The Alternate Identity Crisis

The post-modern man struggles with identity. This much is obvious. It stares us in the face as transexual propaganda bears down on us. Men who think they are women. Women who think they are animals. Men and women who think they are somehow neither male or female but some other.

This madness of identity is the product of post-modern rebelliousness. Derrida & Co set out upon a mission of chaos, and in truth they have succeeded in bringing it about. In a time where everything is construed as a social construct nothing is real. Nothing is concrete and everything can be moved from category to category. A becomes B and B becomes C as fluidly as the river flows.

The transexuals, pansexuals, and other assorted degenerates are the most obvious face of the identity crisis but there is another. It is ever present and a continually evolving part of the anonymous internet. Zuckerberg is bitterly opposed to it – his demand is that our internet identity mirror our real identity. That we post our true thoughts upon Facebook or comment on news sites with our real name as if we were in a face to face conversation.

Of course we do not operate like that. Names have power, true identity has power. Even when we meet offline, the real right are guarded about identity. “Are we using real names” is a common question. What do we reveal about our other selves to these people when we meet them? That we are obviously all thought criminals against egalitarianism is obvious but this is the only facet of identity we have really shared online through shitposting. Do we share our other interests and quirks?

We occupy alternate identities out of necessity – we wear masks to tell the truth to others wearing masks. Beneath the mask you never know who is there. Increasingly however this has led to a cultivation of identity in the online. FrogTwitter, WyrdTwitter, Alt-Right, Dissident Right, WN’s, all pick identities and symbolism that best matches their chosen online identity. It’s obvious when we see it at its most blatant: Pepe wearing a MAGA hat and his impish smile, or the harsher fascist aesthetic often borrowed from some Viking mythology, to the cliched women in their wheat fields

What of these identities? As an aside I have never been able to fathom the Anime avatar crowd. To me it is perverse at its core, although this is an argument for another time. Within these groups lurks the ever present threat of the post-irony identity. Broken people seem to gravitate towards this: obsessed with irony they cloak themselves in mediocre aesthetics and profess crude tastes. A form of nihilism worn as the depressed comic wears his smile. These people dip deepest into the well of darkness of alternate identity. By playing that which they profess to know is bad, they become slowly consumed by it.

Contrast this to the alternate identity that is archetypal. For many this should be the product of their chosen alternate identity – in that approaching towards it in the realm of the web they slowly become who they are in their offline self. That archetype may be the learned man, the deep thinker, the pious individual, the outraged honest man, but it must be focused upon the good. Towards the light. In releasing our online identity to pursue this idealized state of ourselves, we affect real change if we can but bring it into the real world. Making a focus on the perfection of the body and trumpeting about the benefits of deadlifting only works if you are in fact deadlifting.

In becoming who you are you are meshing the two identities together and producing a stronger whole. This is why the madness of the Post-Modernist discourse on identity is really scary. It sits at complete odds and produces death and despair. The suicide rate of the transexual population is unlikely to change – chemical imbalances are the surface level reality of chaotic soul destruction. All the acceptance and drugs in the world will not change that, they only apply the mask a bit longer before it breaks and death is there. All they have achieved is breaking chains deep within more people and leading them towards chaotic destruction of the self.

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