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peoplesRepublicIn the event of a physical conflict between the Left and the Right in the United States, there are signs there would be a Right wing victory. Polls indicate 2/3rds of the military support right wing causes, and Red staters do have guns many more guns per capita than Blue staters. Kurt Schlichter is one of those that believe in this outcome as well, the question is when, how, and what manner this takes place. A peaceful separation would be by far the best outcome for those seeking to salvage what remains of a broken country, yet history indicates few political breakups are peaceful, let alone easy. Some helpful historical guideposts exist, however.

In the case of the Soviet Union, which through state policy concentrated much of its resources on heavy industry and armaments production in particular, saw a relatively peaceful if extremely difficult breakup that created conditions for privateers to loot the country and led to a decade of poverty and increased mortality rates. China’s ‘peaceful rise’ and transition from a centrally planned to a market-based economy rode on the back of extremely strong economic fundamentals (principally a vast pool of disciplined, cheap labor) and an orderly political regime, both of which Russia did not have. Oil, having been its primary export product, was trading a near record lows for years before the Soviet Union went bankrupt from oversized military spending and involvement in the Afghan war.

America has a relatively robust if artificially inflated economy based on financial and real estate speculation, but does suffer from massive imperial overreach, long term unfunded liabilities in the form of Social Security, Medicare, student debt, personal debt, and pension obligation. It also lacks a coherent political order like China’s to managed a peaceful transition. In between the Soviet and Chinese models, the American civilization likely fits. In the event of a collapse, industries essential for survival (energy, construction, transportation, food production) are likely to do well relative to those that are not (media, entertainment, legal services, higher education). If the Soviet example is any guide, during the chaos of the 1990s the only the simplest of industries prospered – principally in energy and mining – leveraging Russia’s comparative advantages in those areas and also requiring less complexity and trust than more technologically advanced industries such as computers.


In a crisis, people can’t be counted on to keep their word, and rocks and liquid from the ground are hard to counterfeit. In America, agriculture is probably the most internationally competitive industry, and if a collapse comes knowing how to grow food (without intensive energy and chemicals) will not only be essential for staving off hunger but also for trade and earning hard currency for purchase of foreign goods.

Regardless of when or how exactly a shakeup will occur, the best thing individuals can do is simply get off the train that is bound for oblivion. Once off, forging your own path can be a formidable one, but to put things in perspective nearly all the people living in the United States have ancestors who at one point or another left their home country to setup in the current one. The prospects for a civil war are arguably worse, but leaving one city for another (hopefully more rural) county is not. If you believe in DNA, the ability is within you. You just have to have the courage to pursue it, and hopefully the right mindset, knowledge, and people to do it with. Having a network is always key, so don’t for a second not take advantage of modern communication tools to coordinate with other like-minded individuals.

Once setup away from the midst of likely turmoil (i.e., major cities), start working on ways to stay flexible and anti-fragile. Having portable skills that keep food on the table without needing to living in a city are always helpful, and include construction, automotive repair, and medical / EMT abilities. If these is a possibility to do this with others, find ways to share common resources like laundry facilities, daycare, and tools and equipment if engaged in farming and industrial work. Homeschooling is a great option, but if you have to send your children to school, Compsci offers sage wisdom on vetting your children’s teachers: “Among other things related to our new grand daughter, I consulted my son with regard to choosing a school and interviewing the teacher and principal. Request a class syllabus and request that you be notified of any classroom presentations by anyone other than the assigned teacher or variation from the class syllabus by the teacher—no exceptions. Insist that your daughter be sent to the library for independent study if written permission for variation is not obtained. Discuss this with teacher and principal verbally, then follow up with them in writing. (Written instructions will signal your intent to hold them legally responsible for violating your charge.) If the school balks, then you know you must find another school. Most private schools will understand and meet your concerns.”

Perhaps most importantly for the medium to long term is setting up children so they don’t get sucked into the city vortex that is controlled by the enemy. The biggest challenge small towns face is seeing their well mannered and hard working kids go off to college in an urban area only to see them transformed into militant blue haired SJW feminists for the girls and meek androgynous metrosexuals for the boys. Encouraging women to marry early in their prime childbearing years or find a husband in college is important, and for men if they are particularly talented in the STEM fields pick a hard major if they must, or otherwise learn a trade or work on owning a small business like metal working, farming, or construction.

