Racial IQ’s unlikely proof: Native Americans

This article seeks to prove that Racial IQ exists, using both laymen’s language, and an often ignored population which exhibits intelligence despite terrible socio-economic conditions: Native Americans.

This article was actually inspired by someone I argued with that argued that if Asians and Europeans evolved to be intelligent due to their need to plan food-acquisition, —something the Africans did not have to do due to year-round hunting seasons — then Native Americans should likewise have high IQ’s. I looked into it, and he was right. Natives, despite the hell-on-earth conditions they tend to live in, have a median IQ of 86 (1 point higher than that of US Blacks); Arctic Natives, who evolved in far harsher conditions, have a median IQ of 91.

Reflective of the fact that Natives are descended from East Asian stock, there is about a 10 point spread between the Visualization (higher) and Verbal (lower) IQ scores of both groups. This is especially of note considering that while the Verbal portion of the test is culture-biased, the Visualization portion is not. US Blacks, for instance, score 87 on the Verbal test, but only 83 on the Visualization test (in itself this should disprove the popular notion that the reason for US Blacks having low IQs is due to the test itself being culture biased).

Now, obviously IQ is not solely hereditary, or else rich and poor people of the same race would exhibit the same intelligence, which is not true. If one looks at the IQ of US Blacks and Whites compared to their socio-economic quartile, the lines are not flat, but rise in parallel, with the gap not closing even though richer people of both races have higher IQs than poorer ones.

Since environment does play a role (roughly 20%) in IQ, let us investigate the environment of the native Americans: in a word, terrible. Twenty two percent of Natives live on reservations, which Gallup has called “comparable to the Third World”. The majority of Native Americans (60%) live in urban areas, where they have higher poverty, uninsured, and mortality rates than any other group. These conditions are clearly much worse than that of either Hispanics or US Blacks, indeed far more comparable to that of Africans, who have an IQ average of 70. While information on the living standards of rural Native Americans is hard to come by, I think it’s safe to assume the remaining 18% of them aren’t in a great place.

Comparing just the Visualization scores, which aren’t culture-biased, Native Americans have an IQ of 96, and US Blacks have an IQ of 83. In other words, the group which has living conditions far more similar to Africans than to Whites has an IQ a full 16% higher than Blacks.

Now, some may argue that overall the singular absolute IQ difference of Blacks and Native Americans is statistically insufficient to prove racial IQ, but the singular IQ gap is actually proof of it. Based on the conditions Natives live in, if socio-economic conditions alone contributed to IQ, Natives would be far closer to a 70 IQ average, nowhere near an 85 IQ average, and most definitely would not exceed that 85 average.

It should be no wonder that the founding fathers, such as Thomas Jefferson, thought that many of the pre-reservation Natives could be integrated into our society, whereas Blacks could not. Thank you to the Heya Heyo people for proving Racial IQ.

I may be reached at Zaoist1350@gmail.com for any inquiries or comments.

The site that hosted the various citations for the IQs of the three mentioned groups has since been taken down, but a screenshot of the three can be found here: https://ibb.co/fG4fmQn

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  1. Anagoge says:

    The IQ data tables referred to in the footnote appear to be from Richard Lynn’s book Race Differences in Intelligence. The entire book including handy HTML-ized versions of those tables is indeed still available on the web, but just in case I’ve permanently archived it here:


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  2. Bill says:

    Another thing to keep in mind is that these Native IQ scores are probably weighted towards the much larger Southwest USA populations. I’m going to guess those Natives had relaxed selection for IQ in that warmer environment, as the central American natives apparently did. We really don’t know what unadmixed IQ of the Eastern Natives was. It’d be swell if someone could figure out what Natives in Quebec and Ontario have for IQ. Honestly their problem is probably more a lack of personality adaptation to complex civilization, that and of course alcoholism.


    1. Zaoist Frog says:

      Indeed. All of the studies used by Lynn took place in the Southwest or did not specify the location within the US. While many of the tribes in the Southwest region survived by raiding other tribes, this was done for most of their history before the arrival of horses with the Europeans, thus endurance would have been far larger of a genetic premium than intelligence was. It would be beautiful for studies to be done in order to study the IQ of Natives by region, but I suspect it would require for the country as a whole to accept racial IQ before it could decide to key in on the evolutionary locations of a group assumed by many to be homogenous.


  3. Ricky Moore says:

    “obviously IQ is not solely hereditary, or else rich and poor people of the same race would exhibit the same intelligence”
    I don’t think IQ is solely hereditary, but this does not follow at all because RACES are broken up into different groups, which more or less diverge and this applies both within a race between different segments as well as between different social classes. Gregory Clark’s The Son Also Rises shows that social status itself is largely hereditary, even with a transition to communist government, and thus poor and rich people of the same race DO have different hereditary IQs.


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