The Real Purpose of Pride

It is PRIDE month now. Woke Capital noticed something, and so did another little known account. This got me thinking. If all of these corporations are pushing homosexuality on us, devoting so much time to it that we have almost half the year dedicated to it, there must be a reason, right? People did not just collectively decide that we need remake the West in Sodom’s image. Meanwhile, the Incels have been gaining traction for a few years now (both in MGTOW and the harder forms), but they’re hated almost universally while every other sexual preference is celebrated.

We could go on and on about the Frankfurt school, we could talk about how capitalists want a gay managerial consumptive class for greater profits and productivity, we can talk about all of this, and it is all true. People will note that none of these corporations pushing Big Gay were doing it before gay marriage was fully popular and then fully legalized. If they were just in it for the profits, one would expect that they would have pushed for the Homo in GloboHomo a lot sooner. I suspect they were told to do this.

Call me conspiratorial, but I believe that the ruling class is terrified of Reaction and the traction that it gets, and they know full well that reactionary movements are started by young, usually single, men. Well, how are our young men? Ever since the sexual revolution, women have formed a large constituent working base and destroyed the family in divorce. Casual sex meant that they would rule the roost even more regarding who got to reproduce and have families. The internet exaggerated the process even further, with casual sex now being accessible for women like it was fast food – and boy, do they like some greasy alpha goodness. Multiple dating sites have confirmed the Pareto Principle, that 80% of the women are chasing after 20% of men, leaving a whole lot of losers. Lest we forget, Boomers denied us an inheritance and brought infinity immigrants in to push down our wages. Millennial and Zoomer men are going to have a really, really rough time.

Gay marriage was legalized in 2015 (2014 for the UK), following a lot of lawsuits and public protest by the usual suspects. What else happened in 2015? The Migrant Crisis! Our elites caved to the pressures of crazy leftists for gay stuff, sure, but at the same time they invited a large swath of unwashed masses for cheap labor. It was at this time that the migrants, almost all of them single young men who lost out in the Islamic culture of polygamy and the economic devastation of the War on Terror, showed our ruling classes what disaffected, deprived men do. They rape and pillage. They go nuts. Sure, this would probably look a lot more fascist if Western young men would rise up in reaction, but nonetheless, I believe that the migrant crisis resulting in mass rape and violence spurred our rulers into making an ultimatum to the Corporate world: “Castrate them. Castrate them all.”

They had just legalized gay marriage, and must have noticed the tool they now had in their toolbox. With a sane worldview, they could fix a lot of this with encouraging marriage and families. Married men have more to lose, so they would be less likely to go full Yellow Vest. The feminists, however, would clearly opine that such cannot be done – and corporations who rely on female workers and consumers would agree. Therefore, we can’t do that – reversing the sexual revolution isn’t in the cards for godless capitalists. We could import women for these disaffected young men, but why do that when they would likely just stay at home? Killing them isn’t an option, as neoliberalism wants to look nice, to appear morally superior over all others so their wars appear justified. Thus the solution, instead of neoliberalism slowing down or going backwards even and inch, was found to be high-powered acceleration, castrating the lower status men.

This is why there is porn everywhere. This is why Big Soy culture keeps us overstimulated with Star Wars and Marvel and more porn and Fentanyl and… you get the picture. Lurking in the back of their hivemind, is the fact that all this will only satisfy for so long before someone wants more or realizes that we’re living in filth. Subsidizing, rewarding, and celebrating homosexuality will last a lot longer, as men who decide that it is better to be gay than alone will find partners almost immediately. Then they will not revolt. Even if they would, it is channeled into either controlled opposition as Antifascists or dying of AIDS.

The Homo half of GloboHomo serves a lot of functions. It is true that they want you to feel like you have a new “civil rights” moment to cherish, to support, to use for washing away White Guilt. It is also true that it gives them a new weapon against normal people – Bake the Cake, bigot! And it is also true that gays spend a lot more money than heterosexuals per capita. But at the end of the day, the purpose of Pride is to castrate you, disarm you, and ultimately erase you. If you should stay resilient against this, the added perk is that homosexualism keeps you distracted with a big gay dummy. Someone focused on fighting the homofication of their culture and transgender book clubs for children will be too busy to fight the people that are making it all happen. If they can’t castrate you with homosexuality, they will at least have a functional decoy for you to beat on while they slip away.

