Immigrants Are Assimilating

The clueless conservative

The last week has seen the return of the liberal outrage over out of context, sharp and effective Trump team messaging. President Trump’s team took an old quote from Rep. Ilhan Omar about 9/11 and turned it into a viral advertisement correctly portraying her and by association the entire open borders left as against America. This caused the left to circle the wagons. The counter to this rally the troops is best exemplified in the above tweet where conservative inc still does not get it. Immigrants have assimilated to the dominant American culture by being against America.

This outrage to an effective advertisement has happened before. It was first during the fantastic two minute pre-election ad where Trump’s speech about the evil elite working for themselves and stripping your nation like a liquidation sale was called anti-semitic for showing three Jews in a flash in a row. This changed the conversation of the ad for some people. The second time was when team Trump used the illegal who laughed about murdering people in an ad about voting in midterms. This was branded racist and television channels boycotted it. This is the game, and the left controls all mediums therefore it works.

The broader discussion, and this happens often, is the confusion and astonishment that centrists or conservative express about immigrants who come from horrible countries entering America and then dumping on America. Where is the assimilation? Why are they not thankful? Why do they not love America?

What these individuals fail to realize is that the America that they love is the America that the ruling cultural controllers hate. These individuals fail to internalize what losing control of all education outlets means. The immigrants are assimilating. They are seeing that the ruling class dislikes heritage America and wishes to transform it to something they can easily rule. The immigrants know patrons and can hear the constant signals from the media and the education system.

This also points to a more meta problem that America is now so socially and politically incoherent that no unified concept of America exists. Each individual group has what they would envision is America. Many nations are patchworks of groups, but for a long period the American experiment was considered an Anglo experiment on the American continent. Writers discussing the dissolution of European empires after the Great War noted how America had a more unified culture than the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1914. These oblivious conservatives do not consider that not only are there different views of America but that their view is not the dominant version no matter how many times television, literature, the news, the civil service or the courts hit them in the face with this fact.

These centrists and conservatives have knee jerk reactions and pull the cord-dolly speaks slogans. The lament is consistent, “Muh family came over and we learned to be American and love it“. There is some revision here and stepping over significant efforts to assimilate groups. Take Italians for example. The first waves of Italian immigration started in 1880, the waves stopped in the 1920s, and 100 years after the 1880s, the New York Times was writing how Italian-Americans were just then “coming into their own“. Puts Madonna and her Blonde Ambition meme in a new light as a symbol of assimilation. The article is a window into an entirely different way of viewing immigrants but also the ability to force assimilation and the difference in the human clay involved.

This Italian renaissance was after decades of public schooling, high levels of police resources thrown at their mannerbunds, use of public patronage to replace the mafia economic system, and a core WASP ideal to aspire to for their upwardly mobile families. In The Godfather, Michael Corleone’s marriage to WASP Kay is symbolic of this assimilation, which is followed up by Kay’s (WASP America) inability in the sequel to understand the cultural constraints and boundaries Michael (immigrant) had to work within. She spits out, “this Sicilian thing“. No need to talk about the Irish as it took America 150 years to assimilate them, and depending on where you visit in New England, the jury is still out.

When immigrants in 2019 dump on America, they are merely reflecting the messaging of the dominant culture: progressive culture. This is a culture that deceased Sen. Moynihan noted had separated from the American masses in the middle of the 19th century, and had hit hyperdrive with the injection of Bolshevism as the WASP-Jewish alliance took the dominant position in the 1930s. The final break was the ’68-’75 period, which we would nowadays call a color revolution. “Hey hey ho ho western civ has got to go” is a chant that one has heard on American college campuses, but would not have heard it during the last great wave of immigration from 1880-1920.

The WASP ideal and ethos that came with it tied a founding mythology of pious people settling and taming a wild land. That ideal and story is now called evil by official organs. There is no ideal but the individual looking for his or her angle to get his or her share of the liquidation sale before all has been stripped from the inventory. What these centrists and conservatives fail to see is that in a land without social cohesion there is no ideal to assimilate to but there is power. Those who have none and are the most likely to be removed in a conflict will signal allegiance to the current power and ride the strongest horse.

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