On Doxing + Five Friday Reads 5/17/19

This is a little late to the game but with a week in the rear view, it plays to one of my points. By now, if you read the fringe and have read the fringe for years, you know about the Buzzfeed article where Rosie Gray published a gossip confessional, parading around McHugh like a prize. Just as it dropped hot off the presses, it was forgotten.

Doxing is awful. The enemy is the elite network that rules over us with priorities 180 degrees from the natives of our respective Western nations and an ideology that appears to be on a suicidal path. That is the enemy. They have all of the resources and all of the institutions. We are small fry. In the event that we get to be bigger fry and have greater reach, secrecy is important because as demonstrated by Big Tech over and over again, you will be erased from having an online voice. Then they will come for your financial profile. It is not an un-personing if a third party does it, bigot!

Do not dox. It is going to ruin anyone who may become a bigger player. You do it, and it ruins your cred in whatever circles you were in. On top of that, with how fast the Buzzfeed piece came and went, there is no staying power. It ruins people and is forgotten. It is a spiteful act, usually in anger, that just helps the enemy. Keep the focus on the left, as they are the enemy. Don’t you all wish Ricky Vaughn were still here and active? I do.

We live in the USSA and the surveillance is constant, so paranoia will be widespread. The flip side of this is if you are a whiny bitch who accuses others of doxing when they do nothing of the sort, you need to calm down. We are all small fry so unless you have money, your family does or your boss has money or status, you are not a real blackmail target. It is a petty, spiteful angry act. I know for me in ’17, my podcast was my weakness. You cannot deny your voice, right? It is hammered home when I meet fellow dissidents who listened to the old podcast as they immediately know from my voice who I am. Keeping secrets and helping one another is part of being honorable. We know our opponents lack honor. This hurts their trust and cohesion. We are going to need every intangible edge as we do not have the resources. On to the links…

AG Barr’s Memo – This has been one of the best reads I have seen recently on the Mueller-Trump farce as it melds speculation, reporting and some good sources to even lay it out. Human Events has done a great job of launching and Will Chamberlain has something brewing that should fill a void out there as the new right emerges. Rudy Giuliani tweeted about being a Founding Father for the site, so people with reach and influence are reading it. Kudos to him for all the hard work leading up to this.

Spandrell’s Tax Plan – Spandrell’s tax plan looks similar to the Populist tax plan proposed at the Sun, with a few more wrinkles for fun. Spandrell is right that we know from Moldbug the predicament we are in, and now we have to move in a direction of fixes. Taxing consumption and wealth would be a good way to burrow into a governor’s policy adviser set if they are looking to replicate success of red states that have reduced their income taxes via shifting what gets taxed.

Anti-natalism but for smart New Yorker readers – The left dresses up their death drive in a multitude of ways for the variety of coalition members that need to be reassured that their decisions against nature are okay. To think all of life is suffering is such a second semester stoner reading Buddhist wikis take.

Farage Interview – It is good sport to mock Great Britain, but if there were a country that could somehow swing sovereignty within the current US Empire, Great Britain has some positives to make it happen. The Brexit vote did happen, and there are big interests that were supportive of it. The Brits do have a deep state, are a global financial center and one of the best intel systems in the world (not saying much now that I consider it).

Levels of Spiritual Warfare – I have enjoyed the skepticism my social circle had about demons, Satan and possession be swept away as our cultural collapse continues. The old ways may not return but eternal truths are there to help us burn new paths.

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  1. miforest says:

    Nice. It seems we are suffering many of the same issues as Weimar republic did.


  2. Bill Moyers says:

    Hey remember when Douglass Mackey provided a bunch of information to a Jewish run intelligence operation that is being used to target pro-whites?

    Cool stuff.


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