I won’t opine on the identity of the “them” behind all of this. Glow-in-the-darks have the means to tell businesses to push propaganda, Soros has the money for non-profits to shake companies down, and everyone reading this is already hip to the JQ. I am more interested in how, on the micro level, one deals with it.

My next articles are going to be on “Self Defense Against Clown World,” where I will go in-depth on bulletproofing your life against degeneracy as an alternative to humorous nihilism, but let’s get a few points out there first. If you are young and single, do not settle. Seek vitality and dig through the garbage heap until you find that gem, a good girl to marry and have a family with. Seek a movement that you agree with and put a lot of energy into it. Get a mannerbund together and get communities going again – and join them too. Go to Church. If you’re feeling antisocial or shy, I recommend reading How to Win Friends and Influence People to learn a bit more about being sociable. This way, even if you cannot find a woman on your own, you can at least get some friends that will help, and having friends is more attractive to a good woman than being a loner. Second, you will need to cut off pop influences; this is more important than any boycott could ever achieve. Crystallize your person against Big Gay, and you will start to influence others in the same direction.

Finally, and I will be going into this in the next article, I need you all to realize that those who rule us have a very, very limited amount of non-consensual power over you. Much of what they do and say will only be effective toward you if you let it. Be the revolt that they fear, whether out in the open or hiding in plain sight, and sooner or later they will topple.

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  1. John Carter says:

    Knocked it out of the park again. The devil relies on your consent, and worms his way into your soul by appealing to your basest desires for comfort and pleasure. Remove your consent, and the devil can do little to corrupt you.

    Much as we’re seeing a Brave New World scenario of mandatory state-enforced gay orgies develop in front of our eyes, I can’t help but wonder if the parasite lords aren’t being helped along by natural historical forces. Rome went down a similar path towards its end; and of course, there’s the biblical account of Sodom & Gomorrah. We’ve been here before. Could it be simply that a mature empire, having removed struggle from citizens’ experience, and founded as it is upon the satisfaction of base impulses – Jones’ libido dominandi – might drift inevitably towards sexual license and an obsession with the carnal? At which point, with no brakes on the train, things rapidly devolve into Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights.

    So it might not be just that the parasites have ordered the castration of the male population; they might also be assisted in their project by the tides of history.

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  2. Alfonz Cavalier says:

    Correct in abstract, but some quite paranoid and far-fetched suggestions in there. Woke capital has been a thing since at least the ’80s, and the leftist idea that most people in the business world are chino-wearing, golf-playing, church-attending crypto-reactionaries is two generations out of date. There is nothing in the corporate worldview that is opposed to gayness, indeed quite the reverse. These people have wanted a borderless world without any traditions or ties that bind for well over a century, it’s good for business.

    That said, corporations sponsoring Pride is very often more defensive than anything else. The boomers who are in charge have nothing against it in theory, and are willing to indulge the college educated psychos in marketing, PR and human resources for the sake of a quiet life. They know they’ll be bullied and potentially lose money if they refuse, so there’s a herd mentality, as companies compete for woke dollars. That and the clear institutional continuum between academia, the media, the government and major corporations explains the uniformity of Pride messaging, more than any coordinated action. They all went to the same colleges, read the same publications, follow the same people on Twitter and hang out together in bars or at dinner parties.

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  3. Twigsley says:

    What are these existing mannerbunds/orgs that already exist? Something like joining your local Proud Boys’ chapter? I’ve heard in one of the myth20c podcasts about a couple book clubs that use to exist but I don’t see anything about them present-day. Are they all peer-to-peer networking orgs that only permit entry on personal reference?


    1. To be honest, man, I had to put a mannerbund together from neighbors and like-minded reactionaries. Some would want to join more organized groups like the Proud Boys, Patriot Prayer, or more extreme groups, but I’m more interested in laid back, community-oriented fraternities.
      If you’re not interested in *starting* a mannerbund (or converting your own circle of friends into one), I would recommend joining a group that aligns with your values.


    2. Ungernii Khooloi says:

      hestia society


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