of the planet. Solutions to these problems should be debated with all solutions on the table.

On to the links…

What Is Amazon? – This was a great read into what exactly is Amazon. To answer that, you need to understand what is Walmart. This is something people cannot quite answer what it is that Amazon does but knows it dominates. The history of Amazon’s change and development through the years is a great read as well.

Inside the Shut It Down Machinery – This Wapo article lets you see the censorship machine at work. A tech friend stated how it’s so revealing they might just take this down. YouTube (new CIA) is now completely on the WaPo (old CIA) wavelength. The regime is harmonious in shutting it down.

The Liberal Pep Talk – Robert Kagan in the WaPo writes a long pep talk to moderates and liberals that it’s not over, everything is going to be grand. The desperation is throughout this essay as is the historical revisionism and standard liberal lies. Kagan often states how bad authoritarians like the Kaiser or Imperial Japan were while skipping over the communist authoritarians, who are somehow not authoritarians and not worse. He does support Spandrell’s bioleninism theory of progressive power with choice paragraphs that reveal more than what he intends to reveal. This is a long read but worth it to get into the minds of the managerial elite, our policymakers and the middle ground Boomers you may chat with at work.

Robowarfare and the Robo-dollar – Cult-state does not write often but is always entertaining and thought-provoking. This new essay is a good one for why automation and robots will change war but also our entire economy, but not in the way you normally hear. It does not have to be a dystopian Terminator future or automated zombie, empty landscapes.

College faculty buy outs – University of Akron offers to buy out 47% of faculty. Note that it is not STEM or investment subjects, but the fluff. Why is this happening? Looks like finances are hitting a hard wall and the administrators do not want to change. Very dark conspiracy theory from an academic friend but he proposed that the Evergreen State protests against professors was to force retirements so the universities could get out of the salaries of those professors and enjoy a cost savings with replacing them. They cannot force retirements and these professors just linger on with all that comes from an employee cost perspective. The priestly class deserves this.

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  1. Shockwave Socrates says:

    That WaPo article was a surprisingly worthwhile read! The world of censorship has truly evolved into a depersonalised, dehumanised autonomic process. Bots moderating bots when?


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