The Globalist Case for Universal Basic Income

YangGang’s all the rage right now. Numerous expose pieces from the trashstream media are highlighting YangGangs existence and membership. It’s those pesky 4chan white nationalist meme extremists all over again. They stole the 2016 election for Trump and now those memes are going to win it for Yang. Just when will this Asian-American disavow these memes!?

Commentators I respect have pointed out some interesting benefits to watching the YangGang march on. Yang has this ability to point out how every minority group gets to drink from the trough but the white man. He raises good questions about the impact of automation. He expresses a desire to bring the technocrati elite to heel with regulation of Twitter/Facebook. Of course he promises you, dear Citizen, 1000$. The implicit message behind the $1000 is that you have to qualify better what an ‘American’ is – that the bag will help secure not only your neetdom but what the in-group and out-group is.

All interesting. One could simplify my objections to him quite clearly: he’s pro-abortion and anti-gun. Both of those are complete non-starters for me. However, instead of arguing against Yang in that conventional drab matter instead I present to you another possible outcome of this narrative drift into UBI.
The Globalist Case for Universal Basic Income:

Dear Alphabet Customer,

We notice you’ve been a loyal customer of ours for 20 years, since your birth in 2003 when your parents created your first Gmail account and shared photos of you with all their friends. We’ve been tracking your preferences for years, sending you advertisments and helping you become a better you. As a reward for your loyalty we’re bringing you into our exclusive AlphabetBucks scheme. You’ll get $500 a month from us.

Spend it wisely!

Giving someone money either makes them beholden to you in some way or produces an outcome you desire. The entire Democratic strategy to win the black/minority vote is centered around this. Blacks are an unruly bunch at best, but they do fall in line however and produce the votes. The Alaskan dividend isn’t large but to receive it you must remain in Alaska – let us not forget this was a way to boost population of the state.

Universal Basic Income is currently an idea proposed within the confines of a nation. The Swiss have voted on it recently, the Finns have just completed an experiment with it, and now Andrew Yang is promoting it to the US citizen. The idea is simple – your membership of this magic soil gifts you $1000, to spend how you see fit. Let us be clear, most will spend it, few will save. It is a Keynesian injection of cash directly to the consumer in a consumerist society.

That promise of $1000 is a powerful one. Many appear willing to sacrifice plenty to ‘secure the bag’. Yang in the first instance is using money as a political bribe in the same way the Democrat treats the black. He is only more explicit.

Why should this basic income be limited to borders? We live in a global world. Our reach is unstoppable by the nation state. We can rig elections based on search result manipulation. We can ban books we find problematic. We can promote diversity upon our networks. We have no need for the powers of government. Sure we’ll take their money and provide services, use their infrastructure to deliver our products, but we don’t care for them unless they obey us.

What is more desirable to us than control? Control is the ultimate manifestation of human power and we can exert control across borders. Our profit margins are rapidly becoming almost infinite, our friend Bezos doesn’t even know how to spend his money effectively so he bought WaPo. My Globalist friends, the next logical step we must take is to secure that control. We must establish a deeper form of loyalty to us, one that elevates us above the meaningless nation state or “people”.

We shall provide basic income to our users. After all we know their tastes, we can predict their behavior, we can limit their tongues. We can make a better, more WOKE, society with our Capital. It is nothing to us to split off some reserve capital to finance this as our automated agenda marches on. Yes we’ll pay that unemployed truck driver $1000 a month, but his days are numbered. He’s reduced to taking money from us, a corporation. He has no meaning, the money he spends comes straight back to us and soon, soon he’ll overdose on whatever cheap opioid our Chinese backers have pushed into his community where despair is prevalent.

You see my fellow globalists – the universal part of basic income is up to us to implement. It must become fully universal. We can buy these citizens. Their nation states mean little to them anyway and our consumerist hold upon their lives is almost complete. Once we have their membership we can make countless demands of them as their economic futures collapse.

I can hear your objections already – that we should spend nothing of our profits on these pathetic people who kowtow to every such whim or ours or whatever Stacey with the blue hair and female penis in HR pushes upon them. But again, we’ve molded these people for so long. All they can do is spend, that money will come straight back to us. So too will their loyalty and we gain more and more control.

I’ll be the first to acknowledge this may come across as fanciful but on the other hand I find it hard to not envision the endgame of Corporations in our current system being neo-feudal overlords. To deny this seems to me to deny that they desire control, to pretend they are not led by a Davos cabal who have nefarious interests. Liberalism has wrecked the Nation State and the CivNats fight a battle to repair a corpse. UBI looks to me like just another bandage to apply to the corpse.

If the weakened State does march on with UBI, it is still the Corporation that will ultimately benefit. Funding UBI is a redistribution of wealth gambit that aims to re-circulate capital in a way designed to maximize impact – people will spend that money and it will ultimately flow back towards large corporate interests in one way or another. Their power is likely to increase, Woke Capital is still marching on. UBI for all is merely formalization of the long process of turning American citizens into imperial subjects.

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  1. Baron Bagel says:

    Your argument seems to be based on the supposition that anyone has the power to stop the globalist agenda or further consolidation of globalist power. I don’t think anyone on the right who supports Yang (ironically or otherwise) believes that. We’ve already lost on basically every issue except guns and are merely quibbling over how much we’ve lost. And it’s only a matter of time before guns go as well. #Yanggang is more about accepting this on our own terms. Hell, if the rumors about him being an agent of the Chinese government are true, it’ll be all the more reason to vote for him as far as I’m concerned. I’m at the point where it seems that even the Chinese communist party has less contempt for me and would be more amenable to my interests than anyone on Capitol Hill.


    1. esoterictrad says:

      No. That’s not really my argument at all. My argument is that one way or another global corporations will benefit and grow from UBI and may have incentives to implement versions of it as well.

      Coal miners in West Virgina had to at one point buy everything from the ‘company’ store.

      The Chinese don’t give a fuck about you one way or the other, at most they desire the power America brings and want the landmass.


      1. Baron Bagel says:

        Yes, but you framed it in such a way that implied we have a better choice. Of course, the reactionary position is to not even bother with electoral politics, but commenting on the subject does beg the question.

        At any rate, I don’t agree with the point you’re making regardless. UBI differs from the “company store” as well as modern forms of welfare in that it is effectively uncontrolled. Welfare as it stands makes it easy to predict cash flow. People who hand out WiC vouchers know where they’re going. But a straight, no strings attached $1.000 to everyone in the country regardless of demographic (in lieu of current programs)? Who knows where that will go? If globalists can’t be sure that they can reliably funnel government money into themselves through consumers, this can have a lot of externalities on the front of speculation. Some investors might get cold feet. Some plans for expansion might need second-guessing. I suspect this is why UBI remains but an experiment in even the most liberal parts of the planet. The ruling elite thrive on the predictable.


      2. esoterictrad says:

        Good points.


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