Any successful political movement, in addition to having a robust foundation of economic and logistical resources to sustain them through a crisis and act as a beacon to those seeking an alternative, must have simple, clear objectives if they are to be successful in the long term. Just surviving against a ‘by any means necessary’ enemy requires that we drop convoluted ‘principles’ and simply support people ‘on our team.’ Principles are things the victors inscribe into their constitutions. We’re not there yet. Convincing people with incentives, not preaching will ultimately win out.

The enemy is vicious, yet we can use this to our advantage. Given how skewed the mainstream media is towards the Left, the Right must not give the Left cause for crying foul. After nearly burning Catholic children at the stake for smiling at an American Indian, there is not much room to maneuver in public rallies. Yet if the occasion does arise where Leftist thugs such as Antifa attempt violence, do not give them the footage they are looking for by being aggressive. Self defense is barely tolerated, but while things are still relatively calm, provoking, let alone attacking the Left with physical violence will do more harm than good. If anything we want people in the middle to start feeling they are being threatened, and we do that by showing our side as the victim. This is 4th generation warfare. If a hot war ever comes, military historians like William S. Lind and authors like Kurt Schlictler, James Wesley Rawles and Matthew Bracken are excellent resources for preparing and understanding potential conflict scenarios.

This is the fourth in a series of excerpts from the book Exit Strategy – Navigating the Decline of the American Empire from the Myth of the 20th Century crew

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  1. Vxxc says:

    Notice your map does include the great prize of North America- the Heartland-going Red.

    Why do you think the enemy doesn’t know this? Why do they suddenly leave us alone?

    Why do you think White Flight version 2 will work?

    Why do you think they remain content in the cities when they’ve already moved the ghetto to the suburbs (see Ferguson, et al) and are busy settling their migrant mercenaries in rural areas? Along with their attendant criminal overlords? Long Island is being taken over by MS13 because Long Island votes GOP- but then again 25 years ago so did New Mexico.

    They want to rule the world and as our existence is inimical to this largely accomplished design we are slated for extinction. Indeed this business is being approached as The Top Priority – the 2008 Financial Crisis and our suddenly not meekness as usual response exposed a gaping and potentially fatal oversight on their part: they failed to conquer their own people first. They are correcting their mistakes; your counsel is we double down on ours. Speaking of which why do you counsel meekness as usual when our new assertiveness and aggressiveness is finally yielding the predictable human responses of both fear and respect? When apologizing and craven crawling still only yields the certain responses of revulsion and contempt?

    They will leave us alone when they fear us. It is true the enemy is vicious; they are also morally feral, personally vile but above all physically craven. You could fit all the Progressive warrior veterans and all the truly Progressive cops into a good sized sports arena. What they have is Antifa and (gutless, soft) lawyers.

    They are nearly all cowards. Which is why their importing muscle from Latin America- a plan that can actually work IF WE DON’T FIGHT. THEN WE DIE.

    So we have to stop running and stand where we are: and make ready to fight if they don’t collapse.

    You keep nothing you won’t kill for; this is the eternal fate of man.


    1. Adam Smith says:

      I take on all your points. My main concern is we are thoroughly unprepared. In theory if everyone sympathetic to our side suddenly joined forces and worked as one it might result in some version of a ‘victory’. But I see several things lacking. 1. anyone who even tries to start something like this gets immediately branded as a terrorist (see Waco, Oregon Standoff, Charlottesville, etc.), 2. we don’t have the logistical support to sustain a protracted fight because we don’t have the cultural cohesion and resource network to support us like the Irish did in a MUCH smaller country separated by a body of water from their enemy, 3. we don’t have a clear vision of what we want, other than ‘we don’t like immigration’ and maybe one or two other things. But there needs to be much more unity before this thing even works. Geographically, culturally, religiously, we’re just too divided. The only group I have seen manage an armed resistance and win was the Mormons, and they were helped by a Civil War distracting the US Army away from them and the fact that they occupied a literal high plains desert of little value to most people. Right now we are spread out and divided. So I’m advocating for us addressing points 1-3 to get closer to something more akin to the geographic, cultural, and economic cohesion of groups like the Mormons and the Amish (provided they knew how to defend themselves.) Only then do I see us being able to command and control territory and political sovereignty. Thanks for your comment.


