Agency + Five Friday Reads 8/9/19

Just do it. Get offline and get moving. That is a steady theme to everything we write here. How few people do you need to start? All lifters start with the first pump. In one small town in Ohio, it took just four people. The Kilbourne Project was started with a few friends moving to a small town and making it better. They bought land, built and moved to the town. They went out and did something immediate.

This takes commitment. It takes more than just tweeting. It takes trust. It takes knowing people by their real name and not “tradgnome80”. You cannot build trust if you cannot share anything in your life with others. These three individuals knew each other from projects and were committed to an idea. They followed through. They trusted one another.

A long time ago I suggested an LLC to form a real estate venture for gentrification. Some liked the idea. Others immediately plotted out the “omg what if seven years from now they find a list of who is in the llc”. You can build money and from money can build power in an area. Now I knew my suggestion was a lost cause, but this also gets to the point of, why spend your time and attention with people afraid to reveal anything about themselves but aligned 99% politically when you can devote your time and efforts to people who will build rapport with you who are 90% there.

Ten men can cover the costs of a friend’s first child delivery. Ten friends can start a nonprofit that works locally. Ten friends can fund a state representative race. It does not take a huge pool of men to get things moving. You have agency. You have smarts. Use them.

Epstein and Intelligence – Interesting podcast on Epstein and the networks of blackmail and how they fit into intel. This is the nature of our government now though. Whitney Webb is an unusual reporter, and she did another interview recently where the anti-semitism smear was discussed.

Russia Moving Into The Gulf -The recent threats to Iran and renewal of sanctions are pushing Iran into Russia’s arms. The military systems deals and bases are new means for the growing Chinese-Russian alliance to get important forward bases at the important points in the Pacific. Need to have a base like Aden, the Straits of Hormuz and Strait of Malacca. China has a base in Djibouti, Russia will have Hormuz covered, so how do they solve the Malacca point?

Greer On Ecofascism – Greer spends an essay on the emerging ecofascism meme in the media. We noticed this too as the media is trying to make this an issue with that article on the children of Ted K. Greer predicts the coming end to environmentalism. He may be right as Michael Moore has a new documentary coming out harping on renewables broken promises, and he is a window on what normie libs think.

Boeing is in trouble, so is America – America does not manufacture as much as it does final assembly. Boeing does not make airplanes anymore as much as it does project management of airplane production. They sold out our manufacturing base for white collar logistics and home office jobs, and all we got were poorly made products and a broken continent.

Legal weed reduces opioid deaths – Legalizing weed causes a reduction in opioid deaths with women and whites seeing the biggest drops. How big is the reduction in fatalities? 20-35%.

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  1. muunyayo says:

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  2. Cole says:

    Gentification of rural small-town America, you say? There’s a reason the celebratory story on the Kilbourne Project appears in Columbus’ alt (as in far-left alternative, not alt-right) rag. With the mention of the new “craft beers” the gentrifiers offer and the “multi-use outdoor spaces” they’re planning, one can already envision future Main St. Pride Parades and drag queen reading hour at the “revitalized” town library.

    No, thanks. Leave rural America alone. Let these people and their towns quietly hold onto as much dignity as possible for as long as possible. They don’t need any improvements, so-called vibrancy or to otherwise be made “better” (Landry’s phrase) by outsider progressives, of ANY political stripe, with goofy ideas.

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