Roosh’s Religious Turn + Five Friday Reads 8/30/19

This summer accounts online have been chattering about Roosh’s conversion and The Grift. Oh it must be a grift move. It is a pivot to make trad money. I did not believe that. I had a little faith in the guy. Even better, on his cross country trip, I knew we could meet.

For ten years, I have read Roosh. It is easy to see a thread where the young man obsessed with getting laid started to do more research and realized he was living in a carefully constructed culture to encourage the worst in men and women. One could see him realize this was not the way things were meant to be and that a return to normal gender roles meant tradition made sense. I recall Clarkhat predicting Heartise/Roissy would eventually convert to Catholicism as he followed the arc of his beliefs. Wrong PUA and wrong religion but the arc was there.

I have teased him and praised him on my old blog. He grew and developed as a writer and cultural commentator. It was easy to see him as a peer going through life making different decisions than me. We are the same age. I always wanted a family. He thought he didn’t. I got married and built a family. He scored with a variety of foreign babes. I have always said different paths for different people just live them to the best of your ability.

I have also spent years now messaging him daily. I can tell you exactly when I knew Roosh would find religion. It was the week after Charlottesville and the System was shutting down everything. Roosh said, “it’s like watching your neighbor’s house burn and hoping yours isn’t next”. A couple days later he messaged, “I now understand Jesus’ teachings”. It was all humbling. This was two years ago.

Please go read his recent essays on his sister’s death. They are some of his best writing. It is heart-wrenching. I messaged him daily through her decline. I asked my kids to pray for him. For his sister’s soul, too, but I asked them, please pray for a buddy of mine. He needs it. He did not just bury his kid sister. He watched her die. You are not suppose to do that in your 30s. I told him about my sister having a illness that took her to the edge. She recovered. I had not truly understood how lucky my family was until I saw what Roosh went through. I remember worrying so much about him that week she passed, and I realized he had stopped being an Internet buddy and had become a friend.

As soon as he announced his tour, I looked at the route and invited him over. My wife asked, “This is the Dr. Oz guy right?” I warned my kids to behave, and he eventually showed up. We showed him domestic life, talked about what he has seen since coming back, talked about masculinity and talked about his new spiritual drive.

My kids played around, blew bubbles, goofed off in the backyard and before they went to bed gave him fist bumps or hugs. They acted like little advertisements saying “Have Kids”. I wish they were like that 24/7. We had a meal that Roosh kicked off with a prayer. This is something I never in a million years expected, but my family does it before meals, too. I wish I could have recorded the hours of talk because there were golden comedy moments and touching moments.

Are American cities dead? Yes. Homelessness is out of control. These are not people without homes but the indigent. His recent point on libraries becoming homeless camps is a great encapsulation of America’s decline. The libraries we built for mass literacy and to beautify our communities now house bums. Have American men lost their drive? Yes. One thing we both noted was how men today won’t even rise to have an argument or tell their woman to shut up unlike our father’s generation, and out of what fear? She’s going to leave? So what? Leave. She might be mad but it will fade. Boomers told us a lot of lies and one of the greatest was a marriage must be 50-50. Nope. Men, you must lead and she will follow. If you make confident decisions, she will follow. Hold frame. Show strength and follow through. It is better to be strong and wrong than weak and right.

Roosh is very hard on himself for his life of hedonism. His words reminded me of recovering addicts I have worked with once it all clicks. They realize what they wasted. I told him repeatedly to not be so hard on himself. Everything about modern media tells men that being a man in any traditionally masculine manner is bad except for accumulating notch counts. It leads to emptiness and ruined pair bonding, but that is the System’s goal. There is a bit to incel mindset, but were you an incel in high school. If you were an incel, you likely wanted to chase tail to make up for being a late bloomer. Bill Clinton is the poster boy for this. Guys who get action in high school realize it comes and goes and there will always be another.

What he has found in religion is grounding, focus, and a bit of transcendence. What is the point of life? Build a family and glorify God. Find a way to transcend being just a carbon based life form. If it is not real, then he fooled me. I believe because everyone comes to religion in their own way. I hope he can find a wife. My wife and I are split on that, but I was happy to show him domestic life, wife, kids and the small patch of heaven away from the city life. It is possible, but just like working on Game to score, you need to have a plan to marry.

Before he left, I gave him two things. The first was a gift from one of my kids. The second day of his stay they had drawn him a picture. He was the stick figure with a beard covering his entire face, and my kids were standing with him under a pointy sun in our lawn. The second was a bro hug, where you do the handshake into the one armed hug. The battles we fought against the feminists have now prepared us for the greater demons we find online. He drove off. I do not know where the road is going to take him, but I’m going to be in touch throughout his journey. On to the links…

Prepare for more COINTELPRO – With everything shifting towards fighting domestic hate, the media and academics are here to explain how to fight it. Read this for the methods they will deploy online.

Irredeemable Humanities – Excellent essay on how the radicals on the left captured universities, dominated tenure decisions and have turned the humanities into garbage. They cannot be saved but are just a consequence of Western decline.

Britain’s Normal Empire – This is a rundown on the British Empire, and how despite progressive revisionism, it really was not so evil. The use of Great Britain as a stand-in villain for nationalist mythologies fits nicely into Second City Bureaucrat’s essay this week.

Knives Out For Amy Wax – The running argument is going to be commenting on the obvious decline in society and then the other side saying shut up, diversity is merely good. This will last until the branch snaps.

Replacing the Dollar As The Reserve Currency – This is not a nobody saying the dollar needs a new role or that we need to get off the dollar. This is Mark Carney of the Bank of England. That Carney suggests a crypto-currency validates all of the BTC maximalists, but the idea of a global currency superseding all for trade has been around since the bancor.

BONUS – Whitney Webb’s Epstein works is fantastic. Check out this tweet that goes to her four part series on Epstein and Clinton. Follow her account now.

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  1. info says:

    “Have American men lost their drive? Yes. One thing we both noted was how men today won’t even rise to have an argument or tell their woman to shut up unlike our father’s generation, and out of what fear? She’s going to leave? So what? Leave. She might be mad but it will fade. ”

    When the state is against the man. Its hard for the average man to muster courage:

    See the Duluth Model:

    And other injustices of the family court that is highly stacked against the Husband like No-fault Divorce,Alimony and other evils that led to men like Thomas Ball to self-immolate:

    She can with one call haul him off to prison. She has at her beck and call the armed might of the state.


  2. info says:

    There is another post by Dalrock on the threatpoint that keeps men at large subdued before their wives:


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