Why Racial Intelligence Matters

While racial intelligence has been accepted as fact within the field of psychometrics for more than a century, speaking about it outside of this field is career suicide. After what has happened to Arthur Jensen, and James D. Watson, many within the field are content to simply publish their findings in technical papers, and avoid public notice. That this research can still take place and has not been totally forbidden, as Holocaust revisionism is, is good. But these technical papers are not read by the people or politicians, and thus cannot make their way into the realm of policy-making.

Why does this matter? Social mobility. Before the Hart-Celler Immigration Act of 1965 which flooded our nation with non-Whites, the United States was at its lowest point 79% non-Hispanic White, in 1780, a number which steadily built up to almost 90% before the aforementioned act massively reshaped the demographics of America. While there were certain social arguments about the definition of “White” at the time, these are immaterial to the actual genetics of the Europeans coming into the United States.

Using 2012 SAT scores adjusted for IQ, the gap between the poorest Whites (hereafter defined as a family income of less than $20,000) and the richest Whites (hereafter defined as a family income of more than $200,000) is 9.7 points, from 97.5 to 107.2. Now, before the days of state-funded public high school, this gap was probably larger; however, even a larger gap still only leaves a few points between the IQs of the lowest income, the median income, and the highest income. This IQ gap allows for social mobility: while IQ can severely limit someone’s potential, study and dedication can make up for a few points of IQ. US East Asians are 1-3 (depending upon which group is being used) IQ points above US Whites, but due to a cultural focus upon academic excellence, they perform at a level more like 5-7 points above US Whites. With a small gap between the IQs of rich Whites and poor Whites, a determined poor White could perform at a higher level, and break themselves out of poverty. Both Carnegie and Rockefeller, two of the richest men in American history, both grew up in poor families; but, they were determined, and through sheer force of will succeeded and seized upon the American dream.

The policy concern due to sheer numbers is the issue of how Blacks, or Hispanics, fit into this little equation. The answer: not well. American Blacks have a median IQ of 85, and US Hispanics have a median IQ of 88. This leaves them with a 15 and 12 point gap with the average White. This is, for all intents and purposes, an obstacle which cannot be overcome. Rather than having the White median income IQ within striking distance, and the top income IQ achievable with true effort, merely matching the poorest Whites is a Herculean task. Again using 2012 SAT scores adjusted to become IQ, the poorest Whites (<$20,000) scored just 0.2 points below the richest (>$200,000) Blacks. Not only does the low intelligence of Blacks and Hispanics preclude them from challenging the richest Whites, as our poorest can do through effort, but also from even challenging the average White. Only 9% of all Blacks match or exceed the intelligence of the average White. In other words, only 9% of a group that makes up 13% of our nation can compete with a White person you may think isn’t all that bright. Neoliberal, environmentally friendly policies that destroy natural resource extraction and manufacturing to place what economists call mindwork in a position of preeminence exacerbate this problem.

Now, obviously, they cannot compete with the average White, which destroys social mobility. When Blacks and other minority groups made up just 10% of the country before the Hart-Celler act, their inability to compete didn’t matter as much. Currently, these lower IQ groups make up 40% of the US population. Percentages are quite abstract, so let me rephrase this: 131 million people. Even being generous with the percent of those that can compete with whites, it leaves 100 million who are doomed to permanently be in the lower class. Forever. There is no amount of determination and grit that can allow them to escape this especially considering the shift in our economy towards credentials meaning advancement.

This is compounded by several things: The movement of the US economy away from Agriculture and Manufacturing to Service economy, which places far higher of a premium on intelligence over sheer determination and willingness to work, and the sheer number of workers from third world countries that are being sucked into the US to ensure that wages don’t increase. This permanent lower class status has not been broken by the federal and state government’s attempts, nor by Affirmative Action, because it can’t. For as long as Blacks and Hispanics remain in the US, most will always be poor. Forever.

Refusal to acknowledge the fact that by keeping Blacks, Hispanics, and others here, we are dooming them to a lifetime of poverty, will tear America apart. The once vaunted social-mobility of the United States, the American Dream, is gone. It has been trampled by the offshoring of industry, the accumulation of a huge demographic which cannot compete with the other 60% of the country, and a flood of foreigners brought in to prevent wages from increasing or any dent to corporate profit margins. The separation of races into their own homelands, where they can compete against their own, who they actually have a chance of challenging, is necessary for the survival of the United States and the American Dream. But I’m not holding my breath for it.

I may be reached at Zaoist1350@gmail.com for any inquiries or comments.

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    1. Zaoist Frog says:

      I Appreciate it. And, if I’m not mistaken, Kurds fill in the “Black” role in Turkey, so I can see why.

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