Beware the Benevolence of the Wealthy

An interesting phenomena seems to be happening. Pardon me directing your attention to the New York Times but this Opinion Piece highlights an interesting result of the ideological corruption of our age. To briefly summarize: a noticeable number of children of the very wealthy (top 10%) are rebelling against their inherited wealth.

These rebels have formed organizations such as “Resource Generation” which appears to be a social justice campaign style group mostly populated by the offspring of the very wealthy. They engage in your standard fare of social justice offerings but targeted towards the more affluent. One webinar advertised in their “What We Do” section is titled “Privilege, Toxic Masculinity, and Private Schools”. Our Times opinion writer is a sociologist who has spoken to a number of these rebellious rich kids to highlight and understand their fight against inequality and the rest of the piece details some of this conversations and reasons they engage in this work.

As you’d expect being a Times piece, it assumes the reader is totally understanding of how these people arrived at their conclusions. That the guilt they feel is somehow natural because all people should feel guilt for the privilege they have for being white (or Asian). What seems totally missed is how these children and young adults became corrupted and led into such bizarre straights. The idea of wealthy philanthropy is not new – should these children decide to embark upon largely philanthropic ventures with their vast inherited wealth this would be a non-story. The real story here is more about how the break down of class structure in the US has brought the power and wealth of an elite few into funding Cultural Marxist projects.

Certain Universities were once the preserve of the wealthy and of wealthy men. Yale was designed to educate the sons of the elite. The classics were what they were taught. Contrast that to today – many of the Universities that today’s wealthy 10% (our pathetic navel gazing elite) attend are consumed with ideological nonsense. Where once there stood a proud professor who valued the history of the classical world now stands a disgruntled communist who loathes all of history. The entire university system is hopelessly lost to these small-minded and petty ideological crooks. They are resentful of any better than them and thus poison the minds of the youth before them. When the youth before them come from affluence they are even easier to manipulate into the post-Christian guilt seemingly every well to do white person assumes as an identity.

The 1% of this nation clearly despise us and would replace me at my job with Pajit at the drop of a hat if it increased their profit margin. The solution to dealing with them however is not to ideologically poison their children with Cultural Marxist lies about racism, privilege, and intersectionality. Unfortunately that seems to be what is happening. The guilt ridden offspring of the elite who have washed their hands of the nation of America appear to be desiring to make amends. Many times in the Times piece these children hint at the notion that any kind of inequality or system that can produce inequality is potentially unjust. That hierarchy of any kind is questionable. This is of course the route to madness. Inequality is natural, it is an inescapable factor of life. However it is also a natural desire, I believe, of good and decent people to try and help the less fortunate. The hijacking of this desire that some of these wealthy children have and redirecting it towards social justice movements is disturbing. That desire to ‘make amends’ could end up as destructive as the changes their parents have wrought upon us.

Beware the benevolence of the wealthy.

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