Five Friday Reads 5/10/19

One recurring thing on social media is the ignorance of females that post their demands if heartbeat bills pass in their states. It is breathtaking in how unaware they are of the government enforced matriarchy that they enjoy. It might be better to phrase that as the government daddy stand in to clean up after all of their decisions.

A stupid one is “well then they should be caring for the baby from birth if the baby is gonna be born in a bad situation“. Setting abortion reason statistics aside, this ignores every single social welfare program that is geared towards single moms in America. Welfare is a subsidy for bad decisions and applies best for single income or no income households. Think of all those children eating free lunches (and breakfast) in schools across America.

A better one is “then men should have to take care of these kids“. This is another ignorant statement. State governments across America often lock up fathers who do not pay child support. Probation officers have stacked rolls of probies, sadly puffed up with delinquent dads. This is the only choice a man gets. Once he has impregnated a woman, he has to pay for that kid. He has minimal to no rights unless married. Just look at the placards and stickers in maternity wards.

The best line though is “well men need to be required to be at doctor’s visits, and pay for it and take care of their lady“. These women tweet this without realizing they just explained marriage. It is a sign of our 41% illegitimacy rate to have women not understand that a father doing these things is normal. Treating a doctor’s visit as if it is some horrendous burden is a joke. These Instagram addicted young women have no concept of life where they are not playing out a movie.

These women have no clue how life operates for those who can think into the future, for those who want to form families, and for those who don’t see life as just happening. It is annoying. It is all so tiresome. It is time for links…

Belt and Road Is About Domestic Chinese Issues – This post changed how I viewed Belt and Road. It’s not foreign policy as much as moving Chinese domestic policy to foreign countries. It is not about a debt trap for other nations. It is merely exporting their model and Xi & Co turned it into a policy with geopolitical branding.

US-China Cold War Starts Now – Interesting for the details of firms moving operations out of China. Not just US companies but other nations’ firms. America’s use of Gavekal platform firms and lazy offshoring is a crime against the nation on many levels. Trump’s approach really is a break from the last 25 years of America policy.

Renewables Never Were Meant To Run The World – There’s been some high profile articles on going nuclear. There needs to be propaganda for fighting the renewable push. Nuclear is the only way to go. Fortunately, Germany’s decision decades ago to downshift nuclear and ramp up on renewables allows such anti-renewable pieces to spring forth. If the Germans cannot make it work, who can?

Why Are We In The Middle East – Long read on why the Anglo-Empires have been obsessed with the Middle East. It was an enjoyable long read.

Wicked Women Of TV – Ilana Mercer takes aim at the current crop of horrible women that populate our television screens, turning everything into an emotional, personal event and politicizing everything. I laughed multiple times reading this. These women are a reflection of the state of American women in this era of social media and emotions. Shame the Mercers spent so much money on Milo.

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  1. Peter Whitaker says:

    Unexpected cameo by windmill expert Martin Heidegger


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