Cancel Student Debt + Five Friday Links 6/28/19

This week was the big talk about why we need to wipe out student debt and do it now. Not just some but all of it. We also need to make college free. Free college is a dumb idea as it just becomes a bigger pipeline to funding university bloat. The debt cancelling though offers opportunity, if done right.

Our writer Henry Delacroix took a stab at it, and he attacked both the supply and demand side. His proposal accounted for how to control interest rates with a reform, put the universities on the hook, and also addressed destroying the link between a BA and good job track. Wiping away debt will just embolden colleges to add more and more and raise tuition higher.

The government could immediately go after endowments and tax universities sports programs. Universities will go broke! No, they will finally have to cut costs that they have not touched in ages. Even if they go broke, at this point in the cycle, destroying the universities should be every non-Marxist’s goal.

Delacroix’s essay made the sharp distinction between undergraduate and graduate degree debt. Graduate degree debt accounts for 40% of all student debt. Plus, another Sun writer has an essay coming on an already existing federal bailout of the NGO bureaucrat class, subsidizing the individuals and organizations that are destroying America.

The college debt discussion is not going away. Knowing our regime, it will likely be done in a horrible fashion. There is something that can be done at a smaller scale. State governments can control the costs of their in-state universities. If you want to make a difference and pitch policies that are likely to affect your community, you can start there with the right state representatives and senators.

The Mafiacracy – This is the first in a series on the financial mafia that rules us.

The Stonewall Myth – Of all places, the Times has an oped on how Stonewall has become a myth. It is not even a good one. Reason for it is the desperate need in all these bioleninist liberation movements to portray them falsely as the little guy becoming active and winning. The writer clearly states how now movements like the black civil rights movement has to now hide white involvement to make black studies majors feel better. MLK was a creation of NY elites. Gandhi walked for freedom despite India’s independence being a done deal during WW2.

Trump was right about manufacturing – Trump is a disappointment but he and his voters were right about manufacturing and the experts were wrong. This is a great article for how digging into the data, a few economists did see how trade destroyed manufacturing. It also showed how a little calculation method hid the decline in manufacturing that is going on in America.

Cold War 2 Isn’t The Same As Cold War 1 – Good essay on how the challenge facing the USG empire today is far different from 1947. America is in a much worse position. The cultural model it has to sell is worse. The people they must oppose are different enough for it not to work.

Alcoholic Wine Mom Resistance Poster Girl – Did Trump break comedian Amy Poehler? I do not think so. Trump is a convenient scapegoat right now for her. Poehler’s interview has a fantastic collection of details to spotlight an alcoholic middle aged divorced mom. If you want a clue why Will Arnett divorced Poehler, look for a picture of her two sons. The younger one is red haired and looks a lot like Louis CK, whom Poehler has employed and defended despite his public shaming. What is really driving these women batty is that they are all hitting the age where all of the bad decisions they made from age 18-30something are solidifying into the permanent social position they find themselves in… and there are forty more years to go.

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