Joseph reached over and flicked a switch.

Florescent lights flickered then flooded the room revealing a cluttered mass of machines from yesteryear.

“Xeroxes, they’re reliable.. a real workhorse.” Joe grinned, moving toward one of the off white colored behemoths.

“You’ve probably never seen one of these huh Angela?”

Angela shifted nervously, clutching a large folder filled with dozens of pages of meticulously typed text. “Uh, I think my dad had one in the 90s.. or something.”

“The 90s?!” Joe chuckled. “These have been around since the 50s! I remember photocopying dylan lyrics for my friends during my first gig!”

Joe pressed a button, and the beast started to churn and sputter, eventually revealing an illuminated, yet faded LCD display.

“A lot of my friends swear by teleprompters, but I feel that reading from notes is more fluid.. more organic.. ya know?”

“Uhh yeah.” Angela replied.

Who the fuck was Dylan she thought to herself.

Joseph stepped back from the copier as it emitted a slow low hum and placed his hands on Angela’s shoulders.

“Wanna learn how to use it Angie?” he grinned.

“Umm.. ok.. i guess.”

Joe slid his hand down toward the folder, running it across Angela’s arm in the process. He retrieved several sheets and placed them in Angela’s hand, squeezing it gently.

“So now, you place the papers face down on the glass.”

He re-positioned his hand toward the small of her back to offer Angela lumbar support.

Angela shook slightly as she approached the technical relic.

She needed this internship to get into Columbia.

She needed it.

“After I show you how to make copies, maybe you can come to my office and show me how to use this damn iphone, you know I’m such a dinosaur.”

“o-o-ok..” Angela whispered, her voice cracking.

The door flew open.

“Sir! You have to see this!” Joseph’s assistant, Stephen shouted.

The three of them raced to the office lounge where CNN was reporting breaking news.

“Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has been secretly recorded making lewd and vulgar comments that seem to advocate sexual assault”. Wolf Blitzer spoke addressing his television audience, trying but failing to suppress an ice cream smile.

“It’s over for him Mr. Biden!” Stephen squealed triumphantly.

“Disgusting.” Joe replied, shaking his head.

Angela stared at straight ahead at the screen in silence.

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