America In Two Acts

-by Karl X. Brown

America is now two hundred forty-three years old. Wow, what a ride it has been. At this time of year, at the dawn of summer ‘round the 4th of July—the time of popsicles and kids wrapped in beach towels munching on charred hot dogs—I am always overcome with a sentimental spirit. To quote George Washington, ‘I had always hoped that this land would be a safe and agreeable asylum for Hispanic single mothers.’ As Ben Franklin penned, probably right after he boffed some ribald old hen, ‘The number of Purely white People in the World is proportionately quite small…and that’s a good thing.’

In fifty or sixty years, these will be real, historical quotes. Do you think I am exaggerating? Your kids will read these bits in Social Studies, some time between Intersectional Math and Trans Story-Time. Were we to lose, history would be bulldozed: villages razed and earth salted. Blackboards would be wiped clean: high schools now called ‘Wilson’ and ‘Taft’ renamed ‘Guevara’ and Kaepernick.’ Taco Bell will be thought problematic. Guaranteed this will be written about by a half-Taiwanese half-Somali girl with vitiligo, in the New York Times.

This is the teleology of progress—it has no objective referent and no particular endgame. Now to be a bit more serious, I do believe that certain key factors will cause things to break down substantially, and relatively soon. For one, the military is ‘committed to diversity’[1] and likes to let women steer ships[2]. That, along with the declining IQ[3] (the cause of which is internal and external) and general social dysfunction, represent a perverse source of ‘hope’ for those who want this Leviathan slain. We of course like America—her real essence and heritage—just not what it has become: the America we fight for is a she; the one we hate is an it.

Can we anticipate that it will be able to impose its will on the world indefinitely with these built-in social problems? Any society or empire is only as strong as its people, and downstream from this are the all-important economic and military-related factors. Regarding the former, the post-war conditions that led to our hegemony in the first place are gone. We deliberately hollowed out our manufacturing base and made a superpower out of China. China was until recently a hapless backwater whose ‘history’ consists of less glory and fewer noteworthy achievements than America in just these two-and-a-half centuries. Chinese history is rather marked by insularity, by periodic waves of sackings, and by millions of nameless peasants starving to death.

By decimating that portion of middle-American society—the source of competent men, and the source of ire for the useless coastal elite—we significantly lose a lot of would-be soldiers with deep roots and a real connection to this good land. For them, the flag carries an entirely different meaning than it does for the many who serve in the military purely for the ‘good benefits’ and for the path to citizenship it provides. For actual Americans on the other hand, the flag is not a symbol of a better economic life or some idea, but something spiritual, indeed rather like blood and soil.

We have also spent the last several decades pissing off two formidable countries who lack this problem, that is Iran and Russia. These two, unlike ‘America,’ remain real nations with a population of men who feel Iranian and Russian in their souls. This aspect is highly qualitative to be sure, but it has quantitative backing in the declining levels of ‘social trust,’[4] which, if apply to society as a whole, must apply just the same, to one extent or another, in military contexts. The Atlanticist power bloc in any case derives its power by upholding a barren currency through an amoral and pragmatic geopolitical approach, characterized by the well known ‘pointless wars,’ regime changes, and CIA-led coups[5]. This approach is viscerally opposed by the average citizen of any political leaning.

On top of all of this, everyone is in debt and most people are fat. The average person tends to think that we can simply outspend every other military, as we have hitherto, and keep Freedom going—that is, to keep importing homosexuality and feminism to the rest of the world—but this is surely myopic and unhistorical: we have seen overextended empires fall to lesser armies and invaders since time immemorial.

This whole deal of modern America is fundamentally against nature, and against God, whichever you like. Nothing material is truly lasting of course, least of all political regimes. All nations in time become degenerate and get destroyed either from within or without—or from above. If God let Byzantium fall as she did, then the future for Americanism is in a sense pre-ordained, and surely tenfold consequences will be visited upon the head of this whore. No amount of human rights and critiques of ‘late capitalism’ can escape reality, the ‘purifying hand of Nature.’


Supposing that ours is a generation left for dead by the banks of the Tiber, what do we do to re-live that great myth? Whatever happened to heroism, to stupid and reckless bravery?

America is often said to be a kind of continuation of the Roman empire through Britain and beyond. This seems plausible. Despite that there is no shortage of we-wuz-Roman-ism across the European plain, it is apparent enough when analyzing the architecture around Washington, just how the Founders conceived of their project. They were as unabashed about this aspect as they were about their Masonic character.

The necessary will, it would seem, is present in many of us. Untold millions across the West have mentally checked out from the mainstream culture and have soured on the contemporary values and, to a large extent, on liberal democracy itself. The values thereof have revealed themselves as lies—mere slogans. No one agrees on history anymore. No one agrees on logic anymore. White supremacy is the bugbear of the left, something even built into nature, sensible but wholly unknowable; it is for them a thing-in-itself. 

