Antifa, Conservatives and Mental Gymnastics

Submitted by Reactionary E

The fact that American authorities appease and the mainstream media endorse the violent behavior of the far-left antifa is an open secret. As is the fact that this organisation is made up of the dregs of society, who either seem to be social outcasts or mentally unstable. It’s rather sad that such people have fallen so low, and it is important to recognize that in the modern world such people are encouraged, rather than discouraged, to behave in this way.

In a healthy society, the response to antifa trashing a street or attacking a protest they disagree with would be to arrest and prosecute them. Instead, we get the routine mugshots showing their appearance, followed by their release on bail, and then eventually, some months later the charges are dropped. The most famous example of this was the day of Trump’s inauguration as President, where hundreds of antifa were arrested and potentially faced decades in jail, only for the authorities to drop most of the charges later in the year.

Perhaps the most bizarre aspect of antifa and their political opposition is how detached from reality they are. For example, the former’s claim that they are anarcho-communists is both politically naïve and hypocritical, and their assertion that centre-right conservatives are fascists is very wide of the mark. Indeed, how the conservatives, who seem to bend the knee to the Israeli lobby at every opportunity, can be seen as Nazis by anybody is simply incredible. Not seeing things as they are isn’t exactly rare in the modern world, but I’m still surprised by it nonetheless.

Then just over a month ago, the narrative surrounding antifa became even more twisted. After journalist Andy Ngo was attacked by them and sustained life-threatening injuries, it was claimed by some that antifa were white supremacists. Considering their whole ideology seems to revolve around being violently anti-racist, this allegation is of course utterly preposterous. However this allegation nonetheless gathered momentum, with Tim Pool, an independent journalist, promoting a similar ill-informed narrative on social media. He insisted in a tweet that antifa were one of the largest white identitarian organisations in America. This rightly attracted criticism, not least because in the same tweet he had claimed that antifa were both white identitarians and self- hating whites. I’m not sure how any sentient being can think that this makes sense, or that sharing this opinion would garner sympathy.

Then, not to be outdone in the race to the bottom, the conservative movement hastily made moves in this direction as well. Jack Posobiec commented on twitter regarding a photo of antifa and MAGA supporters clashing in Washington DC, stating ‘Black Trump supporters laughing at White Antifa’. This is the classic example of conservatives adopting the Left’s moral framework, and in this case Jack throws his own race under the bus for good measure too. Here we have a white conservative journalist siding with black Trump supporters (who are statistically speaking a tiny minority of Trump’s base), in order to accuse an antifa group of being racist, just because they are whites protesting black Trump supporters.

It’s disingenuous as well, because Jack, like many modern conservatives, consistently criticizes identity politics. Yet here he is, making racial identity the central issue of a situation where it played no part at all. In his view though, having accepted the Left’s false version of morality, it’s okay to play identity politics as long as the individuals you are supporting are non-white. It’s also okay in his view to tell white conservatives not to embrace identity politics whilst simultaneously endorsing identity politics for black Trump supporters. And this is the problem for conservatives when they adopt left-wing narratives – the rabbit hole just gets deeper and deeper. Once you have accepted one pillar of cultural Marxist thought, you then have to adopt all the rest in order to maintain consistency in the paradigm of thought that you have acquired.

Would it be too much to ask for people to accept that antifa are communists, and that the conservatives are essentially a benign political force ridden with hypocrisy who have adopted the Left’s moral framework? Can they not cite the antifa stickers with good night white pride emblazoned on them? Do we really have to suffer people who are so dumb or devious that they have to pretend that antifa are white identitarians in order to score political points?

The political Right must reject this tendency to win battles with the Left by adopting their own beliefs. It’s impossible to defeat your enemy if you’re going to concede the very points you are so supposed to defend. Perhaps political correctness forces people in the public space to adopt fake stances in order to be seen as acceptable. A more likely reason though, sadly, is that we’re living in a stupid world.

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  1. Mike says:

    In all honesty, I think part of the reason conservatives do this is because they know, deep down, “that America is a communist country”. Ie, they know that denouncing Antifa as communists will elicit no public reaction. Why? Because Americans have adopted everything Communism espoused back in the 1920s after the Russian Revolution. Easy divorce? Yep. Faggotry? Yep. Hatred of religion? Yep. Solidarity with minorities? Yep. Trying to spread your degenerate ideology worldwide? Yep. People would just shrug their shoulders at the communist insult.

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    1. Spooky N says:

      I would prefer to call America “The Great Satan”, but calling it a communist country sounds about right.


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