Brazilian Radicalization + Five Friday Reads 8/22/19

America’s future is pretty wide open. Brazil normally enters into the discussion. This is a disservice to Brazilians who have a more unified sense of what is a Brazilian. America might be a bit more South Korea on top of Brazil with 1.0 TFR working women and hikkikomori in our upper class with a lumpy distribution of which ethnicity makes up the lumpenproletariat bottom of a region. One thing we can be certain of is that no matter how much things decay and decline, the official organs will still avoid any culpability in the reaction to their poor leadership. If you doubt this, read as the NY Times blames YouTube on Brazilian radicalization.

The article starts with a story one would think the Times would love. A young man uses technology and via a wild speaker is inspired to get engaged politically. Not this time. The young man is right wing. YouTube brought him to Bolsonaro. Bolsonaro leads a team a bit more on the ball about what they need to do and who they need to remove than Trump’s team. Could Brazil see a momentary correction? Maybe.

The laugh is that Brazil has insane favelas, wealth inequality, elites who used immigration as a weapon to secure themselves, gangs in control, crime at world leading levels, kidnapping so rampant that rich people take helicopters, and rampant corruption like any Latin American republic. What? What would a youth be upset about? Why would anyone object to the Lula and Dilma duo? The system loved them so much that they granted them a World Cup and Olympics for their global coming out party. Brazil had a boom, why aren’t you plebs pleased??????

There is a point to be made, but the NY Times cannot quite reveal the whole game. These videos allowed people to know they were not alone. They allowed meme sharing and coordination of ideas. Why spell anything out on paper if a simple reference reveals one is on the other’s side? YouTube allowed them to learn, share and disseminate ideas. This is why the Internet of pre-2017 is being shut down for good.

I knew Brazilians who lamented after the election prior to Bolsonaro that shucks, there are just too many dependents to ever overcome again. They thought all was lost. There may be no saving Brazil, but there might be a path to surviving.

This is what awaits America as the immigration game cements a blue national bloc. No objections will ever be valid, no matter the spreading slums and rising murders rates. There will always be so mean boogeyman who corrupts the youth. There will always be some wicked wrecker ruining the five year plan. Even if fluoride is proven to make you and your kids dumber, Alex Jones is a nut for telling you this like a prophet for years. On to the links…

Out Of Africa – NRO runs a good essay on the problem of African migration. I am stunned by this. There is no fix but stopping it all and stopping the subsidies.

Virtue Signaling Hits the NY Post – This is a mix of the limousine liberal trope and the newer virtue signal concept. The status lines are straight out of old Spandrell posts. This is older hat for us but in the NY Post. This is shareable yet mimicking what you used to only find on darker sites years ago.

Hong Kong rundown – This is a nice rundown of the Hong Kong protests and how they fit into the broader geopolitical picture. This is all to toy with China as the Uighur angle is not working as the Chinese stepped up their game to prevent that.

Myth of US Mil Dominance – Pretty good summary of how America’s military dominance may not be all it is cracked up to be. Add to this opposing forces that seem to have figured out the way to play the game, and this is a recipe for a glass jaw leviathan being smashed when it sticks it out into the wrong theater.

Jewish Vet Says Let’s Go 9/11 Response on Whites – Veteran of the Air Force talks about how we might need to apply war on terror systems and procedures on the white supremacist threat. Go figure, this veteran is Jewish.

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  1. Michael Roach says:

    Great stuff as usual Mr. Landry. Big fan of yours from the Social Matter era. You guys have really found your voices on this site, glad to see.


  2. PRCD says:

    According to Joe Rogan, the wealthy Brazilian elite are moving out because it has gotten so dangerous. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    The problem with Brazil is Brazilians. The problem with the United States is Americans. I realize this is unpopular but there is a large amount of overlap between the two peoples: both are promiscuous, on drugs, and libertine. Bastardy is high in both countries. They have CArnival; we have Drag Queen Story hour. I’ve known many Brazilians and it’s no wonder to me that their country is a mess. The governments of both countries very accurately reflect the people.

    The answer for the people of both countries is old-fashioned religion – which is not found in most Roman Catholic churches nor mainline Protestant churches – and reforming families.


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