Aside from these lunatics and their total institutional power at present, there is a burgeoning spirit that is evident in those who have thus far been the targets of systematic oppression, as it pertains to principles like free speech and political advocacy. What is supposed to be a free society with a market of ideas based on tolerance has of course proven to be quite the opposite. From either a practical or a metaphysical standpoint, free speech is fanciful; it is an important guiding principle and a tool to be used to one’s advantage, but beyond this it breaks down, and those who make a living advocating free speech cannot really take that fight to its full limits. If they did, they would defend every untouchable, every actual Nazi and former Klansman. Of course in practice, and with some good reason, they do not do this.

There is a rare type of personality, however, that does take free speech, that does take principles to their limits, and the results are in some small way astonishing. Owen Benjamin, having gone through a very public and very amusing redpilling over the past few years, is often electric simply because he tells the truth. He describes the world as he sees it, and as we (i.e. most readers here) all see it. He gives no regard whatever for the morals of our time, for the approval of club owners and movie producers, or for the opinions of the millions who would have hated him if he had only ever remained the most basic, tolerable conservative. They would have hated him for being a handsome white man with charisma and for having the audacity to have multiple kids who are sure to think much like him. Owen’s inherent comedic talent allows him to convey difficult concepts to masses of people who would have otherwise been unable to make the important connections. Say what you will about his ‘we didn’t go to the moon’ incantations and other such science-denial, but the impact of his unique combination of talent and carelessness can hardly be overstated. 

In the political world, if you remove all secondary qualities from people—their identities and aesthetics—and strip everything down to its fundamental elements, perhaps the right is just doing comedy; it is trying to preserve comedy as a possibility. But what is comedy? To laugh at a joke is to reveal what one really believes to be true. The metaphysics of humor would seem to indicate that truth exists somehow, implicitly and necessarily. From the standpoint of the left, fascism is identifiable by either an affirmation of ‘objective truth’ or simply consequential of a preponderonce of normal, masculine and hetero behavior. If conservatism in its purest form is a submission to some natural order of things, then it too is fascist.

Unfortunately, the leftist position dovetails better with our paradigm of ‘democratic pluralism’ whose starting principles would consider individual liberty as epistemically prior to notions of moral truths that transcend the individual, as well as any ‘timeless document’ such as our Constitution. Thus, to say this or that is ‘true’ may at any time be an imposition on anyone.  Therefore there is a war on truth, which has been waged for hundreds of years. And upon this we unavoidably make war.

The nature of the social upheaval of the past century has been similar to the Chinese method of torture, the death-by-a-thousand cuts. In the West this takes on a political form as Fabian Socialism, a non-doctrinaire and somewhat cynical offspring of the unholy Marxian philosophy. The real ruling elite are in no wise ideologues, they are pragmatists. A little capitalism here, a little socialism there. Vaccines, propaganda, and abortions for all. There is no substantial and meaningful difference between Warren Buffet, the Koch brothers, or Tim Cook.

Across the West, the level of insult and injustice has reached unimaginable heights, especially in light of the lack of opposition to any of it. As just one example, in Rotherham, England, unwanted foreigners sexually abused around 1500 British children over a period of a few decades. Authorities were reticent to speak or act for fear of being seen as racist. In the past, we saw riots and uprisings of all degrees for much less than this. There is something to be said for keeping one’s cards close to his chest, but there are quite a lot of people out there with fuck-you money who have thus far remained silent, as to appear to be addicted to their position, and to appear unaffected by the comical levels of abuse handed down from the purveyors of modern virtue.

America’s story is an amazing one; it is something to be treasured. That story does not happen without real heroes, without insane men willing to kill and be killed for what they know in their hearts is right. Even the least infantryman in the American Revolution or the Civil War, even the nameless men who carried out the lynching of Leo Frank[6], showed infinitely more conviction and bravery than any so called leader today, to say nothing of any America first free speech advocate. We owe the brave ones everything. As spiritual Americans, we know this on every level, and even the paperwork-Americans know this intellectually, but for them it simply does not matter and never will. America for them is a commodity, a resource which will not be theirs until it bears their fingerprint.

So what happened to heroism? Today we lack heroes and myths, perhaps due to global connectedness as much as an obsession with ‘historical veracity.’ Our fictional heroes are now TV anti-heroes, bad moral actors whom we root for simply because the story is told from their perspective, and because ‘what is good and evil really?’ The system today can offer us nothing else. People who tell some portion of the truth, however diplomatically, are removed from their positions and called vile and abhorrent, their actions condemned. If the observation that no society is un-religious is banal, that is only because it is true. Fittingly, the best example of bravery at the moment, at least among genuinely famous people, may be an exiled comedian. Hardly anyone seems willing to give up their access to platforms for higher things, but if actions and ideas are contagious, this will slowly change. Reality is one way, and the current regime can have no part of it. Pray for our past and future, pray even for our enemies—let them learn what it costs to have feet of clay, as Nietzsche wrote; and let the real America, her people, live on forever.

Karl X. Brown is a writer for Re:Action Review and can be found at @KarlXBrown







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