A Pyrrhic Victory In The Land of the Dead

Firstly I should acknowledge this post may not win me friends, but I do not write for friendship. Secondly, I must state clearly that I oppose abortion and consider legal rulings against it a good thing.

With those disclaimers out of the way let me attempt to articulate my position on why the Christian Right’s fight to stop abortion is flawed and any victory will be fleeting.

Conservatives and Christians have gotten very good at losing in almost all areas over the past 50 years. The only glimmer of success was the quiet push for CCW gun laws across the states, and we should be grateful our forebears saw fit to arm us against the PissEarth hordes of brown. Abortion was one of the areas that both the Conservatives and the Christians lost heavily on. The liberal hegemony claimed ownership of the woman’s body and allowed her to commit wanton murder. Combine this with even laxer divorce laws and the State was the primary partner to the modern woman, what did it care if she elected to remove a dependent? Single women and children may be a voting block to use but they are also recipients of welfare.

Abortion is one of those topics that is revealing, many WN’s reveal their unprincipled positions by cheering on abortion as a moderately successful black eugenics program. Yet anyone with a modicum of morality will understand this is flawed amoral thinking (that our enemy also promotes and uses). However the fight against abortion to me has always seemed a kind of Christian version of the Turner Diaries – or the Baader Meinhof mentality. That society will pivot and revolt around a single issue. For the WN terrorists, that moment is Manson’s Helter Skelter – or McVeigh’s murder of children in Oklahoma City. Somehow a large visible attack or set of attacks will prompt whitey to spring into action and sort everything out with either the blacks or the Feds – pick your respective evil enemy.

Many Christians, I believe, see abortion in the same light. Their methods are not the brutal terrorist attacks of McVeigh or the Red Brigades. Their methods are instead a slow legal and moral battle. This battle rages in a landscape devoid of vitality. A death and hedonistic worshiping culture that can’t comprehend the magic joy of bringing forth life. Conception is a middle class concern, the unspoken fear of the college bound teen and her dotting parents who want her to get into Brown. Free sex sold to Chads from a young age; the modern American girl fears bearing life. Where once it meant celebration and joy – a chance to mother and bring life of your loved one into the world now it is feared and regarded as a burden. The truly committed anti-abortionists seem blind to this reality.

Against this backdrop how can the anti-abortionists hope to really succeed? Yes – congratulations on getting some legislators to enact laws. As a gun owner, I’ll tell you they will tear those down or outright ignore them as they continue the charge to enable the murder of the unborn. And what if they do succeed? I believe these Christian campaigners see this battle as some magical unreality, in the same way our aforementioned WNs see their bombings. The notion is that once abortion is again illegal somehow Christian values, love, and life will simply spring forth. That myopia is my problem with this battle. They are fighting a good fight in a wasteland that has far more pressing concerns facing it. How can an empty people who so fear conception of life ever value the work that is being done?

These rulings to me are a strong Pyrrhic victory. The ultimate goal of this movement is of course to force another Supreme Court case and ruling on Roe v Wade. That because Trump has nominally pandered to the Evangelical (Israeli) Christian Right about this issue and collected a few more Judges they might finally win! But what really is the victory of life in the land of the dead?

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  1. George Henty says:

    My prediction: the AL and other restrictions will be narrowly upheld by SCOTUS, with a partial strike down of Roe. The Right rejoices.

    Come 2024, a newly elected Democrat president, House, and Senate will proceed to expand the court to 13 and pack it with the properly woke.

    In a sane world, that would kick off Civil War 2.0 or a military coup d’etat, but the supine nature of the American Right is never to be underestimated.

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  2. Great take, and I agree wholeheartedly. Where though is this not the case? Where in the west is there any love of life over pleasure or money? The Amish, and to some extent the Mormons are the only ones I can think of.


  3. Seax says:

    Abortion is overwhelmingingly disgusting. The advocates are simpering fools, hangers on, or morally bankrupt and greedy Trollope.

    It is true, to echo you, the cool attitude among the Dissidents and Identitarians betrays a fervent moral rot. The idea is shortsighted.

    Abortion is the ultimate measure of incapacity to delay gratification, exercise good time preference.

    The argument I hear in favour always sites cases who almost never advocate: incest, rapes, diseases. The vocal advocacy consists seemingly of an endless array of spoilt broads and useless cucks.

