The Creeping Danger of Memetically Stochastic Assassinations

The looming feeling in America is that conflict is coming. Social and political conflict is ever present. What matters is the level, frequency and whether conflict is physical or philosophical. America’s progressive ideology has allowed the elite to politicize everything, creating fault lines where none should exist. The next step is creating targeted violence with seemingly no organized source and a soft pattern but impossible to predict. As political sides firm up, the seeds are planted for the next decade to experience widespread memetically stochastic violence in America.

The idea of memetically stochastic terrorism is not original to this essay. Others have coined the term or written about it. An embarrassing essay by a professor at the Marine Corps’ University’s Command and Staff College, Dr. James Joyner, discussed this issue after the MAGA Bomber arrest (whatever happened to him?). Dr. Joyner proceeds to frame this as a nearly all right wing phenomenon and writes that there “isn’t an equivalently prominent equivalent on the left” to compare to Rush Limbaugh or Ann Coulter. Dr. Joyner must have missed the entire media and academic complex that has steadily equated anything white as evil, and continuously messaged via media and education modules the memes to justify left wing violence. Further cutting Dr. Joyner at the knees, two weeks after his post multiple antifa attacked Marine reservists for being Nazis and white supremacists (where did they get that idea) despite the Marines being Hispanic.

Since that essay we have seen lone wolf attacks like Christchurch where, if you believe the official story, a man with a manifesto that read like an AI generated /pol essay attacked a mosque. The problem that originated in the Global War On Terror of Muslims reading websites and paying fealty to Al-Qaeda or ISIS while not officially being part of the hierarchy and then committing terror attacks in service to the cause has now spread to other groups. The ruling elite will not change course on this nor consider their policies that create these frustrations that eventually inspire a random, infrequent loon. Stop mass immigration. Stop regime change. These are beyond the pale and extremist.

The reaction from the elite is to clamp down on free expression, free speech and the dissemination of ideas. They want to suppress consciousness. What they know is that consciousness and the widespread awareness of who is the problem will arm networks or lone wolf attackers with a target list that needs no orders from a hierarchy.

Tensions rise. This opens up the problem of individuals who know of the same memes to create targeted assassinations that are seemingly random but perfectly fit the memes of a loosely unified group. Dutch politicians openly state how academia and the media subvert our society. This is now a concrete meme on right wing media outlets as well with the Marxist indoctrination focus of many right wing essays and tweets. Before Moldbug named the Cathedral, writers like Instapundit were noticing the odd coincidence of behavior between journalists, bureaucrats and academics. The drive for attacks on such individuals will grow with each horrendous act by a journalist, bureaucrat or academic that results in zero consequences.

A loitering drone in your neighborhood

This leads to the dangerous future if one were to advance the thought experiment. How hard would targeted attacks on academics be to hide within the general tapestry of American violence? How difficult would it be for 1,000 readers of /pol to all do one offs on specific academics? Academics often live in mid-sized cities or small college towns. Security is lax. How would this even pop up on law enforcement radar screens if in a nationwide distribution? How would they know it is part of a deliberate trend or just home invasions gone wrong? Peaceful solutions must be sought.

The same applies to any group on either side of the aisle. Pro-life advocates and donors could become an antifa target. The current fever pitch against pro-lifers by the increasingly off-kilter pro-abortion crowd makes for a dangerous mix. Same for 2A advocates, but no one would recommend attacking that armed population. All of those journalists that have anti-white or anti-Western Civ tweets and essays are out there in the open. Likewise, any name that dares to say no to open borders. It would not take much to move the needle. It would not take much to hide this in America’s crime statistics. This could blow up to far grander proportions.

The danger is that this would become so unpredictable that a premium would be placed on security. Once a premium would be placed on security, the issue of self defense or hiring third parties would rise. How much automation would be allowed for home and personal defense? Once more resources are devoted to security, less are devoted to the material cornucopia that keeps the masses satisfied. Even now,t he masses have amazing wealth in consumer goods and are still angry and upset. The fight over security and protection would draw attention to the rise in these attacks and killings, which would call for political resolution and a solution.

This would force into the open the unbridgeable gap between America’s two sides. Could a grand bargain be struck of Bernie Economics + Closed Borders? Could the left allow for radical federalism socially + border control in exchange for nationalized health care? The GOP won’t admit that the golden age of the ’50s existed because of unique economic circumstances opposite of their current free market dogma, and the Democrats won’t admit that those halcyon days of unions and greater equality existed in what was a de facto pro-family, white ethnostate. The left has turned to bioleninism for its coalition of victims and made every debate into an existential threat to the losing side. This threat is the toxic elixir that turns people’s mindset into one that Sun-Tzu would call a death ground mentality. Once that mentality is adopted, all options become open to individuals. Their camps’ memes will tell them where to aim their vitriol and attack.

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  1. Jlchristophe says:

    Great read. Those who believe in the bottom line efficacy of violence are most likely not weighing the full gamut of consequences in their unhinged state. The writing further strengthens arguments calling for a separatist state, a clean breakaway if possible.

    The blinded, one-way worship of technology (leftist religion of the day) of our technocratic government will reactively impose hyper-security drones, face recognition, newspeak/thoughtcrime, shock troops–even more challenging hurdles than mass cognitive dissonance and psychological warfare of today.

    But, still, such a shakeup might be necessary ie. the only way through…

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  2. kawaii_kike says:

    >“The GOP won’t admit that the golden age of the ’50s existed because of unique economic circumstances opposite of their current free market dogma”

    What do you mean by this? What besides free market economics creates economic prosperity?

    The left are scum and they deserve to die like scum. The left would never allow a peaceful separation, but if they did it would leave us vulnerable to being conquered by foreign nations.

    But overall a good read.


  3. Pete says:

    To get a look at the lunacy on the Left check out this podcast “It could happen Here”

    Long story short. Criminal Gangs good. White Christians BAD. Whites are Nazis. Heck, he even has the flight of fancy where White Christian Militia burn homosexuals in cages and upload the footage to the internet. Yeah, that’s Moslems.

    To emphasis the point that Christians are the bad guys one of his fantasy stories has the protaganist being harsh towards a Texan couple with a dying baby because Fuck them that’s why

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