Civilizationally Unviable

“When we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, we shall become as corrupt as Europe.” – Thomas Jefferson

The Republicans and other nativist groups are likely to never win another national election. With 70+% of immigrants voting for the liberal parties and white birth rates being eclipsed by these other racial groups across the West, native populations are losing their sovereignty, and have no incentive to further support the current political order. This is not isolated to the United States, but is illustrated by the Democrats, who now represent a new business and government elite who are part of a globalist cabal defined by their wealth and power. This group of international elite convene at Davos, high atop the mountains of Switzerland each year, to plan out things like population management (see talks by Bill Gates) and world ‘governance’ using vector issues such as climate change. This elite uses global cities like New York, London, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Paris as production hubs that suck in the best talent from around the world and leave local people priced out, without a voice, and literally crowded out by the docile immigrant class the elite promote moving into their economic zones for votes, cheap labor, and consumption. It’s a form of neo-feudalism with an ever-refreshing supply of servile people getting handed territory in exchange for temporary loyalty until the next wave crashes in.

The result is a destruction of nations in favor of one global economic system that bypasses national governments by buying their politicians and giving them sinecure positions underneath international money power. If you study how the Clintons rose to high office, it was through selling access, national secrets and technology (the satellite deal with the Chinese and the ‘Uranium One’ scandal with the Russians are just small examples.) But their fall is equally instructive, as few donors are willing to buy their favors (see Hillary’s infamous Goldman Sachs ‘speaking fees’) now that they are out of position in government. The true power remains in the hands of the wealthy. Even Trump, who by virtue of his vast business wealth was able to challenge the establishment political class who are normally beholden to donors for funding their campaigns, eventually had to accept campaign donations as his wealth is primarily in the form of non- liquid assets in his buildings and associated brand equity. And given the sensitivity of his holdings to swings in the business cycle and financing from banks, he added multiple high-level Wall Street bankers to his cabinet, particularly Steve Mnuchin and Gary Cohn from Goldman Sachs, the latter of whom openly lobbied against Trump’s protectionist platform designed to bring back manufacturing to the United States. And after meeting with high-tech executives like Apple’s Tim Cook who depend on cheap foreign labor in the form of H-1B visas, Trump caved on more of his campaign promises by declaring the United States needs more immigrants in his 2019 State of the Union speech.

The reality is Trump, despite his backsliding, still represents one of the biggest upsets to the establishment political order in the West in the past 30 years. Trump is almost alone in the world of billionaires in espousing nationalist views. And given how long he spent building his brand, learning how to deal with the media along the way, there is almost no chance another nationalist billionaire would be able to do as well politically or be willing to sacrifice his fortune and endure the media and Deep State assaults Trump and his family has had to endure. We are thus left with bought and paid for politicians going forward, with Republicans continuing to cede ground to the Left and being controlled by pro-immigration donors like the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson. Trump was our last shot, and the Wall is still not built three years into his administration. Nori notes, “there is no voting our way out of this. The midterms proved that. Republicans were ahead in key states, which sent the orcs into voter fraud overdrive. Those thousands of Central Americans jamming the border are future Democrat votes, which is why they fight so bitterly against the wall.”

Without real political representation, John Mark notes the middle class Right is fighting a two-front war against the Left and the parasitic elites.” And because of the increased amounts of censorship, demonetization, and outright jailing of people who express nationalist views, he and many others see a peaceful separation as the best possible outcome for white people in America and throughout the West. Achieving this without conflict, however, is looking increasingly less likely. “It is fair to say Antifa are the unofficial secret police of the global managerial state. They are allowed to commit crimes, intimidate people and harass businesses. The government could shut them down tomorrow, but they don’t, which is an endorsement of Antifa by the state. That’s where things are in the West. We’re ruled by gangsters that employ thugs…” -ZMAN. Tyranny is hidden until you step outside your lane. And because most people are not even aware of this dynamic (just look at how the media skewed the public’s perception of the Charlottesville), working quietly, lawfully, and peacefully to organize are what needs to be done to get people off the broken system and eventually survive as it heads for collapse. “If you’re in a city where there are rainbows on the police cars, leave. LA now has typhoid.” -Owen Benjamin

The cities, as bad as they are, are going to get worse as population pressure continues to drive more of poor into the megalopolises in search of work and energy and resource depletion increases the average cost of living. The planet is already choking under the mountains of plastic released into the rivers and streams of the third world, and as more of these people flood into the West they bring with them poor habits and increase pressure on the already strained infrastructure. Eventually the pressure leads to a breaking point, and being in the city during time of breakdown in government and/or the economy is extremely dangerous, as the violence and chaos being experienced in Venezuela right now illustrates. When the USSR collapsed, Soviet factories were looted as people scrambled desperately for hard assets to use, barter, and store as means of survival. The countryside of Russia is now full of self-sufficient farming villages that reverted back to their traditions of small autonomous communities away from the highly fragile centrally planned agriculture of the Soviet Union. In the West, few people even know how to farm, let alone own the land sufficient to do it, which today is predominantly controlled by large agribusiness.

Cities are some of the least sustainable places to live when things go down, depending on imported energy, highly complicated sanitation and transportation infrastructure, and a general order imposed by government law enforcement. In a power vacuum, they are the last place you want to be, as gangs take over as happened in Russia and today in places like Mexico. “Collapse now and avoid the rush,” as John Michael Greer says. Get away from the cities, into the countryside, and setup communities that are self- sufficient as much as possible in energy, food, and water. This will be our new nation, as the current one does not want us, nor do we want them. The people who fail to see this coming are already being bred out of existence in the sub-replacement shredding machines that are the cities. And the dysgenics of smarter people controlling their birth rates while less intelligent / disciplined people are not is making our society dumber to the point where looming dangers of sensitive infrastructure collapse like that which is happening in South Africa makes cities ticking time bombs. If the collapse happens, there will be a rush to the exits. Keeping urban refugees and parasites out of your new community / nation will be the next challenge..

This is the third in a series of excerpts from the book Exit Strategy – Navigating the Decline of the American Empire from the Myth of the 20th Century crew

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