    …my two angry cents, but I confess, I’ve always been pro-life and this libertine streak our lads have is beyond contempt. So yeah. Thanks for posting, good to know there is a moral opposition to this among our numbers.

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  4. Thomas Rustbelt says:

    disagree. Winning is actually good, and it doesn’t count as Pyrrhic as no forces have been lost, rather if the victory holds, forces will be freed and emboldened. If these laws are upheld, it’s a massive win on one of the only fronts the right is able to advance on. “If it bleeds, we can kill it”.

    I repeat, winning is good, don’t overthink it.

    Outlawing the feeding of Moloch in a few states, and keeping him on a restricted diet in many more, stands to drive the left insane and possibly force an error. It forces them to refight an old battle, robbing resources from the push for pedophillia, bug eating and fema camps.

    Baby murder is one of the most prized jewels of the shitlib, must deprive him of it. Not to mention the possibility for knock on effects as women are suddenly faced with something approaching immediate consequences for leg spreading. Big win.

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    1. Big Tone says:

      Strong agree with TR. There’s a distinction between an incomplete/risky victory and a phyrric one. Women drive electoral politics and they’re more conformist than men. Better abortion laws give them at least one more positive input, one more good thing to conform to. It’s not as if the intelligentsia/entertainment/news cabal could get any more anti-life than they currently are (they’re maxed out). So making the law stricter and more humane will have good effects primarily (although there will be many many more steps required to get us to where we need to be to sustain decent human society).

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    2. esoterictrad says:

      A friend put it to me that anything or anyone fighting evil is worth supporting. But if we can’t stop to look at some of the issues and challenges in the fight, then we’re not going to get anywhere are we.

      Perhaps Pyrrhic was not the best term, it certainly feels like a very hollow movement to me. Nothing I disagree with in principle but it’s ability to move society in the direction we want is overstated. This doesn’t move the Overton Window like Trump’s election did for example.


      1. kawaii_kike says:

        I also agree with Thomas Rustbelt.
        There is no greater issue than the greatest genocide in human history. There is more to politics than simply pushing the Overton Window.

        The Supreme Court decision to legalize fag marriage and abortion were also unwanted by a majority of the country at their respective times. But these examples show that the people can be indoctrinated to support any policy decision, no matter how heinous.

        Women will learn to love their children only after they are forced to have them. It is their natural instinct after all.

        It is sad and confusing to realize that the country will not secede or erupt into a civil war over abortion but previously did so over comparatively trivial matters of slavery and taxes.

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  5. eoin1933 says:

    The right to life seem to me for the most part pretty much virtue signaling.If anyone really felt in their heart that this was “Murder” and it must be stopped then they would be burning down clinics and lynching doctors. They profess their disgust, and march , and make sure they are seen, but even after that disgusting planned parenthood video about selling parts came out nothing was done. Not serious.
    Like the Thot that professes her desire to live a healthy clean lifestyle and put only healthy clean things in her body
    Then gets inked up. Really? Do you know what’s in the that ink? How about the toxins in those twenty piercings you have? Or the STDs?
    This is not a serious country, this is not a serious cultured. This is Clownworld on its way to morphing into PissEarth. I shed no tears for the clown world culture or the Soys and Thots that inhabit it. I shed tears for real and serious people


    1. Big Tone says:

      What if you yourself are a less serious/real person than you imagine? If this comment is truly indicative of your inner life (and I get that how we come off in internet blurbs isn’t always), then it seems likely that you’re more driven by resentment than by any broader positive telos. And if so, your lack of enthusiasm for something that will, whether in a large or small way, push human interactions in a more humane/less ugly/less cruel direction, is frustration over a possible future where you might be left with less to resent. Think on this, is my advice.


  6. eoin1933 says:

    sounds like your very in touch with spirits, now wasn’t telos a comic book villain?
    Anyway, no I’m not driven by resentment, I just see so much fakery in this clown world. So tell me, who should I consider “human” which babies should I cry for? The ones in China? They’ve abortioned themselves into a demographic hole. What about the pajeets? I hear for a few extra rupees the you can get the midwife to strangle the little tyke.
    The good folks over at freakonomics have stated that the amount of abortions are related to the crime rate going down in the nineties, maybe. Should I care? How is it resentment my friend? Abortion is what it has been since the seventies, a political football to keep those that can be conned busy. That’s how wedge issues work and that’s why I feel none of this is serious. I hope you don’t believe this abortion stuff is real. I hope you’re just concern trolling me.


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