She Became A Meme + Five Friday Reads 6/7/19

A friend was close to proposing to his girlfriend. She was 28, he 31. He was ready. She turned 29 and lost her mind. They broke up. She got into drugs. She eventually hit rock bottom and then her parents paid for a rehab center disguised as vacation spot in Bali. My friend started seeing pictures that infuriated him. The worst part was the network of lying to create a facade. It is all a facade, each and every one of the people in that spot.

He felt some pangs at this turn of events, but other friends reminded him it was over and she was lying to build up from nothing. Finally, I told him, ‘she became a meme, man‘. She was at a special female empowerment rehab center in Bali. You would never guess the talking points and what she discovered about her inner goddess. Yoga? Natural, whole foods? Environmental slogans? Vaguely Eastern religious terms? Yes, yes, yes and of course.

We all know this woman. It is the small, minority that our Boomer parents witnessed in the ’70s with the guru, commune and hippie scene. It has become an industry though. It is commodified. Whereas a friend may have shared a cool, adventurous experience of their month sleeping in a tent on an island and just chilling, nowadays these resorts of varying prices offer the island escape experience set to your level of SWPL.

It was not long after we could joke about this that another peer mentioned his little sister was in Bali doing yoga and living at some spot for $18/day. I checked her IG. Could have exchanged her statements for my other friend’s ex’s posts. Same desperate attempt to be unique. Same transformation from a regular middle America ingenue into a meme. This one had stopped teaching and doing yoga on the side to be a bum in Bali. A bum. Literally, living a bum existence.

That is a way to defeat the meme. These women will come back to America and share the set piece pictures and spit out the slogans. It is a status game though. They did not go to rehab. They spent time at a retreat in Bali. They did not bum it in Columbus. They were loafing in Bali. They are the spoiled lotus eaters of a decadent society. Take the heat and remind them of this.

Journospies – Great read on the new class of journalists that are former spooks or intel officers. This is a formalization of what we used to see where the journalists just published what the intel community wanted. Now the talking heads and newsbreakers are the spies themselves.

Dark Forest Theory of The Internet – YouTube’s purge is another example of the system destroying what was once a free plain or wild west. We are in the dark forest now where private groups, slacks and forums are where the good stuff happens as the public spaces become more dangerous.

A Peek Into Chinese Bugman Life – This was a blunt read on the atomization in Chinese bureaucrat life. The bits on suicide statistics are interesting. This is a counter to all the surveys showing the Chinese very happy and excited about the future.

The Great Awokening – I have no sympathy for the left that is being eaten by the woke crowd. I do find it interesting how more on the left are noticing the great awokening that Steve Sailer was pointing out a while back, and some are sounding the alarm. For all their screaming about nazis in America, the American left is oddly closer in form and structure to the Nazi party in the early ’30s. They have their SA and propaganda outlets in place fomenting for the revolution.

Just Be“You ever try take a walk in the woods in last 5 years, on your own, no attachments. Try it, your brain will most likely act like a worm having a seizure. “But…but…what the fuck do I….DO!” Go be.

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