10 Friday Reads 7/25/19

I have been on vacation. Forgive me for no post last Friday and not much here. To make it up, I will link ten reads.

Harvard Law Prof’s Life Becomes A Dark Comedy – A Harvard law professor gets conned by some lesbian and a trans person. I cannot do this justice. Read this and imagine the Coen brothers adaptation of it. Not many touches needed. I find it interesting how the autism plus ideology made for such an easy mark.

The Rise Of Choking During Sex – Millenial men know women ask to be choked. After all, if a man chokes a woman and she does not want it, that becomes a sexual assault. This article frames this new phenomenon as if it is forced on women by men. Porn is mentioned, appropriately, even if they do not point out that these female friendly scenes are the ones with them. The big missing piece? There is no mention of 50 Shades of Grey. A generation of women have spent a decade reading this trash, and we are wondering why this is a new situation? Here’s what it is: a desperate play for vitalism of a spiritually dead female population.

China Stealing Tech Secrets – When do our elite eventually extract the Chinese H1Bs in tech firms and students in our STEM programs and send them back? Big business does not want to pay decent wages and big universities are the recruiting pools for those firms.

China removing pro-westerners (no paywall here) – Xi is using this trade war period to identify pro-western individuals and purge them. This is a win-win. China sees liberal minded individuals removed, and Americans can hope that USG gets an illiberal competitor who may shake the empire.

Frugal Living Guide – Short list, but a good list for how to fix your cash flow problem, if you have one. Most of my financial situation at 40 is thanks to things I did at 25.

Conditioning You To Not Have AC – The latest angle for conditioning people to accept lower living standards is… why oh why does anyone need AC? The urban 20-something lives in a tiny apartment for high costs, eats crap food, deals with feces and needles on the streets, and now is asked to not have AC. Remind me again how much of a status bump “I live in the city” is.

Is This Satire? – A creative writer teacher wrote a story called the Crane Wife, which seems autobiographical but is so ridiculous that it sounds fake. Have white liberals reached this level wehre they all invoke Poe’s Law?

DuckDuckGo in the NY Times – Google controls 88% of search. For that to erode, competitors have to rise, have to get publicity and then get defectors. Share this one to tell people that Google is evil, and there are alternatives. I get better results for anything controversial at DDG compared to Google. I use Bing and Qwant for images.

Russia Tipped China – This is just a tweet but Russia tipped China off about spy. This comes after Iran has rounded up CIA assets and burned the image of their handlers. Did Russia tip off Iran? Only the arrogance and stupidity of America’s foreign policy establishment would push China, Russia and Iran together.

The Sublime Romanticism of The Moon Landing – The moon landing was about aesthetics.

8 Comments Add yours

  1. George Henty says:

    Non paywall link to FT article from another source:


    Very interesting.


    1. R. Landry - Editor says:

      Thank you!


  2. AbsolutelyHarambe says:

    I was about to say the harvard professor story was the funniest thing i’d read in a month, but then I read the crane wife


    1. R. Landry - Editor says:

      Liberals no longer can live normal lives. Their ideology has warped their basic assumptions about life.


  3. Dave Rameses II says:

    ZOG establishment might just be arrogant enough to think Russia/China/Iran is a good, manageable replacement for the USSR. A reason for big military and Intel budgets. In the real world, ZOG/Russia, the alliance we should have had, would struggle to keep up with China. With Russia (Iran is almost irrelevant), China is unstoppable. They’ve already won.


    1. R. Landry - Editor says:

      I agree that the train cannot be stopped. China figured out with the 2008 financial crisis that the mutually assured economic destruction of Chimerica is not true any longer. They just now have to manage our decline.


  4. Jlchristophe says:

    Went late to a public ivy, for muh grad degree. Ashamedly. Was somewhat of an insurgent myself. In addition to all the denatured faggotry delaying adulthood, a large constituent was temporarily-off-the-boat chinese. While these students were mostly useless automata, empty chairs with bad breath, bad teeth and little-to-no mental depth, couldn’t help but feelz a certain purpose to their attendance–the overtaking theft of Intellectual Propert. Twas a 2 way street: International students would pay the highest tuition premium for their (mentally AND spiritually diluting) attendance. Childless Neo marxists professors could always use the extra duck sauce lining their pockets and played facile to the preening of physically stunted duck duck gooz classrooms. Each year the same.

    The resolute groupthink of the zipper head and its nationalism is unrivaled. It will win the globohomo warz, while the West has its head in its ass in the sand over topical day and age issues such as transgendo rights and CBD oil tinctures. (Also beware those PDF compressors online as you upload your hard work to servers unknown; the chinaman awaits behind blue light screened glasses munching on squid wafer!)

    Trump is right to stop the chinaman in his trax, whatever the cost. Good on Pence for mentioning it, although Americans are not watching–we are too busy rubbing White Claw seltzer on our chests watching pornographic dreams of the dark reality’s of women who couldn’t hack professional militant feminism in the big shitty.


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