Epstein’s Dead + Five Friday Reads 8/16/19

Epstein is dead. There have been many hot takes. I have no clue who did it and we will never find out. Those in power who used him are in power for a reason. They are psychopathic rulers who will do anything to maintain control, which means more than you are willing to do plus they can buy off anyone.

Bryce has a great post on elite blackmail networks, and I agree with much of what he wrote. It makes sense that it is for power to prevent defection. This feeds into the idea of the credibility trap. These people who are blackmailed are all in the trap, and they must keep up the lies because someone deep in the power network has their file. No way will the true owners of society allow just anyone to be in nominal charge of the system of great centralization and power they have built.

There is one large objection I have to Bryce’s essay. He says corporations are beholden to shareholders. The implication that this shields the corporate system from blackmail. No. This means corporations have an entire system of blackmail as well. The great unspoken lubricant for business in America is sex.

They take you out for nights drinking, dining and inevitably to strip clubs or other houses of ill repute. Men and women in sales forces engage in sex left and right to get the order. Read up on these opioid doctors who were bribed with nights of booze, boobs and flattery. The stories about hookers on bay cruises for rating agencies, banks, pension funds, etc. are all true. Same thing applies to every single sector out there.

You have a friend whose father in a scrap steel broker. I bet there’s certain customers he knows every thing they like in a woman and makes sure that happens. If he is married, even better! Have a great year and a broker outing has a charity dinner with the American Cancer Society, but gosh, the girls working for ACS all look like models, and no one follows up if the money cited in the speech ever makes it to ACS. Magically, that cute curly haired girl in the yellow mini-dress goes home with you, and your vendors always remember to bring it up in the future. This happens. By 27, these models know they are not making it, but they can still make a buck.

This is why the trads sound dopey but there is a point to their appeal to virtue. Virtuous men can build a virtuous network, which can build a virtuous system. Virtue would earn status. Virtue would be rewarded by others. The incentives to be virtuous would be everywhere. Instead we chase Mammon, and by doing so, we serve Moloch. On to the links…

Harvard tells corporations how to spread poz – Harvard lays out how multinationals can spread poz into new territories. There is a step by step guide for how to move from a ‘when in Rome’ stance to being an ’embassy’ to being an ‘advocate’. Crystal clear what the Anglo System is about.

Puppet Ocasio-Cortez – This article links immediately to this long pdf about AOC that covers everything. Everything stinks about her and the system’s use of her. I am impressed with the detail that even looks into her father’s firm, which seems like a no show architecture gig.

Ethnic bioweapons – The idea of ethnic bioweapons has been written about from Heinlein’s sci-fi days, but now with genetics and CRISPR, can become a reality. These types of weapons have been hinted at in China, Russia, America and Israel. Haplogroup targeted bioweapons will not care if you shout race isn’t real.

Break up Big Tech – Nothing will likely happen but the rumblings to break up Big Tech are from both sides. What will likely happen is some form of regulation that further entrenches the current powers.

Kashmir or Kansas – Greg Hood deftly points out how the NYC media cares about dispossession and ethnic cleansing when it is targeted at one of their pet groups. Most USG orientation is anti-majorities. The USG system uses minorities of any sort against the foreign power. Therefore, the NY Times would be upset at the Hindu nationalist doing something in Kashmir which may in some manner hurt the Muslims on behalf of the Hindu’s for any gain.

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