The Ballerina Wife + Five Friday Reads 7/12/19

Today I am going to resurrect a post. It was the most read post on my old blog until a group of individuals asked me to take it down because the post was social technology they did not want out. That was some autism on their part as the post was years old but always bringing in the clicks. Today I will explain how you can land a ballerina wife.

Let us discuss the positives here to the ballerina wife. In this era of obesity, a ballerina is one of the last women with a reasonable BMI. They are graceful, agile, and trained to move and be feminine. If you like curves, relax, when she stops dancing things fill in. The diet of coffee, cigarettes and adderall ends eventually. These women are college graduates who spent so much time in their dance performance classes and rehearsing that they likely had no social life. If they are trying desperately to make it out of the chorus and into a lead company role, they will likely still have no social life at 25.

The other advantage: they are surrounded by gay men. The dance world has a rule of thumb that 90% of the male dancers are gay, and those that are not are usually the foreign ones. On top of this, they are also surrounded by one another forever competing for the prima ballerina spot. This does not end there, they will compete over the few straight men around them. This is where you enter.

First, you need to find the ballet and dance companies in your metro area. Not just the bigger ones but the smaller ones. They all struggle for money. This is your opening. Become a donor. Figure out a level that will be manageable for you but consider it an investment. These troupes do shows for donors and of course, have after show gatherings for schmoozing. Get to know their donor relation person who most likely is an older former dancer (she can be your PR woman) or for some troupes, an active dancer who just knows the business side better so they put her in charge.

You will want to dress well and bring another woman with you for pre-selection vibes. Get to know dancers. This is not a one time thing. They have multiple events, and you build a persona. Now you will want to research a bit about dance so you do not sound a buffoon. Knowing a few facts means you can use them as questions to get these women to talk about a subject they love. If someone asks how you know something or are drawn to donating, use vague cliches or mention you know this or that fact due to dating a dancer while in college. If people probe, fall back to saying she was foreign and went back home.

The prospective brides should be non-leads. You do not want a lead because she may dance right up until 40. You target the women in the chorus who have an eye on leaving the game. These women know by 25 or 26 where their future is in the company. Like an NFL player, they too have a ticking clock. You show up multiple times as an engaged donor, and suddenly, you look like a great exit plan who can support their future desire to teach or still take classes but stop performing in their 30s.

This will work because you need to cast where the fish are and where the numbers favor you. These performances mean many more young women than men and the men who are present want nothing to do with them. As a donor, and do not pick a low level, donate decent guys, you have some status and allow the donor relations woman to talk you up. It will work guys, I guarantee it.

The Feminist Eunuch – A poem for our modern times.

Defining oligarchs – Oligarchs are always going to exist but are they Oligarchs or oligarchs? This writer sets up how they Russian oligarchs have changed from the Yeltsin days. Important distinction. The other lesson is that the conditions of America and the idea of Oligarchs vs. oligarchs in relation to our super rich.

CIA set up creative writing – This is an oldie but worth it. I repeatedly hammer the point home about CIA’s involvement with all art and culture in the post-war period. It has not ended. We live with this today. For anything to be done, there needs to be someone or something with money and access to institutions to get things moving. CIA used foundations, especially the Ford Foundation, to make sure what they wanted to happen and who they wanted to be a mover and shaker got money and publicity.

Everyone wants to confront China – Consider how this is framed as a coalition challenging China. They are sending frigates to the South China Sea. Germany pitched in its last working ship to show force. This is rather absurd to see the system rework things in this manner. It might explain why Pompeo went to CIA before going to State. Everything must be aligned.

Oryx and Crake Made Real – Anyone else read Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood? Decent speculative sci-fi book that involved a lot of genetic engineering and biotech. This article felt like a confirmation of one of Atwood’s stray ideas in the novel.

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  1. Foxbat says:

    Ballerinas are all crazy. Yes they are fun to date, but seriously you do not want to marry or impregnate one.


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