Is PRIDE Over Yet + Five Friday Reads 6/14/19

It was just letting them come out of the shadows. That was what it was pitched. They had Hollywood portraying their strife as one of just tolerance. Was it not just a handful of years ago Facebook was sharing heartfelt, canned speeches by young men raised by a lesbian couple in the ’90s as proof that gays can raise kids too? Seems quaint.

Where are we now? Every corporation sponsoring PRIDE parades. Gays in every action film even if not pertinent to the plot. Drag queen story hour. Drag kids. Drag Down’s Syndrome troupes. Doctors prescribing hormone blockers immediately whereas they sued to wait years before transitioning anyone.

I know I am not alone, but there is probably a decent chunk of Gen X and older Millenials who were fine with gays being open but over time have turned 180 degrees. Part of it is growing up and seeing them still act horrendous at 40, if alive, like they did at 22. Part of it is seeing more and realizing the MTV lesbian is just that, a careful construct to confuse the normies back home from reality. Reality is five feet tall and five feet wide and doing a poor impersonation of a 13 year old boy.

It is useful to the system. It is not the numbers. They are so few in number even if Millenials and Gen Z seems to be accelerating the non-conforming survey responses. It is bending everyone else by making them choose and choose to be considered good or bad. It is a weapon against the building block of civilization, the family, and against Christian norms. It is against all norms and traditions, which is why woke gay hijabis are out there.

It is also the lie. The system enjoys pushing the biggest of lies in our face and knowing no one can say anything without ruin. PRIDE somehow transformed in cities from a weekend into a month. Please bring it to an end. On to the links…

The Age of Pelagius – I never thought I’d see a US Senator write along these lines about freedom and liberty. Maybe Sen. Hawley is a fraud but so far he is saying all of the right things.

Illiberal and Post-liberal Figures – This is on America’s illiberal pretenders and theorists versus the post-liberal Euro politicians who are building illiberal states. I have long watched Orban and when his party won big, they did not waste a moment to change the entire structure of their government legally to allow them to rule.

Ron Unz on Secrets of Military Intel – Ron Unz continues his mission of touching everything normal writers consider taboo. I do not know how much there is left for him to cover. The best thing about him, is how he links to the books he is now making free within the essays, leaving you with further reading.

Why Is Everything So Fake – Roosh has an essay on how everything, every single thing, is fake. There is a nice comedic tone to this essay.

Facebook Must Be Destroyed – Facebook is a unique entity for what it has centralized and how far it can reach. The Internet allowed for decentralization, but it just waited for someone to use some scale and a monopoly to centralize for the System. We have to destroy it. Let those 25,000 workers at the Faceborg offices find new, productive employment.

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