Bundy: Ted And His Women

Part three in the series between Ryan Landry and Bad Billy Pratt on Ted Bundy.

Ryan Landry….

This has to be the most fun part considering your writing but, Billy, what about Ted and all his ladies?

Seriously, the guy always had women around him. He was successful with them. To recap, he had a hot GF in college, she dumped him, he starts killing, he fixes up his life and reunited with her, hints at a marriage proposal and then just as a “yeah I’m the man” he drops her and acts like nothing happened. He then had a live-in lady with a kid who stayed with him despite the murder talk. After all of this, when arrested and on trial in Florida his lifelong female friend stays by his side and helps him in court, eventually accepting a weird marriage proposal from him on the witness stand. They later had a child when he was in prison.

The cherry on top is the stream of young women who went to court to watch him on trial. They smile and giggle when questioned by news reporters. Please watch the documentary to see the blonde say “oh he might turn around and get me next, wooooooo”. Panties Dropped. In 2019, Netflix asked female viewers to stop thirst posting about him. Some black female twitter figure called him mediocre and referred to white privilege. Woman, America was 90% white when Bundy rampaged, and you must be missing those OKCupid ratings that show women call 80% of men unattractive. He pulled the ladies in with cold approaches in broad daylight. He pulled them into his court circus when they knew he was a serial rapist who brutally killed women. Face, Height, Frame and Tingles. You know this Billy, you know at its core it’s just that Ted was tall, had great hair and had a symmetrical face.

This gets to an important question: does Bundy murder anyone if he wasn’t handsome?

His attractiveness is critical because his MO was cold approaching women and asking for help back at his car or boat. Straight up Silence Of The Lambs style trickery. No woman helps a stranger who is ugly. No woman is leaving her friends to go with an ugly guy anywhere. He scooped two victims up in the same day with the same gimmick. An ugly Bundy maybe kills a woman in a home invasion and gets nabbed. Being handsome, women were going to enter his orbit by the laws of basic human attraction. 

The guy had a handsome face and game because his autism or inability to understand regular people made him learn what buttons he had to push to get the outcomes he wanted. Everything with him seemed an act whether handling reporters, talking in court or talking to the random people who crossed his path. This guy knew how to show vulnerability to play to maternal instincts and be non-threatening to his victims and ask them to solve his problem. 

Bundy was tall, lean and well put together. He was a con man and sociopath but he had a face that would draw the ladies in. His victims didn’t have a clue but liked the handsome guy asking for help. The women coming to court for him knew. They still came because they all thought, not “oh maybe I’ll be next”, but “maybe I’ll be the woman to tame this killer”. It is the ultimate challenge from the millenia old category of female delusions known as “I Can Fix Him”. 

Bad Billy Pratt…

Women want to be owned and men want ownership. In a culture careening toward extinction, where stability pales in comparison to the perpetual coke binge, with lips numb and heads throbbing, the volume needs to be turned up for people to feel anything. While those neutered by processed food and corn syrup get their kicks through loud movies and chain restaurants, the sexually active thrill-seek by going down the yellow brick road of human desire.

Women like assholes because they signal high status. A man who treats women like dirt must get a lot of women- flicking them away like specks of dust on a sweater- and a man who can get a lot of women is an attractive man. Women aren’t built to be individuals- they prefer social cohesion and they best understand a rigid hierarchy. Getting caught making out with a goofball is social suicide- they need to be seen with a stud.

In a society that encourages poor decision making- where women are advised to date the bad boy- where there’s never enough salt on the fries and restaurant portions are never big enough, where the girl in the action movie doesn’t kick enough ass… at the end of the road, the greatest thrill must be fucking a murderer- the ultimate asshole.

Ted Bundy, the man behind the curtain of twisted, degenerate Oz, sat at the far-end of bad boy fetishism. After all, who has less regard for women than a man willing to kill them?

By his own account, Bundy killed because he got off on ownership. As things fall apart, the closest we can get is murder- the only assurance of permanency we have left. Marriage may have quelled a man’s desire for dominance but that ship has sailed. Men either haven’t gotten the message or have already waved the white flag- scrambling to calculate how many private Snapchats they can afford monthly.

But Bundy existed before all that, at a time where the idea of permanency through legal bond was still possible- only Bundy wanted more. Bundy wanted to find where the road of excess and decadence ended- pushing ownership beyond its logical end, and he found it fucking a corpse buried deep in the mountains, but only after Bundy washed its hair and put make-up on it- total ownership

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