Memorial Day + Five Friday Reads 5/24/19

Memorial Day is upon us. Veteran’s Day is for veterans and Memorial Day is for those who have given their life for our nation. Please make this distinction. The airheads of Instagram will take selfies and say how much they support our troops, but they get a day in November. This holiday is for remembering those who paid the ultimate price.

Almost all of us have someone we know whether family, friend or acquaintance. Honor their sacrifice. If you do not, your local VFW has a ceremony they likely sponsor for Memorial Day and it would not infringe on you to make a donation for flags and flowers at graves or delivering them yourself. You will spend more money on beer, brats and burgers than a check for the smallest of gestures.

The disgusting thing about our imperial wars of choice is that more and more we sit there wondering why. We fight the dumbest of wars for interests nowhere close to ours. Even the glorious “Good War”, good ol’ Dubya Dubya Two, gets a bit a a revisionist look when you read through historical documents. Eventually, you stop and ask why exactly did we focus on Germany first when Japan attacked the US, but shucks, if it is because we were already supporting the Brits and Soviets with Lend-Lease aid, why were we doing that in the first place, oh no, big bad Pat Buchanan is right about WW2’s causes.

On Memorial Day, I think of my childhood friend I lost. He signed up for opportunities and hey, killing terrorists over there. It did not work out. He died in his first week there. When I go home and see his mom, I give her a hug and always say how we all miss his wise cracking ways and frequent switch between mister machismo and mama’s boy. I leave saying he died for us. The lie gets harder each time, but it’s part of the modern ritual for fallen soldiers.

The Boomers are the last believers of the bloodthirsty yet faux innocent “it’s not war if we only bomb them” thinking. Even Rep. Dan Crenshaw gets ratio’ed for his rah rah “fight them there so we don’t fight them here” routine. The fight might be as mercenary as we are afraid to think it is, but do not let it prevent you from honoring the dead. On to the links…

Twitter thread of the year – Even if it is fake, the thread could be a gripping movie script. It starts out as a buddy road trip, turns into a hustle and then ends as an escape. This is a 10/10 thread. There is a lot of America in decline on display as well.

Senator Hawley On Big Tech – The junior Senator from Missouri is going after Big Tech. He had a rousing speech on the Senate floor that better expressed American renewal than President Trump has ever done. A coalition across the aisle could be formed to take on Big Tech, and the sales pitch to the public for that backdoor consent is pretty easy the more negative media Big Tech gets.

Abolish the family to abolish capitalism – They never stop. If we abolish the family, we can end capitalism. This makes no sense. We all just end up as peons for big capitalism to use and abuse. This is a hack article and you can tell right from the first paragraph, “Radical queer politics in the 1960s and ’70s added to their critique of the bourgeois family when activists challenged the heteronormativity of familial relations. That demand, however, has since almost completely vanished from the leftist imaginary.” Sure, if there is one thing that has stopped since the ’70s, it is the challenge to familial relations by the system.

Bad Science, Again – A very delicate tightrope walk is done here. First, genetic science was bad, but new genetic research is being done that is good now (it disproved the initial science). Second, academia wasted years and millions, but do not doubt science. Third, do not extrapolate this to global warming which has a broad consensus that it is true (enforced by blacklisting and grant bribery). This is good for how it describes the way academic research quickly creates a system around any finding to generate more money for academia.

Thierry Baudet Reviews Houellbecq – The new right wing Dutch phenom reviews Houellebecq’s newest novel and Houellebecq’s view of Western Civilization. This is well worth your time. Baudet hammers home the point that we are miserable because we are free. He has an entire section on feminism and women’s liberation that no American politician would dare write today.

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  1. eoin1933 says:

    My loathing for Boomers has no limit, I suppose part of this is because I knew many of my GI generation relatives and neighbors. The last of the Dignified Americans. The millennials and zoomers may not have that, all they’ve ever known are a Bunch of shitty old fuckers on Harleys playing Margaritaville and popping Cymbalta and viagra.
    To put things into perspective, the Vietnam war ended in 1973 and they got their memorial in 1982 and it was built before the WW2 memorial and the Korean War memorial.
    The kicker to me is those same anti war hippy faggots who endlessly bitched and complained about Vietnam and the veterans who claimed they got a bad deal being sent to “Fuckin’ Nam man…Nam” had no problem sending their kids and grandkids to useless desert wars.
    When I got back from Iraq only a couple of my boomer relatives talked to me about the war, the rest didn’t want the truth, they wanted the CNN version.
    Fuckin Boomers Man…Fuckin Boomers


  2. Jlchristophe says:

    “the heteronormativity of familial relations”
    A phrase surely coined (engineered, socially) in academia, grasping for pseudo-intellectualist respect. Preening queer feathers for rhetoric prizes, seeking semantic adoption by radical leftist professors. Stigmatization from up on high via post-rationalized and agendized language… And yet, tweren’t for “heteronormative familial relations”, would any one of us even EXIST, conceived of a heteronormative conjugation, raised and reared in some semblance of a familial structure until maturity?!

    Also, as a former drug user and former Facebook user, that feeling of personal wrong-doing and self-detriment were shared by both digressions–at least the drugs were exciting, self-revelatory without all the outward conceit and vanity. Ugh, FB is an utter drain and waste upon society writ large, an ever-increasing hall of mirrors embedded in an endlessly putrifying cesspool.


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