Never Heard of Ottoman Comedy + Five Friday Reads 5/3/19

Comedy is dead. Comedians even admit this. Oh gosh it is dead and PC culture killed it. Oh gosh who ever did this? No one likes it but it is done! This is as deep as it goes because to poke around the source would be to point a finger at progressive ideology and the bioleninist glue that holds their coalition together. No comedian can make fun of anyone for fear of offending the ever increasing protected left wing coalition members.

Chinese comedy is ancient… Never heard of Ottoman comedy,” sayeth the bioleninism creator himself Spandrell. I had laid it out to him a killer comedy set. Take a tall, decent looking white guy and the turn in his stand up set you be transitioning from some urban life condition to dating. Think of the comedy of a good looking white guy dealing with all the stereotypes of our Brazilian stratified cities.

A comedian could wind a story from the arrogant, phone and selfie addicted white women who without prompt just say they never want kids to the scheming Asian women angling for height DNA to crazy and thicc Latinas to hopeless black women. He could even throw in the gays angling to turn him or how he needed a break from the competition so dated a cute black girl. A joke on the SSRI drug dealing he could do after a string of white exs would be a cherry on top. This would generate laughs because everyone knows these stereotypes. It’d kill.

It also would cause meltdowns by the usual suspects. This plays to Ralph Nader’s observation that things were a bit looser and better when we could share ethnic jokes. The unfortunate circumstance change is that decades ago, outside of our one visible minority, America was made up of Europeans with a decent distribution of opportunity, wealth and competencies. It is not the case anymore and comedy is just one more victim of multiculturalism. No shared experience, and to even mention the obvious behaviors of different groups is worthy of execution. On to the links…

The Fake Heiress – The latest con of the well to do in NYC. This is reminiscent of the fake Rockefeller that they made a Lifetime movie or two about. It is easy to fake it until you make it due to the conformity and liberty of mystery and eccentricity in that circle. Someone alert Mena that this girl will have an ankle monitor on probation.

The British ISIS Torturers – Throughout the Syrian civil war, the media constantly said that Assad’s regime engaged in torture and other atrocities. They likely did. What was also going on were “British” medical professionals working with the jihadis and performing atrocities of their own. Import people to work as docs for less and then export them to perform terror. Sounds like a winning plan.

Respectability Is Not Worth It – Great essay in response to a Slatestarcodex post. Money quote: “So what to do? It’s really simple, I think. So simple it’s practically unthinkable to those whose social capital depends on sophistication: Say whatever you believe to be true, in uncalculating fashion, in whatever language you really think and speak with, to everyone who will listen.”

The Sarah Lawrence Sex Cult – This is a long read from NY Mag on a sex cult that formed at Sarah Lawrence with one con man in the middle. What I found interesting is how, when reading this, you can see how easily this happened. We have created a society of so many broken people that the savvy and driven will have a steady flow of potential victims to exploit.

Insurgency 2030 – The democratization of firepower and hi-tech gadgetry could mean incredibly effective insurgencies in the future. It will force centralized actors to be more flexible and react quicker than the current bureaucracies and MIC corpoations will allow.

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