  2. Alfonz Cavalier says:

    Being better armed at a local level is meaningless without the co-ordination to mobilize on a large scale, or resources for advanced military tech. There’s plenty of recent examples of successful insurgency wars against a far better armed and resourced enemy (think Vietnam or Afghanistan) but these have only achieved success after decades of horrific bloodshed and destruction. I don’t know if red state America would have the stomach or the leadership capacity for that. It’s not unreasonable to assume that the USG would retain the resources to carpet bomb you into submission.

    For now, the powers that be probably don’t care enough to prevent a relatively small minority from living more self-sufficiently in rural areas. As long as there are only limited signs of political organization/ disruption, there’s no reason to assume they’d want to significantly interfere in the sort of lifestyle you describe. Here in Europe, the problem is that’s it’s nearly impossible to do so. We have far less land, no real wilderness to speak of, and things like property are prohibitively expensive. Likewise, the rate of gun ownership is pretty small, and there are far more restrictive laws in place against gun ownership, home schooling, and homesteading on the American model. The only real option for us is to try and affect change through the political system, and there have been some modest successes in the past few years albeit with a major liberal backlash. Progressivism here depends on American patronage to a very large extent, I think if the US collapsed somehow that Europe would swiftly follow.


    1. Adam Smith says:

      It’s a great point about the differences between the urban nature of Europe and the relatively rural American landscape. While Europe’s dissident political strength comes from their ability to organize often in urban areas, their weakness is they have no choice but to fight in the cities. America is in many ways the opposite, where people just leave. The strategy must fit the circumstances.


  3. Eoin says:

    First let me thank you and your comrades at MotTC for your great work. As a fellow dissident and a prepper I enjoy your Work.
    I have not read your exit strategies book but having been a prepper for some years now I would like to share my own strategy.
    Over the years I have taught my wife, kids, and close family members to shoot, fostering a family gun culture for defense and hunting. The women in my family have been very positive. I use shooting as a date-night for my wife and I and she loves going to the range. Our son and daughter are out of the house now and living their own lives but have taken our family’s culture of defense with them.
    Our main hobby is gardening, and I said “Our” because my wife and I do almost everything together, my experience has been that good women want to hang out with, sleep with, work with, and take care of a strong confident man. They don’t expect you to know everything, they usually just want to be included, that’s where the term help-mate comes from I suppose.
    When I embarked on my prepper lifestyle I was still single. When my wife and I met I explained my position and why I was doing it and when she understood that no matter what happens we would be able to survive she was on board, women love a man with a plan.
    What about relatives?
    If you are confident , smart and capable that will take care of itself.
    The same goes for neighbors, they see me, they know I work hard, they know I’m capable. Most people are so far removed from growing their own food that gardening is a mystery to them.
    If society hits the skids I’ll welcome my neighbors because I’ll need help planting, guarding, fixing things. I’ve saved leftover seeds from several years of gardens. One cheap thing to do is buying and correctly storing grain, not just to eat. Several buckets of oats can be stored as seed grain or eaten if need be, putting your friends and neighbors to work planting grain will help build cohesion. I also have quite a survival bookshelf to draw from, the neighbors show up they’ll get a plan, knowledge, and hope. Start with yourself and work out from there, I read a lot of comments about being Chads or some such nonsense. I read a lot about guys complaining about bootstraps and opportunities and all that crap.
    I’m a genxr and I’ve had to live with boomers clogging up the job market and complaining about us long before the millennials came along, this is nothing new, we just knew no one gave a shit about us. Probably why so many of us are killing themselves. The point is if you’re planning to survive then you can’t think about dying, you’re growing, you’re growing your knowledge and skills.
    Thanks again for your time and effort

    Also is there a way to send d’nations besides crypto currency? I understand if there is not. Later


    1. Adam Smith says:

      EOIN, great to hear you and your family are making real, concrete strides to improve yourselves on a physical and psychological level. It’s one thing to talk about this, it’s another to do it, and demonstrate positive results – especially as a family. I can’t emphasize that enough. This is the right way to go – making what we want sustainable and in my view building the foundations to something bigger and better. Bitcoin is: 16UQ6ukmTjz4Z7Ce4n23bN6tKGnU7XkPeQ and Patreon is our other d’nation location: https://patreon.com/MYTH20. Email at myth20c@tutanota.com if you wanted a copy of the book. Cheers.


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