Midwest Floods + Five Friday Reads 3/29/19

Where your attention is reveals where your mind is. Our attention is on Russiagate fallout, Venezuela, political pivots and election 2020. There is a massive disaster happening that is not getting the Congressional fast track response that Israel enjoys. The Midwest is underwater.

This will have a large effect on your grocery bill this year. Grain losses are large and most grain is considered contaminated right now. You living the carnivore life? Expect beef prices to skyrocket this summer. Insurers are going to take a hit as the losses mount up. Keep in mind that some of the 2008 financial crisis was due to insurance firms taking huge hits in the Hurricane horror year of 2005. P+C insurance firms have had some brutal years with the California wildfires and Texas flooding of 2017. This takes time, but it will have an effect.

It does not matter though because this affects the little people of flyover. The rubes are suffering. Who cares? They only cared about heroin once the bodies started stacking in the cities. You think they would care about a little flooding? Remember when Iowa had horrendous flooding displacing hundreds of thousands of people and nothing bad happened, which meant media blackout? Yeah you may have forgotten because it was not a Katrina so the displaced were not useful left wing victims.

This is our system. This is why France has donned the Yellow Vests. A ruling class that rules by force better deliver the rest of the goods. If it cannot do that, it is on borrowed time. People eventually exasperate all of the nice options that they hope they can use so that they do not have to do that which they know will solve the problem.

On to the links…

The Boy Toys of the West – Read this evisceration of the men who talk tough about foreign policy but you would never want on your side in a fight. The system is selecting the most malleable, weak men so that when at the helm of the mighty leviathan, they never dare use it against their sponsors.

The SPLC Roll-up – Between the mass shooting suicides, the Jussie freedom walk over Rahm’s objections and the SPLC news results, it feels like something big behind the scenes is happening on the left. The SPLC is exposed in this profile as the grift that Steve Sailer has accused it of being for years.

Dutch Far Right Vote – Check out the Dutch ‘far right’ leaders quotes. At one point he states how academia and the journalists are undermining our society. The reckoning inches closer. The universities will be the next target that the right will attack, and when they do, they can defund at the state level all they want to make professors and administrations suffer.

The Chinese Get It – This short oped manages to insult the ways America handles problems (terrorism) and stands up to what it sees as aggressive chest puffing to make China an ideological colony. I don’t think the US will win this Cold War.

The Resistance Reacts – To understand the delusion of the left when it came to Russiagate, read this report on the reaction from some of the biggest members of the cult de Resistance. Politics is a waste so please consider all the cultural and social energy one can channel into good uses, not lighting candles to Robert Mueller and praying for indictments.

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